View Full Version : stupid question

28th Aug 2002, 04:52
When I`ll stop waering this "junior member" thing??

In the old forum 20, right?

28th Aug 2002, 05:15
Nope, it was 30 on the old forum, and it's the same here. You'll get there pretty soon, by the looks of things. :D

Lady Kreliana
28th Aug 2002, 15:38
There are never any stupid questions, only stupid answers. ;)

I wouldn't worry about your jr. member status since most of us here remember you from the old forums.

29th Aug 2002, 05:14
My problem now is that I`m taking teaching classes and I DON`T have a lot of time in college.

Sometimes I get home at 3:00 am. And I don`t have the time to get online.

every time I come here I would like to read all the topics but it is too hard. I wish I could share my opinion with yours, but I`m afraid that would not be possible for at least 5 more months.

In the mean time, keep this place alive until sr3 is officially announced, I`m sure that after that this place will start to rock again with new life!

Lady Kreliana
30th Aug 2002, 01:57
Hey, don't worry about it, we've all got lots of RL stuff we gotta deal with. Just pop by when you can and say hi. :)