View Full Version : Demo-Animation glitch

28th Aug 2002, 03:49
First i'd like to state that i'm aware that this isn't meant to be a simulation so i can understand why a number of things have been simplified, but one of the weapon model animations was really off and would be easy to fix so i should mention it before the game ships.

The berreta's "slide" sticks back after a reload. It should work just like the desert eagle. The slide should only stay backwards when the pistol has fired its last shot, not when fully loaded. Also there's no need to "rack the slide" on the berreta, just like the Desert Eagle it slides forward automatically* after reloading.

Only** the ancient 1911 actually requires a user to mannually chamber the first round of a new magazine.

* in reality you'd need to use the "slide release lever" which is found on most pistols.

** I only refer to pistols (though i don't know about the ruger to be honest) . Rifles, SMGs and shotguns work differently.