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25th Aug 2002, 04:02
I finally saw Absolute Power tonight... rented it at my video store!

Great flick, and I highly recommend it. Has some names in it, like Clint Eastwood, Gene Hackman, and Ed Harris to name a few. :p

There a great scene with Garr... er Eastwood busting into a huge mansion with a sophisticated security system, stealing loot and such. :D Lots of cunning and stealth, Garrett style! ;)

Anyhow, I don't want to reveal any of the plot to you taffers that haven't had the privilege of seeing it yet. So when are we gonna get this petition out to make a thief movie about Garrett? :D

25th Aug 2002, 04:54
I remember that one - yes, it was pretty good. :)

25th Aug 2002, 17:45
It is a good one - true Eastwood style. I saw vanilla sky last night and cannot understand why it won any awards. The ending was the only good part.

25th Aug 2002, 19:52
It's run frequently on TBS and TNN. Not bad scenes for the sneaky stuff.

Which subject brings up:

Some time last year a series called "Thief" showed up. I thought it was a dog, even before the first airing, because of the juvenile premise around which it was built. The plot was typical boy meets girl, they fight but are forced into each others company, they reconcile differences, they jump into bed. In between they steal for a living.

Fortunately it DIED THE HORRIBLE DEATH IT DESERVED, and never got to episode 3.

Good thing, or I might have had to switch the trasmitting towers to another frequency in order to save the world from the garbage it was spewing into the airwaves. :D