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John Carter
28th Aug 2002, 22:29
HERE (http://www.tombraider.com/home.html)

Kurtis Trent
28th Aug 2002, 23:21
I just check it out. It's awesome! But how come they don't have a profile of Eckhardt? :confused:

28th Aug 2002, 23:25
as i said in the aod forum it looks awesum!!! :)

29th Aug 2002, 00:25
It looks very good ! Better than the other layout. I also see they are making a section for the Other Tomb Raider Games which is "Coming Soon". I liked the old TR site because of that info.

29th Aug 2002, 01:37
I particularly liked the latest wallpapers.

29th Aug 2002, 02:39
I love the way it is now.

John Carter
29th Aug 2002, 03:17
Originally posted by invader
I particularly liked the latest wallpapers.

Invader! Good to see you back! :D

29th Aug 2002, 15:19
Yay! Finally... and Eckhardt is missing... maybe he's supposed to be mysterious. The site is ace. I got 10/10 in the quiz! Yay!

29th Aug 2002, 21:35
Thanks for the link John.....:)

3rd Sep 2002, 02:21
Originally posted by John Carter

Invader! Good to see you back! :D

:D Good to see you too dude! I have been kind of busy (that is why it took me some time to write now) but I'll be around :D

3rd Sep 2002, 02:59
the site looks great.
I also got a 10/10 on the quiz (yeah!)

i have one of the wallpapers now on my PC and it looks great..i love the site now.:D