View Full Version : I enjoyed the Shadow of Dout Campiane!

Keeper Collins
25th Aug 2002, 18:28
The Shadow of Dout sereis is made up of 5 Thief Gold FM's. They are Walking the Edge,Tears of Blood,All Astir,The Broad Swaord of Sheol,and Nightcrawler. They pretty good I must say. I saw several new conversiasions that were pieced together from other conversations with a little new vice acting. That was creative. I also enjoyed the new AI's. Allthough they did'nt look very differnt they sure sounded different! There were guards acting like Hammerites,thvies and Piartes acting like Hammerites and Zombies that I could pick up and if I whent near them would not awaken! I really liked that becuse there were a lot of zombies and I would have hated to fight all those horrid undead creaturs! And don't even get me started on Huants! The only new AI I did not like was this Crayman.He was a Crayman that made the nosies of a burrick but still attacked me with his claws. But waht really taffed me off was the fact that he would not die! I kept killing and killing a killing him but every few minutes even if I did'nt go near him he would get back up and live agian! Why did'nt he die? I have a reputaion to kill everyone here (ecxpt for prioners and Pangans)and I don't need some crab who acts like a burrick to mess things up for me!:) Other then that I had fun!