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Miss L. Croft
25th Aug 2002, 18:33
Hey this is mostly for all the juniour members....what catogory do you fit into(clothes wise/how you dress)...i personally am just myself...what about you?

the last frustration
25th Aug 2002, 18:46
TLF prefers being herself. Unless there is a group of people who dress in baggy combat trousers, big black boots with lotsa buckles, tight black tops with baggy sleeves and have a lot of bullets hanging off this 'n that... mostly that... heh...

She doesn't really believe in forcing yourself to stick to one group or one style (although goth is kinda cool), and if she feels like going out dressed like a gorilla, well so be it! (there was a period, she thinks, when she refused to wear shoes and would often end up going out wearing just slippers or socks... but it kinda hurt, so she stopped) :rolleyes:

cowboy from hell
25th Aug 2002, 20:08
Just jeans and t-shirts man!

27th Aug 2002, 01:41
Originally posted by cowboy from hell
Just jeans and t-shirts man!

I also.
Usually black jeans.
And though I wear mostly black tees, I do wear a few colored tees.
Screen print themes:
Comics, horror, road racing, music
I also wear a variety of Hawaiian shirts and gas station style shirts with
50's 60's hot rod themes.
Footwear : Black Converse hightops with red laces & Doc Martens.
And I have a huge assortment of baseball caps - none baseball related.

27th Aug 2002, 03:21
hmm i dunno wut kind of style i have. im not gothic or punk or preppy or slutty etc etc.

i wouldnt know how to describe it. cuz i dont just strictly wear a certain kind of clothing. i mostly find myself in low cut jeans w/ my vans or sometimes these black boot-type shoes. for shirts i wear a lot of darker colors like black, gray or brown but i also wear tan and baby blue and white a lot. and then theres the EXTREMELY occasionaly pink shirt (i just dont like pink). i have this cute one that sez 'foxy boxing champ' on the back. and thats the only pink shirt i own lol
i also wear my sponge bob shirt alot too! :D

27th Aug 2002, 03:45
Most of the time I just wear a smile!!!! :D

28th Aug 2002, 05:28
Originally posted by Prelude
Most of the time I just wear a smile!!!! :D

Oooohhhh....just a smile huh? Let's reconcile. I don't want a divorce. Take me back. I was wrong!!! Please take me back!!!

28th Aug 2002, 05:38
Dark Colors, everything is mostly black.
It's hell in the summer dressing this way.

People are surprised to find me wearing a bright yellow shirt one day.

Miss L. Croft
28th Aug 2002, 08:34
I myself dress in what mood i'm in (which is different each day!) but I really thought that there would be more people in catorories!Where I live you can't turn around without seeing a grunger or a skater ect

28th Aug 2002, 14:34
hmmm...I don't have a style:
one day I'm wearing black clothes and some "goth" (yeah, right) accessories
on the day next I can dress up like a holywood actress, it depends on my mood.

but usually I wear dark clothes.

28th Aug 2002, 16:21
Genrally I wear shirts from pac sun, and pants from kohls department store.

28th Aug 2002, 16:58
kohles is the best store in the whole entire world :D:D

31st Aug 2002, 11:39
i always wear my gap jeans and a kangaroo poo t-shirt, sometimes with my hoody if its cold, kangaroo poo rules!!


10th Sep 2002, 03:20
I dress cyber-punk/celtic/gothic/stylized/futuristic. Best described as Neo with a celtic bracelet and necklace with futuristic boots and a futuristic watch and blue streaked hair. Yep, that's pretty much me, oh, and how could I forget, DA SHADES!!!

10th Sep 2002, 03:23
Does anyone know what those punk belts are called? The ones with those two dangling pieces of material hanging at the anus? Lol, it looks a bit like 3 belts put together, actually, it looks like suspenders or something. I've been looking for those things lately.

20th Sep 2002, 21:56
Wait, nevermind... They ARE suspenders, just hanging loose. Ehehehehehehe... Imma sut up now...

22nd Sep 2002, 03:39
today i actually saw a girl w/ those suspenders on her pants. and i also saw some pants in hot topic that had them on it...50 bux...:eek: loootaaa money! lol

22nd Sep 2002, 08:17
Lol ;)

It's a conspiracy!!!

I just use my Dad's old suspenders... Hehehehe... Hot Topic ROCKS!!!

22nd Sep 2002, 15:00
haha yeah it does!!!

i love the back wall of that store...its dedicated to the one and only sponge bob!!!! lol i wanna stuffed animal garry :p and a sponge bob glasses case :D i love sponge bob!!!

26th Sep 2002, 11:52
I have gone through many phases in my life - punk, hippy, rock-chick, goth, celtic.........now older - I dress in what I feel most comfortable in.........comfort becomes more important as you get older. I now drive down the street at night thinking to myself gawd I used to go out dressed just like that poor girl stood at the bus stop shivering in her micro little black dress and stilleto heels, in 2ft of snow - :eek: - as I said comfort means more to me now!!!! LOL There are little bits of each phase I have been through remaining but............