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25th Aug 2002, 23:18
Just bought MOH frontline today....
Not bad for a WW2 feel
Anyone here got it, like it or think its crap?

26th Aug 2002, 01:06
No I don't have frontline but I do have Allied Assult and its pretty good.

26th Aug 2002, 07:00
I don't have either but have played both, and I think frontline could've been so much better. And as for allied assault...I think that game is just awesome. I wish I did own it... too bad I don't but that's life!

26th Aug 2002, 19:40
It is a damn cool game, but not better than commandos

27th Aug 2002, 07:10
well having played my way through the first two missions I reckon its pretty good,

But I reckon FPS Games haven't come that far since Quake 2

Which was the last one I fully got into a few years ago now

Graphics are a bit better but not genrationally better like Quake 2 was to Doom

Anyway I figure it'll give me some fun to get through the wait for Commandos 3

I can't figure out who James Patterson is most like out of the dirty half dozen, a cross between Duke and the Treads probably

27th Aug 2002, 10:36
Eh, if i were u i would try some other fps that were released the past few years, they go way beyond Quake 2, Medal of honour uses a modified Quake 3 engine and that engine isn't that good.

27th Aug 2002, 15:40
Doom 3 is one example. although I dunno if it is released yet

27th Aug 2002, 15:49
Originally posted by Thorup
Doom 3 is one example. although I dunno if it is released yet

No, probably @ the end of 2002. Which is also going to be a good fps is ut2003 although the demo still insn't released :(

28th Aug 2002, 00:04
just did a mission in a U-Boat bunker that looked very similar to the one in C2, I felt like Tiny :)

1shot I didn't think Quake 3 was significantly better than Quake 2 for playability, just slighty better visuals was about it

As for recent ones I've seen a few such as Unreal Tornamount, red faction, Halo, Half Life (Actually Halo had pretty impressive graphics) but the advancement in 3D has definately slowed since the early days, I guess I just expect too much....

Actually one that I thought was impressive as far as generational, was the 1st Delta Force game using a completely different type of engine that allowed you to see things in detail from miles away, I just can't remember what they called it (Vector graphics I think)

28th Aug 2002, 05:16
I personally don't dig FpS. I'm truly into 3rd person shooters and mostly adveture and real-time strategy. And mostly Rpgs...I mean I think Medal of honor is a great series, and doom and quake and the unreal tournament. But truly I'm not ito first person shooters.

28th Aug 2002, 21:35
Originally posted by ragsy
1shot I didn't think Quake 3 was significantly better than Quake 2 for playability, just slighty better visuals was about it

I didn't say that either, Quake 3 really stinks btw.

30th Aug 2002, 05:33
Well MOHAA was a big dissapointment for myself.
It was marketed as Saving Private Ryan:The Game, but ended up only being Quake with a WWII skin. Sure the Bocage missions were great, omaha, was great for the beach part, but then this is where my biggest gripes about it came in, the game kept resorting to simple quake style indoors shooter missions where you kill a few dozen (sometimes even into the hundreds!) bad guys on your own.
The game itself could have really done with some more testing and work as well...

One of the most over hyped and over -rated games of the last year...

20th Sep 2002, 17:26
Gee, I was looking forward to MOHAA (I just upgraded my box to a GeForce 4 so finally will be able to handle it) but the stuff I'm reading lately makes me wonder...

Which would you all pick if you could have only one: MOHAA, Ghost Recon, or Operation Flashpoint? I hear Flashpoint is a good combo of strategy and FPS. (I'm interested in getting all three eventually.)

Personally I don't much care for FPS's either. But if they do a good job with a WWII environment, like MOH is reputed to, I'll certainly give 'em a try. I'm more into RTS, which is why I liked Commandos. Currently I'm into Comanche 4; it's really just an FPS in the sky, but the graphics are so cool it's a fun change of pace. Still my favorite all-time WWII game is Close Combat 5 (Normandy Assault). I've gotten more replayability out of that one than anything else.

23rd Sep 2002, 20:09

MOHAA? Ghost Recon? Operation Flashpoint?

(p.s. 1 Shot I know BF1942 beats 'em all but I'm still curious...)

23rd Sep 2002, 22:22
MoH is more arcade shooting with a a scripted event every 30 seconds.

GR is a smooth running game, easy to control with nice details, really got to sneak around slowly, most tactical game of the 3.

OFP got an ok engine but it's quite hard to get used to the controls of weapons and vehicles.

24th Sep 2002, 08:56
Originally posted by Rapid
Gee, I was looking forward to MOHAA (I just upgraded my box to a GeForce 4 so finally will be able to handle it) but the stuff I'm reading lately makes me wonder...

Which would you all pick if you could have only one: MOHAA, Ghost Recon, or Operation Flashpoint? I hear Flashpoint is a good combo of strategy and FPS. (I'm interested in getting all three eventually.)

Personally I don't much care for FPS's either. But if they do a good job with a WWII environment, like MOH is reputed to, I'll certainly give 'em a try. I'm more into RTS, which is why I liked Commandos. Currently I'm into Comanche 4; it's really just an FPS in the sky, but the graphics are so cool it's a fun change of pace. Still my favorite all-time WWII game is Close Combat 5 (Normandy Assault). I've gotten more replayability out of that one than anything else.

Geeze, they're very hard to compare.

MoH is just like any other quake style fps. You can seeabout pissing distance in front of you but thats it, it is mostly indoors, with you killing a few hundred germans. It isn't very realistic.
If your idea of fun is just mindlessly gunning down scores of bad guys, you'll like mohaa
here is a review I did or our squad's main page, it's not meant to be a proper review, ubt it sum up the feelings of many in the non-quake crowd. (at the bottom of post)

(btw, jus ralised mohaa is an anagram of "omaha" interestring typo huh? :))

Ghost recon, fully patched and with desert siege is great, esecially if you like multiplayer. I wasn't very impressed with the deom, but one of my squaddies burnt me a copy, I loved it so much I went out and bought the gold version.

The mods out there are also great.

Op Flashpoint is somewhere in between the two.
As for rendering outdoors combat, with rolling hills and foests, it's great, pitty the campaign is a bit of a let down.

Get all three, personally i'd rank them
1. Ghost recon
2. Opflash

But I really do like GR and OFP a lot, because they both d hat the other doesn't and complement eachother nicely.

Mohaa could have been so great, bu grave poverty of thougt by 2015 ruined it...

Now as I read through this review I find I'm a little too critical of it, I mean, I like it I really do, but there are just a lot of little annoying things about it. For me the big difficulty was deciding how to review this game, should I review it as Quake, but with a W.W.II skin that it is, or the realistic W.W.II based shooter that the marketing guru's at EA. try convince me it is? Being the indecisive fence-sitting sissy that I am, I'll try putting in a word from both sides on it.

So journey with me, on a journey beyond sight and sound, as we enter...the QUAKE ZONE! (Watch out for the Ruggo's and drop bears - they're deadly!)

Medal of Honor Allied Assault is the third in the series of Medal of Honor games, the previous two being - brace yourselves lads! - Playstation games. No don't run away just yet. It is set in W.W.II and you play some quasi-Jame's Bond come Rambo character (if that scares you just imagine what his mum was like!) Mike Powell. You're sent into the fray with plenty of them dirty Nazi's to kill, and Nazi-machines to blow up, and then kill some more eeeeevvvviiiiiiilllllllll Nazi's on your way out.

So is this shooter worth your $100? (approx three wool bundles, a doona and two pillows for our trans Tasman brethren) is it the next Half Life or the most hyped thing this side of John Howard's raunchy sex life?

Well the graphics in this game are certainly VERY pretty, being based on the Q3A engine; they really set the mark for current FPS's. The graphics in each of the levels are truly breathtaking to see, and it's not only the buildings, paintings on walls, stair cases etc, it's the little things I love, like in one night mission, there are little moths fluttering around light globes. And no you can't kill them, I tried grenading them once like the twisted little man that I am, they just kept on flying oblivious) The game also has some of the prettiest trees around. Yes, the little bushes and big oaks are spectacular and aplenty, and the hedgerows are enough to give Don Burke an orgasm. They also make great camouflage.

The buildings and textures are quite stunning, while levels like Morocco and Southern French villages are very nice, beautifully textured, it is the levels like "Sniper's Last Stand" and it's MP equivalent "Destroyed Village" that really make your jaw drop. They are spectacularly rendered. However, it is levels like these, as well as 'The Hunt" that my biggest gripes come from - the fog. No it's not some Alfred Hitchcock movie, but the effect of fogging so that the frame rates don't go down too much, but these levels REALLY push my tolerance levels. When you can't see 30 meters in front of you, it is annoying, even more so when our Teutonic friends can shoot at you from "somewhere" in "there", and all you see are some tracers whizzing by and then a vague shape. Often than not, you'll just find your allied soldiers shooting at a particular zone of nothingness in the fog, and you know what they say, "When in Rome, shoot at phantom Germans equipped with level III thermals in super dense fog"

Aside from that, the graphics are very nice, especially the character models, they look very nice, and are well textured and move like people, not some 1960's B-grade sci-fi robot.

The important question though, will I be able to run all this lubbly eye candy on my PC? Probably not well. Now while I haven't got the most crash hot, recently-surplus-from-NASA-that-they-used-to-guide-the-space-shuttle-with computer, but something about it doesn't seem right. My PC can get an average of 60 frames per second in QIII, but in MOHAA, when the action is heavy (which is most of the time) I often struggle to get 15 fps.

In short, MOHAA is a very pretty looking game, it's got it's problems like slow downs for some PC's and that Bloody Fog (tm) but overall will please everyone.

Game Play
Now this is where my biggest gripes come into it. According to EA. it is a realistic shooter, of the same lines of Ghost Recon, Operation Flashpoint etc. They boast on the official site about how they got the guys at 2015 Studios (the makers) to go through the same training camp as the actors in Saving Ryan's Privates, how they had some Medal of Honor winner act as a technical advisor and the likes. Yet one of the first things you notice when you play it is that it in no way resembles anything like that. It is a Quake based shooter, just set in W.W.II

You have a health-o-metre type device, and you can find med packs that can magically cure you of any ailments (I'll take two thanks!) And for several of the missions, you can carry enough weapons to be a one man squad, it seems that the Super General field marshal trainer guy schooled the guys at 2015 real good on combined arms, in several missions you'll carry a Colt 1911, Sniper Rifle, Tommy gun, BAR, Hand Grenades, Bazooka, Binoculars, Radio and a partridge in a pear tree.

The game doesn't feature much character development, but you get little mini-storylines along the way through excellent voice acting by the non-player characters. Often you'll hear them give briefings etc to some new guys, even have friendly dialogue "Hey, we thought you guys were dead, good to see you" (meanwhile there's about four snipers within the vicinity picking them off at their little Tupperware party). In one mission, after a P-47 swoops in to destroy a half track, you hear "Hold your fire, 101st comin' out" and straight away you get a flashback to Saving Private Ryan, this is a continual theme through the Normandy missions and really adds to the game.

However there are some more annoying gripes, namely the lack of mission cohesion. If you were to believe the EA. marketing guru's again, you would be led to believe it is basically Saving Private Ryan: The Game. Well ladies, it isn't. The general feeling I get from it is it was originally intended to be so, but then they realised - "Hey, we're trying to base a game on a three hour movie, we need more stuff" and instead of filling out the Normandy theme, they just put in a whole wad of unrelated, typical indoor quake style missions, where you basically go around and slaughter Germans by the hundreds (I mean that literally, you'll have a body count at the end of the game that would make Rambo, Robocop and Arnie envious). And to make it worse, they don't even do that in a uniformed way, your character is some sort of sort of Jame's Bond meets Rambo character, one mission you'll play a spy, the next you'll be with the 1st Rangers at Normandy, and then you'll be working with the Marquis. You don't get any sense of who the hell you are, it would've been much better if they'd have just picked one, because come game's end, you'll have had more split personalities that Barry Humphries (and no you don't play a drag queen, though it would certainly add a comic spin on it - "Hasta la Vista...Possums"

Now the actual level design is generally quite nice, often you'll find barbed wire no higher than two feet, but at least it serves to show you that you're not Dorothy following the yellow brick road. The missions themselves are varied (a double edged sword as you probably read in my rant above) and the missions in Normandy are simply SUPERB with some of the scenes direct carbon copies from Saving Private Ryan, like a radar dish above an MG nest, and the destroyed village. As the Higgins boat makes it's way ashore, you see one get blown clean out of the water, and as you land, the wasps nest sound of the MG42's cuts down men by the score, and you huddle behind hedgehogs, there'll be men scared, dying etc. it really gives a sense of being there. It follows a similar script to the Saving Private Ryan scene, but alas ends in the obligatory Quake, you alone kill an entire bunker of Germans... *sigh*
The later Normandy missions, especially Sniper town, are also superb, if difficult, and show what the game is truly capable of.

The AI is a mixed bag, sometimes they show great common sense, hiding, throwing grenades back, throwing tables up as defensive shields, but at other times they decide that they're, err, you, and charge forth all guns blazing. One problem however is their spawn routines, often you'll see them materialise out of thin fog like something out of star trek - "veam ze vup Zcotti!", or even worse, appear from a building that you just cleared and kill you or your friends.

The weapons modelling is sort of decent, though some things just annoy the crap out of me, like a silenced pistol being able to kill someone from afar when a sniper rifle can't...hmmmmmmm But for the most part they're reasonably believable except for the aforementioned pistol, and the castrated M1 Garand/peashooter. Including the axis weapons there's the Colt 1911, Walther P-38, KAR-98K, M1 Garand, Springfield .303, KAR sniper rifle, Thompson Sub-machine gun, MP-40, BAR, Stg44, Panzersschrek and Bazooka.

The campaign itself if very short as well, and The Ending(tm) is also a real let down as you've probably heard from elsewhere...but I won't tell you *snicker*

If MOHAA has one saving grace, it is its excellent multiplayer module. Yes this is excellent and well executed. The main options are Deathmatch, team death match, objective and round based matches.
The maps are often based somewhat loosely on the single player matches, although are different enough to be fun. They are excellently designed, and more can be downloaded of the interweb. (Also see the 29th's download section for the best maps we use)

The MP section is also somewhat more realistic than the single player game, usually one hit and you're toast. And with the aid or Roger Wilko, we've really refined our tactics as well. We send Ruggo and Esci in, they kill everything and we form up the rear-guard.

I often wish we could get tapes of our MP nights, like something from Cheech and Chong. But this tactic is also due in part (that's what we like to tell ourselves at least) to the only problem with MP, and that is it is rather laggy for us lowly 56k'ers, especially maps like Snowy Park and Remagen. This is a real shame, because otherwise, the MP would be absolutely perfect.

It is also great fun to try combined arms tactics, while everybody is running around with MG's and sniper rifles, I get the Wagner "Ride of the Valkyries" '78 grab the bazooka and have some good clean fun *evil laugh*

Also for the new members, there is also ye ole honourable 'I shot Ruggo" t-shirt available, if you are good enough, and for the truly gifted (or incredibly, stupidly lucky) the "I shot Ruggo on a ping of 999" medal, so far, only I hold it... Yeah, I'm good... [Edit] Luke, no you're not.

Well at the moment with the latest patch, MOHAA is very stable from what I've found, I've only had one or two freezes, and no CTD's. The dial-up bug has been fixed with the latest patch, and in general all is rosy. The MP is generally quite stable, and for all but the lag, it is near perfect now.

Despite all my *****ing and moaning (Hey! I've got aspirations to be on Home and Away someday okay!) MOHAA is for the most part a barrel of fun. If you charge head on at it expecting a general Quake in a W.W.II skin, it is very good at that, sure it's got it's warts and annoying things, but if ever I'm a little disheartened by it, I just load up the Normandy missions, and it reminds me how good this game is at it's good points.


Generally very good graphics.
EXCELLENT multiplayer aspect.
For a Quake-esque FPS, it's very good.
The Omaha and ensuing Normandy missions are truly excellent.
Great voice acting and in-mission mini-storylines.
EXCELLENT musical score.
Large online community, with many, many, many mods and skins available and in the works.

Generally misleading marketing - I don't like being lied to, I have enough delusions of grandeur on my own, I don't need E.A.'s help.
The annoying Bloody Fog(tm).
Suspect AI routines and spawning rules.
Poor/no storyline and character development, the missions have little bearing upon each other.
Annoying character reasoning for the missions, one minute you're a soldier, the next a spy, the next a resistance agent - make up your bloody mind!
MP lag can be a problem for 56k'ers.
System requirements a little steep.
Reasonably steep learning curve for the uninitiated to FPS games, it gets difficult without cheats on some levels where you face wave after wave of Germans.
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24th Sep 2002, 10:07

24th Sep 2002, 17:05
Thanks 1 Shot and Yak, very interesting!!

13th Oct 2002, 21:36
I'll tell you waht would be a good ww2 title.....Have any of you ever played Socom U.S navy seals. It's a console game for Ps2, and actually very good console game. It's a third person shooter that switches to first person when u equip to night-vision goggles andthe enemy A.I is pretty tough and the mission backgrounds are really impressive. Truly this a good game and you get to play in online. If any of you ahve a Ps2 console be sure to check it out...I can assure you if you are a big fan of war games you'll like it. But if you wish to know more about it...feel free to ask.

14th Oct 2002, 06:22
I mean if you think about or even if you have ever played the game...you'd know what I mean. They could just change the subject from navy seals to ww2 special forces or just put you regular ww2 soldier form...and make the whole game over. How cool! If you have'nt played this game you should......it's a must have or play, but remember it's a console game only and trust me you won't be disappointed.