View Full Version : Need help on dealing Sarafan at CH. 11

29th Aug 2002, 10:58
I don't wanna say that i need help on killin Sarafan Lord on ch. 11, but i think after all that trials i need to ask u -the ones passed that scene (i think it's the final scene of the game)- how u did it.

SL attacks w/ my ex-sword by flinging lightning balls towards me. I can handle those w/ jumpin just in time, and after that i've got a few seconds to reply w/ telekinesis (i think it's written like this, the 7th spell). However, he just says "aaaah, oooh" but nothing happens, i can't let him fall down from the platform we stand. I can't even cause any scratch on him as his bloodbar doesn't move.

Could anyone help me o this before i uninstall the game w/out killin that bust.rd ?

29th Aug 2002, 11:59
Well, you're on the right track, but after you have used the telekenisis spell you need to use the Dark Jump to whack him (red cursor!), stand a little halfway on the connecting bridge and then use the Jump ability.

Hope that it has helped you! :)