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26th Aug 2002, 04:07
Playing the *spider* level tonight, with you, Salvage and Hawklette, I find it odd, I didn't die once. :o :p No complaints mind you, but, did you go soft on the ladies? :D Sneak joined later, he doesn't count. :p But, for the majority of the game, it was a blast.
The end had me a little confused though, I drank an invisi postion, ran through the gate. I hid in the corner, watched you, Salvage, and Sneak, someone dumped a body. I sat there for a minute. With only a few seconds left, I just ran out in the middle of the room. Where exactly does that game end? What happened at the end there? Stupid thing to ask, but, clue me in? Thanks.

Interesting to note, playing Thief Alpha match, there are no objectives for Thief.

Played it, got killed, dropped my booty and the grail. Went back and snagged everything back. Tried the game again later, samething happened again, and this time the grail was gone?
Did one of the guards take it? Ha. That had me confused as well.

26th Aug 2002, 05:28
Leatherman will probably answer too, but it seems Hawk had the Grail and Salvage and I pounced on her way back at the exit. Salvage struck a mighty final blow and she went down. We were both there guarding the Grail and the mission was almost over, maybe a minute left.

If you have all the goods, the mission will end when you run through the gates and into the dark. If two or more thieves combined have the goods then they all must go through and exit for the game to end a win. You just ran out of time and Hawk was down so your team did not have the Grail anymore. Since you did not have the Grail, all of your objectives were not satisfied. Thats why it ended a Guard win when the time ran out.

Hope that helps! ;)

26th Aug 2002, 05:33
Yeah, I went a little easy, but I don't think Salvage or Sneak did. I never saw you either. The reason the game didn't end was because the grail and/or money objectives weren't completed. Hawklette was killed and dropped the grail and some money. The game ends as soon as all thieves enter the tunnels with objectives complete.

Not sure about the ThiefMatch and Objectives, and no, the guards shouldn't be able to pick up the grail. Maybe you went to the wrong spot or it fell somewhere else.

Hope this helps. :)

26th Aug 2002, 14:16
Thank you guys, ;) Of course, this and that helped.
Why I asked, I had to step away from the computer for a minute, so I put myself in one of the apartment vents, while I was away for a minute. HA. Someone could of creamed me there. :p I was still alive when I got back. :D I didn't know Hawk had the grail though I knew she got pummled. *sigh* Better luck next time. I saw you guys, who were you looking for? :p ;) :eek:
I saw that the gates where open, and with little time left, ran for it anyway. Oh well.

As for the missing grail, nope, went directly to where my body was, (that sounds weird to me) easy location, I respawned on the lawn, and went down into the lower tunnels, where the spiders are, opposite side, there is a ladder going up, I died there. I had a guard above me and below me. I actually killed the guard that was below me, cause he was in loop mode, and kept spinning near my ladder, I would of been there forever.