View Full Version : Hello Everyone! I have missed you all!

28th Aug 2002, 03:00
It has been such a long time since last we typed. Work and my young son have occupied all of my time. But, now I am anxious to get back to Thieving :-)

I am glad to see so many of you are still here and still stealing. I can't wait to get some of the new FMs... any suggestions onwhich to start with???

Also, a problem that I need your help with:

I am unable to run Thief on my Win 2K Pro systems. The program starts fine and then 30 seconds into the game the video locks up. It just freezes. The audio is fine tho.

System 1:

Win 2K Pro SP3
Dual Athlon MP 2000+
1 Gig of RAM
120 Gig 7200 rpm HD
NVidia Quadro4 500/550 XGL

System 2:

Win 2K Pro SP2
Dual Athlon XP 1500+
512 MB RAM
40 Gig 7200 RPM HD
NVIDIA Gforce3 Ti 200

Please help, it has been months since I have been able to play THIEF!!!

Thx, I am looking forward to typing to you all again!

28th Aug 2002, 03:05
Hey BMan! Good to see ya again. Just an FYI, probably more taffers also hangout at the Cripple Burrick Forum too. Just a hang out for us, ;) Glad you could make it back! :)

28th Aug 2002, 03:06
Welcome back, BmanRogue. Ah, I think I have it. According to a recent post by Grey Mouser, Thief does not like dual processors. I have Win 2K on a single processor Athlon system and it works just fine. I suggest that you e-mail Grey Mouser and ask him for details. Is there any way you can boot it up in single processor mode by changing a bootup file? I am not experienced in these things.

28th Aug 2002, 12:08
Welcome back! I'm not sure which missions to suggest, because I'm not quite sure when you dropped out of sight. Have you played Calendra's Legacy or Hallucinations? Both are T2 and outstanding. For T1, try Trial by Night or The Secret Way, for starters. There are many more really good ones that have been released in the last 4 or 5 months, as well. :)