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27th Aug 2002, 04:16
Somebody said this to me in an email..."Sounds good to me TTYL." I have no idea what those letters stand for. Can anybody out there help me?

Lara Croft Online
27th Aug 2002, 04:50
TTYL=Talk To You Later :D

27th Aug 2002, 05:21
Originally posted by Lara Croft Online
TTYL=Talk To You Later :D

Thanks LCO. I'm a bit of an acronym idiot. Thanks for helping me out. I can rest easy tonight.

Lara Croft Online
27th Aug 2002, 05:31
Pleasant Dreams ;)

the last frustration
27th Aug 2002, 19:37
TTYL TATYL lost the battle...

um... just ignore that. :D

Not at all, tlf, that's an outstanding expression of the critical concept of operational security! :D

True now as it ever was.

OOps! Sorry, tlf, that darned "edit" button is too close to the "quote" button! Dangnabbit! JC

cowboy from hell
27th Aug 2002, 23:45
Originally posted by rocconorth

Thanks LCO. I'm a bit of an acronym idiot. Thanks for helping me out. I can rest easy tonight.

I am with you all the way! I haven't felt this way since I learned a second language. Oh by the way: TRFAPA!

28th Aug 2002, 00:06
Originally posted by cowboy from hell

Oh by the way:

BTW !!!! LOL!

Hfcit !

28th Aug 2002, 08:26

28th Aug 2002, 08:33
This is what I love about all you forum nutters out there. Sometimes you post a thread that you put a lot of thought into and you think..."Yeah...this thread kicks arse...people are going to responding left and right to this!" ....then....nothing happens and you're like...."Sod-it...what's wrong with these people?" Then I post this simple question...just for an answer mind you...and you guys are making into something pretty clever and funny. The forum never ceases to amaze and surprise!:D

28th Aug 2002, 20:23
That's how it is with us 'forum nutters' my dear. Guess we are just a bunch of crazy crackers, unpredictable, for example I bet you didn’t know I was gonna do this


28th Aug 2002, 20:48
You'd hate my life then! lol It's fun of nothing but acronyms. lol

And in case you didn't know them....

LMAO! - Laughing My Arse Off!

ROTF(W)L - Rolling on the Floor (With Laughter) Laughing

BRB - Be Right Back

WB! - Welcome Back!

And I'm probably forgetting some, oh well, NM. :p

1st Sep 2002, 08:48
If in doubt, just use


1st Sep 2002, 13:22
What the hell does that mean DaveJ?

1st Sep 2002, 13:29