View Full Version : O.K. I'm gonna fool with this thing

28th Aug 2002, 17:14
Just installed DromEd in the T2 folder and changed the .exe. I now have a very funny looking screen at which to look. I've got Komag's tut but still need to DL some kind of new custom thingy (that's a technical term) so I can follow the tut.

Let's just see how far I can get before I come smack up against a brick wall.:D I've got lots of good mission ideas. Lets' just first see if I can make a room with something to BJ and something to steal. For those of you laying bets my computer and DromEd are still 100:1 favorites.



28th Aug 2002, 21:35
gO FOR IT !!!

(Oops - I mean: Go for it !!!)

DromEd is even more addictive than Thief itself.

28th Aug 2002, 22:47
If you got the tutorial from the Essentials page at the Keep, just go back there and get the menus as well, and just unzip it into your main T2 directory. They are what go along with the tutorial :)

30th Aug 2002, 12:25
Yay! Go for it, SlyFoxx! :D