View Full Version : Help with Rosary in Night's Stroll

28th Aug 2002, 21:46
Have completed all objectives in this fine mission but cannot find the rosary anywhere - the only place I can imagine is with the torturers below the 'hotel' but I cannot seem to get through there as the AIs don't go down under the BJ it seems: am I warm? Any hints gratefully received.

28th Aug 2002, 22:10
The rosary is inLord Ashton's hunting longe, it lies on a woodbeam. You need your ropearrow to get up. I hope you will find it now :)

29th Aug 2002, 17:28
Ah, danke. In my impatience I had already started Escape again, which I did not finish before going into hospital - it is very much my kind of mission. You have a very distinctive style and I look forward to your larger project some day.

29th Aug 2002, 18:27
Thank you, Higgins, I'm glad that you like my missions :)

29th Aug 2002, 23:56
thread again :) How is the project your jointly working on coming along? Is it progessing well and ppl still hard at work on it? :) Just wondering for a bit of updated news...and by the way...has anyone put up a Web site for it so we can look in once in awhile to get your updates, screenies, etc.?

Ta and Good Hunting! :)

30th Aug 2002, 00:16
hello huntress,

we have a website, I'm sorry, it's only in german language. But you can take a look at some screenshots from the missions in progress.
My first mission for the project is being beta-testing at the moment, and the work is going well :)
Night Falcon (http://www.ttlg.de.tf)

2nd Sep 2002, 19:34
Glad to see you're Taffin again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2nd Sep 2002, 22:12
Many thanks Speedy - it is now four weeks since my [heart] surgery but I am back on the up and up, albeit slowly.