View Full Version : A few questions about "A Smmuglers Request."

Keeper Collins
26th Aug 2002, 00:40
I am finished the level I just need to return to Qinns home becase every thing else is done. However,there are some areas in the guard house that remian unriaded and need to be riaded by me. I just need to know how to get to them. First,above the bar with the two thives I killed there is a botton behind a taperstry with Lord Ramerizes symbol on it. What does that botton do? Next,I can't find away in to the Delivery-Lift Room that is acroos from the Sleeping room. How can I get in there? Also,I hear "talk of a secret passage but unfountly it's location remians a secret." When I checked the evidance room I saw an obvios trap door on the celling near the wathcher. How do I get in there? The next area I can't get in is all connected together. I can't get in to the room or hallway wwhatever it is under the evidince room. I looked in the window and there is a doorway with sculls and a gold plage. How can I get to that? And I can't get in the meatal door in the courtyard wich cnects to the top rooms I have'nt been in yet. How do I open that door in the courtyard next to the Tuurent? I've tried the Master key on all the rooms I just described but it won't work.

26th Aug 2002, 01:52
It sounds like you played this mission on the easiest difficulty setting. You need to replay it on at least Hard to find the answer to most of your questions. On Normal, you only get to see a portion of the entire mission, so some of the things you read about wouldn't have been available to you.

The button on the wall in the room above the Inn opens a secret in the next room, I believe.