View Full Version : What movie classic would you like to see as a Startopia mini-novel?

25th Aug 2002, 05:47
Following on the recent success of "Kasvablanka Station" I thought it would be fun to bring a few more classic movies into the space age.

Polls will remain open for one week. At the end of that time, I'll get to work translating the lucky winner into Startopian terms. Once that one is completed, I'll start with the second most popular and so on and so forth.

If you can think of any other movies you would like to see as a Startopia mini-novel, feel free to suggest them here.

25th Aug 2002, 06:26
Citezan Kane! Citezan Kane! Because I've actualy seen that one

25th Aug 2002, 10:10
You could do "Bridge over the River Kwai" set in a jungle biodeck :)

But from the ones here it would have to The Maltese Falcon. But only because its the only one I've seen any of :p

25th Aug 2002, 14:41
I'd go with gone with the wind. Why? Because that's the only one I've heard of.:) Not too much into classical movies.:D

25th Aug 2002, 14:43
Gone With the Wind would be fun, although I've never really seen most of it. Mister Smith Goes to Washington?. Star Wars? Although this one has had a more recent movie, Tombstone? I know! Godzilla!

25th Aug 2002, 17:09
Godzilla... Cringes at the thought of a dinosaur on a spacestation

25th Aug 2002, 17:37
Do the Maltese Falcon, these other people know not what they talk about.

25th Aug 2002, 19:18
So far, it's "Citizen Kane" in the lead with "Gone with the Wind" a close second followed by "The Maltese Falcon."

WHAT!?! Zero votes for "The Magnificent Seven!?!"

You bunch of uncultured philistines!

25th Aug 2002, 22:33
Hoo da U tink ur takin 2? :D

29th Aug 2002, 02:50
Binro, don't call us uncivilized. YOU didn't even vote for it! I can tell because it doesn't have any votes!:)

29th Aug 2002, 03:22
You're not supposed to vote on your own poll!

29th Aug 2002, 03:23
Ooops. I didn't read the rules. Sorry.

29th Aug 2002, 13:47
Yes you are. It even lets you.

3rd Sep 2002, 14:48
"Gone with the Solar Wind" it is!

Let me watch the movie a couple more times and I'll start posting.

Meddling Grey
8th Sep 2002, 02:33
Argh! I've never seen any of those! I'm an uncultured fool! Noooo...

<runs off screaming>