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26th Aug 2002, 17:40
Hi! I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina, that's why I hope u forgive my bad english :)
I nedd some help with a mission named "The Setup": I kill both guards and all Hitman 47 clones, but after that I've no clue of what to do next... I think ther must be a door through which I could get Dr. Kovacs. There r 2 doors that I can't get in: one is where the second guard is; and the other is where come all clones when they r released.
Could anyone give me a hand?

Thanks in advance! Greetings

Hasta luego!


26th Aug 2002, 17:59
Welcome SA-Z.

To complete the level, drag one of the clones with you into that glass room onto the pad in the middle of the room. You'll see a short cutscene where you prop the clone's head up to be scanned, and then the rear door will open. MAKE SURE you are dragging a clone when you step on the footpad in the middle of the room, or you'll be starting over.

Hope that helps.


26th Aug 2002, 18:13
Thank u very much!

After I posted the thread, I found the other thread reply, where some of u explained what to do.

Send my greetings to mr. Bush. ;)