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27th Aug 2002, 06:13
How about "recording demo" feature that is replayable after you finish "Silent Assasin", "Short cuts", "Head shots" and so on. It can be distributed over the internet like RtCW's *.dm_59.

:)Sounds COOL?

27th Aug 2002, 11:12
Hey Koizumi -

I'm not sure what that is (haven't played RtCW yet. Do you mean something that would record your movements throughout the demo level for others to watch in a movie format? I apologize for my ignorance... my coffee hasn't kicked in yet.

27th Aug 2002, 15:34
Thank you for your reply.

First, I'm sorry, I used confusing word "demo". I meant "record demonstrations", "record plays" or "replaying features".

Yes I mean features that record/replay player's movements, but different from movie format. I don't know the detail of RtCW's technology, but they must recording to files only minimum required things like keyinputs, random results and so on. This will get smaller file size than movie. Then, players can replay the files in game, or distribute over the internet for better community.

I know Hitman2 will be released soon, request to future updates or Hitman3(!?).

27th Aug 2002, 18:43
demos have been around since Doom. Mostly they came to the fore in Quake and Quake 2.
It's a 'recording' of all the events during a sequence of play; key presses, actions, reactions etc stored as basic data. Then this sequence can be loaded and replayed in engine with a minimum of fuss and a minimal file size ( few k compared with the megs and megs for even the most badly compressed FMV). Quake -matches of various sorts are recorded this way, and anyone with the game (and any modifications used during the original recording) can get the file and replay it like they're watching a telecast from inside one of the player's heads, or some other angle.
So yeah, it's basically a log of all the events that occured in a game session being replayed by the game itself in real time.
This would rock the house for Hitman 2. But often it seems that it has to be built into engines very thoroughly and as the complexity of physics and AI increases so does the ammount of data necessary to record events 'accurately'. Even then differences in computer speeds, systems and so forth can result in events not going quite the same and outcomes changing slightly (which either causes a huge rift in the space-time continuum or the game to crash, I'd guess).
I'm all for it, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's too tough or whatever surfaces is just a hack allowing people to record and replay their own games.
There was an effort to get Thief2 demos working a while back but the above problems surfaced (along with some others)