View Full Version : Please Help!!! Win 2K Locks-up in Thief!!!

28th Aug 2002, 02:54
I am unable to run TDP on my Win 2K Pro systems. The program starts fine and then 30 seconds into the game the video locks up. It just freezes. The audio is fine tho.

System 1:

Win 2K Pro SP3
Dual Athlon MP 2000+
1 Gig of RAM
120 Gig 7200 rpm HD
NVidia Quadro4 500/550 XGL

System 2:

Win 2K Pro SP2
Dual Athlon XP 1500+
512 MB RAM
40 Gig 7200 RPM HD
NVIDIA Gforce3 Ti 200

Please help, it has been months since I have been able to play THIEF!!!


28th Aug 2002, 03:00
but I will answer here also.

The problem is the dual processors combined with Win2K.

Here is the answer to your problems!! (http://groups.google.com/groups?dq=&start=25&hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&oe=utf-8&group=alt.games.thief-dark-project&selm=lmk3muol1159bqu99043riv5fnlijg2iat%404ax.com)

28th Aug 2002, 03:25
Thanks Leatherman... I'll try it on the morrow!

28th Aug 2002, 03:35
I responded to this in the other thread with the same question. Now that we have separate forums, it is better to avoid duplication, i.e., to post the "Hey I'm back" at the Crippled Burrick and the technical question here.

All that notwithstanding, it looks like you are onto the solution. I still wonder if it is not possible or simpler to just boot the machine up in single processor mode.

29th Aug 2002, 16:07
As I was unable to locate the needed IMAGECFG.EXE file which would perminently set my processor's affinity, I opted for a Temporary solution.

I found the info at

And here is what it said:

Manage processor affinity.

If you have a multi-processor system, it is possible to select which CPU(s) an application uses.
Open Task Manager and select your application on the Processes tab.
Right click the program name and choose Set Affinity.
Uncheck the processors which should not run this application.

If you try to select a service, Set Affinity will be ignored.

Hope this can help others as well! As for me...


4th Sep 2002, 01:02
I found IMAGECFG.EXE Here (http://members.aol.com/axcel216/xptoy.htm)(find in page IMAGECFG.EXE), or try the Direct Download (http://home.istar.ca/~giq_tam/Setwin95.zip) from that site.

5th Sep 2002, 22:05
Thanks Salvage! I will add this page to my favorites and this file to my "Tweaks" folder!!!