View Full Version : I just made a new LOK wallpaper (what do YOU think?)

Lozza Mate
28th Aug 2002, 09:44
I recently found myself in mass amounts of boredom and turned to art :p

..so yeah, I made a wallpaper, what do you think?


28th Aug 2002, 11:02
However do I think it's a bit busy, color wise. Maybe you can shift all the colors so they would all be more or less the same. :confused:

I don't know... try messing around with the colors a bit. ;)

16th Sep 2002, 09:29
I'll agree, it's a fine wallpaper, good job :)

but for a wallpaper the colors would be too distracting, and would also make the icons on page kind of hard to see.

keep up the good work =F

Power reaver
16th Sep 2002, 11:24
I never did like tiled wallpapers , well maybe playing with it in photoshop would do the trick .