View Full Version : where exactly is the Blood Scrpit in blood omen 1?

27th Aug 2002, 04:11


27th Aug 2002, 05:13
I think it was in the Hash 'ak 'gik's altar room, located in the Avernus Cathedral (don't kill me if I spelled it wrong!). Anyway, it's not too difficult to decipher without it; I translated the lightning spell plaque without ever even finding the scipt before hand. *I was so proud of myself! :rolleyes: * If not there, then maybe it was in the library at the Willendorf castle.... or was that where info on Hash was found.... I'm confused now...:confused:

27th Aug 2002, 07:42
I think it was in one of the cemetary buildings, you need to push some boulders around untill you can hear a click sound. This will reveal or open a door to a room where in the top right corner is a pedastal with a book containing the Bloodscript.

You'll need some strenght upgrades before you're able to push the boulders.

Midnight of Sevenshades
28th Aug 2002, 22:10
It's the Futhark Runic Script with a few flourishes. I can provide it if you like with translations to the modern day english alphabet.

However, gameside it is in one of the two crypts and you will need to get your strength up before you attempt the rocks.