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25th Aug 2002, 03:49
L O C A T I O N: Targ Outpost #204, or "Karmarama 14"
"K A R M A R A M A 1 4": Rainforest/Jungle planet. Home to a miniscule Sensor Array base. Air contents contain mostly Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen, and lesser elements. Populated by Thyorian Grekka-Targs. Karmarama left when planet was taken over by force.
I M P O R T A N C E: If the Sensor Array base is destroyed, the GPF may move secretly and undetected through most of the Targ systems. The base is small, and the planet has only a few cities.
M I S S I O N: For obvious reasons, the GPF is assaulting this planet with a Legion of Mecha. Mecha are three story tall, bipedal fighting machines that are lethal. They are far superior than any tank, and are extremely versitile. Only the Dragonians have the technology to create them. The Grekka-Targ are trying to reverse engineer the Mecha, but all attempts have failed miserably. The TSCC Centaurion, TSCC Glavis, and TSCC Trinary are creating a base of operations on the planet, with three whole Mecha Legions. More are on the way.

<On the planet, a large base constructed in the jungle is teaming with Mecha activity. Scores of Mecha are guarding and patrolling around the base. Oblivious to what was spying on them. A small Grekka-Targ was looking through Super-Electric-Magnifying-Binoculars at the base.>

Grekka-Targ Scout:"Base, this Scout number three, I've spotted something here. It appears to be a GPF base of operations. From the information I've gathered, there are four hundred and eighty of those GPF Mecha. I'm just about to transmit my coordinates and- Hey, some one's spotted me! EARGH! {STATIC}..."

<A large crater remains with a pair of shoes where the Targ Scout used to be. An artillery Mecha is seen nearby...>

25th Aug 2002, 04:10
Before we begin I'd like to point out that I think there may be a little to many mecha. If the GPF were hoping fora quick stealthy sneak attackthen wouldn't it be wise for a smaller amount of Mecha,such as 50? Also with so many mecha being loaded onto a planet with a hi-scale sensor post wouldn't they have already detected such a large force and send Davidg in to blow up the base from Orbit?

25th Aug 2002, 05:13
Maybe they masked their approach some how?

Grekka System. Dreadnaught is racing to the edge ofthe system at sublight speed, along with several battle crusiers, and troop transports. The Imperial March plays.

Bridge. ITS Dreadnaught EXPT-01-A.

Helm: ETA to the outpost is 4 days, 2 hours, 27 minutes.

Me: Jump to hyperspace as soon as we have cleared the system, Comm, get me the Ortega.

Comm: Channel Open.

Me: Captian, rendeavous with us in System J-131-A-47. A scout reported a large GPF buildup in the jungle on that planet, but failed to report his coordanites before being spotted, and derstroyed. You are to scan the planet, and locate the base.

Captian of Ortega: Aye, sir.

Me: Davidg out.

Commander: Why didn't the base detect the landing craft?

Me: The planet is surrounded by a ring of asteroids, and impcts occur frequently near the equator of theplanet. A lightly sheilded, small craft could be mistaken as an asteroid near the belt, or when falling to the planet. A large ship could be hidden in the planet's magnetic poles, but it too whould have sensor problems.

Commander: Oh.

Helm: We are clear of the system sir.

Me: Then by all means, Engage.

The giant ship, and its escorts jump to hyperspace.

25th Aug 2002, 05:41
Playing by the rules and lookin' good! Though lets not turn this into a SpaceShip RPG. Lets agree that the Asteroids and strange magnetic disortions ofthe polemake itimpossible to locate the base therefore assault team must besent down instead. This may just be our best RPG yet.

---Near GPF Base---

<The GPF base is built onto a Platau, covered in dense Marangoo and Silpem trees. A whitewater river runs toward the Plateu from the east and turns to the north and heads around it until it does as strange 3/4 bendand heads into the NothWest. The heat is intense around the equator and thewhole area is fuzzy because of it. Many Mecha are trudging around the area invisible under the huge Marangoos. The only evidence of the silvery GPF base is a large shimmering tower extending above the trees. The Comand tower inside Dracorator shouts at his inept generals as he explains his battle plans. Unbeknown to them a Targ Assault squad inches its way toward the last known possition of their scout.>

25th Aug 2002, 05:44
I wanted it to be something like Gundam: 08th MS Team. In the jungle and all...

<In his command tent, Colonel Starwind from the GPF command forces is instructing the pilots.>

Starwind: "We will strike in the South regions, here. The artillery units will snipe out and bombard the Targs with their Rail Guns. After that, a mass squadron of both Terra-Warriors and Warrior Mecha will come in through the North. The command units will some in from the South. Once that is over, the dropships will deploy the Special Ops unit from the TSCC Khan that will be in orbit in an hour."

Pilot: "Won't the Targ's spot it when their support arrives."

Starwind: "We are aware, or at least think, they have sent support, but what they do not know is that our ships are actually hidden inside huge, self-propelled asteroids. With the ring around this planet, we should have enough time to hide ourselves and the ships. Now, go get some rest. The attack begins three days from now."

<The pilots leave towards to the barracks as a few Mecha go in for mantainence in the large hangers in the base.>

25th Aug 2002, 05:52
Me: Um... Kunat. We left our planet defenseless when we went to this mineral high planet, lost most of our soldiers in a frenzy on this stupid planet which came out of a blackhole, and now our stinken planets are being taken over. Why must us Karmaramans never be left in peace? We provide 90% of the food resources. (look at RPG:New Worlds to understand what i'm talking about)

Kunat: Well sir, we did take all soldiers off the planet to bombard the mineral based planets out of the mysterious blackhole. But instead our base was destroyed and now we are on the other side of the galaxy, way far away from our home planets. I knew that we should never try to beat targs to planets.
Do you want me to set course for the home planet?

Me: Might as well, pray that it is there when we get back.

The ship, the Kantaro, the karmaramans now only ship left after the slaughter on the new planets, veers toward the nearest wormhole to speed up the process of getting back to the home planet. Course estimated time, 47 hours...

Me: Sighs and heads to the sleeping pods Kunat, don't disturb me until we get out of this wormhole. We're going to have a long day once we get out of it.

25th Aug 2002, 05:55
Squad Leader(Over Secure Comm link): We're at the last known possition of Scout 08.

Targ Base: What do you see?

Squad Leader: Her camp. There is a trail, all the plant-life along it has been trampled by light feet, most likely our scout. It leads south up a slight hill. I'm going to follow it.

Targ Base: Roger that Delta Squad.

<The Targ move through the shady trees and tall grasses up the trail. One targ slips on a Scoobidy Mouth, a plant who's leaves are moist and slippery. When the targ fell the huge leaf folded inward towards the plants hub. The gaping sharply toothed moths shoot open and swallowed the screaming targ. The mouth snapped shut and the following grusome chomping and gurgling wasenough for another drone to losethe contents of her stomach. The Squad Leader drove them onwards, after blasting the plant and the digesting targ into bits.>

---Smouldering Crater---

25th Aug 2002, 06:24
Infront of the Assault Squadren is a small crator still smouldering. In the center two burnt light boots lie half melted ito the ground, just above them is a lump of resmelted metal. Probably the scouts scouting device. The team leader picksup his Communication box and flicks the ON switch

Squad Leader(over secure comm link): Base, we're here at the last cresting place of Scout 08, only her boots andthe remains of the scouting device havebeen left behind. I'm also affraid we lost a member of our team to a Scoobidy Mouth earlier. She was a good soldier. We'd like full respects paid for her on our return.

Targ Base: We're sorry to hear that Assault team. Anything else to report?

Squad Leader: Judging bythe destruction of the blast and size and type of the crator I'd say that it was a Dragonian Mecha, TerranWarrior. I can't see this base. Oh wait...I see a strange tower like thing. I could almost swearitsa trick of the light. No. My visor confirms its a solid object about two milesfrom our possition.

Targ Base: Good Work Assault squad! Quickly give us the base's position!

Suad Leader: It's...GURAH!

<The squad leader fell dead. Spraying her orange blood across the rest of the squad as a largeholehad appearthroughher right eye. A powerful sniper wasin the trees. The nextxhot blewout theCommunication box. The Squad instinctivlystartedshooting into the trees. Another shot hit the Blasterof one of the Targs, it exploded in a firey blue display of super-heated plasma took out half the squadwith it. The rest dovefor coverinthe thick under bush. The snipertook his opertunity and deliveredfatal blows to the back of each Targ's head as they fled. Only one was smart enough to climb the tree from which thealmost invisible sniper beams had been coming from. Unfortunaly she was too load. The elflike face of an Arctainian shoot from the leaves and smiled. The sudden apearance of this enemy confused the targ and she paused

Targ: Huh?

Arctic Wolf: You are an Idiot.

<The sniper placed onthe targs forehead and triger pulled. The targ exploded as if she had Blastokephalis.

---Targ Base---

Commander: Quickly Idiot! Tell Davidg to hurry up and recall ourother squads. The have snipers!

Comm Master: Too late sir. Alpha, Beta and Gamma. All assasinated, reports of expert snipers inthe trees.

Commader(thumping desk with clenched fist): DAMN! DAMN! DAMN! Tell Davidg to get here at maximum speeds. All our offence is dead.

Comm Master: Aye sir.

25th Aug 2002, 14:53
No, Gundam: 08th MS Team is based upon Mobile Suit Gundam, not Gundam Wing. Gundam Wing was by far the worst out of all Gundam series.

<Two Warrior Mecha are out on patrol duty near a large river. The cockpit door on the chest opens to reveal a Terran pilot. The Terran pilot gets out to take a drink, just when the other Mecha raises its weapons towards the trees.>

Terran Pilot: "What is it?"

Mecha Pilot: "Something on my Thermo-Optics. Not an animal, it's humanoid. Magnifying. It's, it's, Arctic_Wolf!"

<Dramatic music starts and ends after Arctic_Wolf's name is heard. It looked ready to fire its Repeater Rifle, and the other pilot scrambled towards his Mecha as well.>

Mecha Pilot: "Give us a good reason not to shoot you!"

25th Aug 2002, 15:01
<Death's Advocate comes out of hyperspace right near Karmarama 14, outside of the apparant asteroid ring surrounding the planet. Dropship carriers also zip out as well. Aboard Death's Advocate...>

SkrasherSmasher: Is this where the combat is coming from?

AI: Yes sir. The combat seems to be taking place on the planet itself. It also seems a base on that planet is the goal of the assaulting force.

SkrasherSmasher: Well then, lets fly in there.

AI: Cannot comply. The asteroid field around the planet would cause too much damage to our ship.

SkrasherSmasher: Ok then, activate planetary bombarment cannons.

AI: Cannot comply, the missiles from our bombardment system each have a 98.763% chance of hitting an asteroid, leaving the planet unscarred.

SkrasherSmasher: Ugh! Ok, fine. What can we do then?

AI: I can tightbeam the troops down to the surface of the planet. Due to the high frequency though, they would be detected the moment they hit the ground.

SkrasherSmasher: Do that, but let me get my combat armor and assault rifle, I'm going with them.

<SkrasherSmasher and the SSFA are tightbeamed to the planet. They begin trudging through the swamp. Meanwhile..>

Targ working comsensor: Sir! Heat signitures have just appeared 10 miles from here, its a large mass sir, and they're moving this way!

25th Aug 2002, 15:33
Aboard ITS Dreadnaught EXPT-01-A

Helm: Enteing System J-131-A-47. Acieving standard orbit, sir.

Science: Sir! Detcecting a vessel bearing 101 Mark 314!

Me: Red Alert. Bring weapons to bear. Open hailing frequencies.

Comm: Open.

Me: This is Admiral Davidg of the Targ Collective. You have entered our space. Leave immediatly or be destroyed. Davidg out.

Comm signal the Centauri to deal with this, and have the troop ships begin landing their troops. Commander, you have the bridge.

Commander: Aye.

I step out of the bridge, into a trubolift, and go to the hanger bay. Their is a destroyer size craft there, and soliders, and techincians are boarding it. I walk over to the sleek craft, and enter. I go to its bridge, where Targ are working consoles.

Ensign Insginificant: Admrial on deck!

Me: At ease. Prepare for landing.

Ensign Expendable: Yes sir!

The destroyer leaves the hanger bay, and moves through the asteroids, with the landing craft, to the planet, where they are assembling in a grassy plain on the edge of a deep, blue lake.

Me: Comm, have all units converge on coordaites 101, 246, and sgnal the ships in orbit to begin launching fighters, and bombers. have artillery begin long range bombardment of those coordanites.

Comm: Aye.

The many legions of troops, and tanks, begin marching through the jungle. Artlillery units open fire, using turbolasers to assult the GPF base.

Me: Comm, signal the troops to cloak.

The troops vanish, and heat blackers block themfrom heat sensors. Bomber, and fighters, streak down from the sky, keeping pace with the troops.

25th Aug 2002, 15:45
Uh, Davidg, you don't know the coordinates of the base yet. And you were the one who said it was hard and almost impossible to detect space-craft in orbit around the planet. I suggest you edit your post slightly.

<It is beggining to become dusk soon...>

25th Aug 2002, 17:01
The Kunat exits the wormhole, flying at around 2500 miles, the ship begins the braking sequence, but, sadly, crash through the asteroid belt around the planet, ripping the hull to pieces. The main command was the only piece left, which flew into the main city on the planet.

Me:Can someone open this damn sleeping pod?

He keeps on hitting the pod, trying to gian someones attention before the ship becomes a nuclear bomb.

Soldier Sir, where is your sleeping pod?

Me: Right below you!!

The soldier trys to pry it open, and is succesful 20 min. later.

Me: What the hell happened to my ship? What a nice wake up call i say.

Soldier We exited hyperspace at 00:53, going at around 2500 miles. We tried breaking, but we hit an asteroid belt around the main planet. It had ripped the whole ship apart except for the command module, which crashed into the main city on our planet.

Me: Know anymore survivors or deaths?

Soldier Well, most of the rest of the crew is dead nless they were on the command module. we have had 7 reported deaths in the command center, and 83 of it was severely injured.
You had been unconscious for around 2 hours, as you can see you've hit your head on the door of your sleeping pod. Included in the deaths is assistant commander, Kunat.

Me: So, this ship has been thrown around space for the past 2 hours and 30min., and we lost the second commander? This just isn't our day... Where's the exit to this ship now?

Soldier We have found a exit, but it can crahs down any minute near it. If you try to get out there, be careful. Its down the main corridor, through the medical room, and down the hallway to the left. You'll see why we're calling it unstable.

The commander leaves the soldier and starts on his way to the exit. Around him people are injured everywhere, and some had already died. Death was up to 11 now, and only the srong could survive the smell of blood. Entering the medical room, it seems that people were making ther chances trying to get of the ship. Many electrical shocks spouted out of the ceiling. No one had been in the medical room at that time, but there were blood prints all over the door to the 2 way corridor. Turning left, he saw the sunlight once more. The problem was the hallway was in shambles, since it was the closest to the main hull of the ship. The ship rumbled while he was going to th exit, and once out, the ship fell in on itself. Death toll now including rest of ship....1274. Outside, it was a very grim day, buildings crumbled in a path that the command ship left. No one dare get near the bomb that lay in the crater, ready to explode at any moment.

25th Aug 2002, 17:27
I don't think anyone else here has ever seen Gundam MS Team.

---Secondary sniper platform, infrontof whitewater river---

<Arctic Wolf sat quietly a huge branch of a Marangoo tree drinking a flask of "hyper-cola". He rested his head on the trunk of the tree and iwthin moments was snoring contently. As thesky was dusking and the belt of asteroids were visible in the pinking sunlight a pair of patroling Mecha took theweightoff their feet and stopped by the river>

Terran Mecha Pilot: Give us a good reason not to shoot you!

<Arctic Wolf stirred, thinking someGPF hadcaughtagroup ofcowarding targs. A powerful laser leapt up through the tree scaring his right arm.>

Arctic Wolf: You bastards! I'm on your side!

<More lasers flew at him, jumping, ducking and dodging he evaded them all this time. Taking quick with the sniper he aimed at one of the pilots in the nearest mecha. Without time to take aim he fired. The shot blazed through the clear sleet-plast window that the pilots used to see out of, it missed the pilot but singed his hair. Arctic Wolf scrambled to a new position, the next shot pierced the pilot's left arm. By now the tree was on fire branches and leaves fell through making it difficult for Arctic Wolf to find stealthy spots.>

Arctic Wolf: If you don't stop firing at your ally the next shot will go through your neck!

<The mecha pilots ignored the threat and carried on baraging the tree. A shot screamed through the air and intothe neck of one of the mecha's pilots. It stopped dead. The other one continued their barage and suffered the same fate.>

25th Aug 2002, 17:49
Mechas don't have windows, they have at least three inches of Mythril Armour.

Starwind:"It is you! Traitor!"

<After a minute of free fall, a huge winged Mecha falls through the air onto the ground next to the Arctannian. Its one eye glowed red as it started firing the head mounted vulcan cannons.>

Starwind:"You better have a good reason for me to miss every shot!"

<Arctic_Wolf ran through the forest and hid behind a tree.>

Starwind:"By the name of the GPF, you are a traitor to the Dragonians and must be punished!!!"

<The mecha cut the tree that Arctic was hiding behind down with a slice of a Katana, he had also gotten the top of his weapon. It raised its weapon, and got a hold of Arctic's clothing when it came down. He couldn't escape, and he had better have a good explination as to why he has changed alignment before the Mecha fires again.>

25th Aug 2002, 18:16
Me: Ok everyone, we have amde a crash land into the capitol of Karmaramtaku, our home planet. Our ship is severely damaged and we will not be able to lift off for probably a year... We have had many power surges coming out of the jungles in sector 14. We need to stop them before they get here. First thing is we'll send a diplomat. If they refuse to get the hell off our planet, we'll send our bombers and metal5820 test robots(the metal5820 is a robot, much like mechas, but have the ability to use a jet boost. They are equipped with 2 heavy laser cannons, one on each shoulder, 6 rocket launchers, and a duel katana sword for melee situations.). We'll use all 150 test prototypes if they refuse. Ready all bombers and get the pilots for the meatals on standby.

The army goes to yellow alert, getting to all defense stations, and readying all the troops for anything.

Me: I'm going to be the diplomat, right now all i need is a dropship with minor defense systems and to carry 10 bodyguards incase something goes wrong.

The troops get 2 dropship pilots, load em up with weapons, and launch into sector one, to get all the way to sector 14 on the other side ofthe planet.

In the dropship.

Me: ok troops, once we touch down, we might be bombarded with weaponry. We're going to try to make a deal, but first i must contact them with a radio communications.

I get a radio from the cargo and call the sector 14 radio tower
*Communication tower, we request permission to land in sector 14 to work out a deal with you to get off our planet. do you allow?*

They reply with a Karmaraman screaming than sudden silence after a laser shot, and the line gets cut.

Me: Holy cripes... Pilot maneuver us through this field back to home base. we are at war now, radio for troops to be readied and get the metal5820 prototypes on route to sector 14! Load pilots with acid and metal debris bombs. We're going to give them all we got. Also contact the GPF to see what the hell they are doing!

The pilot turns back and trys contacting the GPF

25th Aug 2002, 19:28
First of all, Karmarama 14 is NOT the Karmarama homeworld, Bomber777, it is a lightly pouplated outpost siezed by the Targ. I think you all are misunderstanding the sensor distrubances on this planet. The asteriods frequently impact on the planet, and a lightly shielded craft whould look like an asteroid to sensors. The asteroids only mask ships in orbit, or ones that are landing. The planet's poles create severe magnetic distortions in the immediate vicinity of them, allowing large ships to hide over the poles, in a 100 km circle. They whould not mask bases or anything else, anywhere else on the planet, and even if they did, ships in orbit could visually find the base. It is immposible to locate ships in orbit from the planet, ships in orbit whould have no dificulty targeting ships, but the asteroids whould make it hard to distinguish bettween ships and asteroids from the planet, if they are lightly sheilded. So, in summary: Lighly shielded, small craft in planetary orbit can be mistaken for asteroids, and large ships can hide over the planet's poles.


Aboard ITS Dreadnaught.

Comm: The ground forces report heavy resistance on the planet, but they are making some progress.

Me: Tell the ships to begin destroying the asteroids in our immediate firing path, so we can have a clear shot at the GPF base.

Science: That could take weeks!

Me: Well we should get started then.

Tactical: Charges ready, Admiral.

Me: Fire.

Dreadnaught, and the Targ battle crusiers begin fireing charges into the asteroid belt, vaporizing asteroids. They begin to clear a path, to allow Dreadnuaght a clear firing path.

Science: Estimate time to firing range, 10 days, 1 hour, 21 minutes.

25th Aug 2002, 19:57
<Just as Colonel Starwind was about to shoot Arctic_Wolf, a message came in.>

Com Officer: "Sir, the Targs are attacking, don't worry though. It will take them two more hours to get to the base, and the artillery is slowing them down."

Starwind: "Good, commince operations."

Com Officer: "Yes sir!"

<As the people on the ground were plotting, the Dreadnaught started loosing altitude.>

Targ Officer: "Sir! We are rapidly loosing altitude! It appears something hit one of our reactors. Wait, another one just went out!"

Davidg: "Don't our shields protect against asteroid!?"

Targ Officer: "Their large enough to go through it, it seems. We must prepare for a crash landing soon, the ship will survive, but it will need repairing for a month or two."

<The Dreadnaugh steadily started to heat up as it dropped into the atmosphere, slowly but surely. the other ships were suffering greater fates, they had already fallen in the atmosphere. Little did they know these were not the cause of asteroids, but the planet's unusual magnetic field. The repulser-lifts would occasionally fail completely if there was no soliding shield between them and the planet. Such as an asteroid. On the planet, the Targ troops fall back under heavy artillery to the base. It seems that a direct attack against Mecha was unwise.>

Targ Commander: "All units, even the troopers, retreat! We must rethink our plan!"

Davidg: "I did not give that order!"

Targ Commander: "We've already lost many of our troops from traps, and the Hover-Tanks are having trouble cooling their engines. It's much too early for an attack, sir."

<The Commander was right. The many cloaked troopers had died in clever traps. Such as a simple hole in the ground or trip-wires. The rain-forest was an excellent exterior for hidden traps. The many Hover-Tanks and Artillery Vehicles could not cool their engines and reactors, many overheated in the Jungle heat before they had time to turn them off. It seems as if the GPF had time to prepare. As soon as the Targ troops retreated, many of their Artillery Mecha took sniping positions.>

Starwind: "Order all troops to shoot the Targ on sight! I want the Terra-Warrior Mecha to destroy the Targ Fighter screen, pronto!"

<The Terra-Warrior Mecha Pilots did as they were told, and the Targ fighters quickly retreated.>

25th Aug 2002, 21:52
Ok.... So let me get this straight. I took a wrong wormhole, crashed into our own planet, which didn't even have ANY danger on it, and most crew died for no reason.... i think the karmaramans are not going to be happy with me....

Bomber is right now being taken to Karmara Jail, where his fate will be decided for his charges of: Murder, Vandalism, A fine of 10,000,000,000 C, and a whole lot more.

In jail cell awaiting trial...

Me: Ok, serious trouble, probably gonna be on death row,.... what to do.... One big fine to pay and i don't even have that kind of money...... oh boy..... Don't think of treaties with the enemy.... Or should i do that......

Reaches in pocket and opens a box with a small moris code sender

Me: Death or treaty..... Lets see...

Starts sending out a code: SOS-Will-Pay-To-Get-Busted-Out-Of-Jail-On-Karmarama-Planet and presses transmit.

Me: I hope this code gets to someone... in time

25th Aug 2002, 22:59
<Just as Colonel Starwind turned his attension back to Arctic Wolf, he was gone a small paper note was pinned to the pincer of the Mecha>

Colonel Starwind: What the devil! Listen boys, it says;

Dear Col. Starwind,

As much as I enjoy these little war games you play with the Targs it is quite clear that you don't want me to play. I'm going home.

Yours unhappily,
Arctic Wolf.

<While the Colonel had been distracted a lone targ tank had disobayed orders in order to take this great opertunity. It aimed and fired at Starwind. The mecha, unprepared for such a devestating direct hit, exploded. Ammo, Laser Katanas, and Molten Mythril rained down on the scene like hellfire. The bulk of Starwind's mecha crashed through the trees onto the targ hover tank. The other mechas escaped with only minor damage though a huge forest fire was sweeping uncontrolled through the rain forests. The GPF couldn't care less about the fire and instead spent all their extra water onafabulous service for the late ColonelStarwind.>

25th Aug 2002, 23:58
<Somewhere in deep space...>

Com Officer: "So you see, Arctic_Wolf has switched sides, again sir."

Admiral Noryhg: "I see. I want him alive, at all costs however. We must get Dracoraptor back. Helm, move the Tibbac to Arctannia. We will negotiate a truce."

Helm Officer: "Yes sir!"

<Back at the now dieing battle, new dropships land, as well as a very large and exspensive shuttle-craft. A officer comes to greet several PSI-Corps Members.>

Officer: "The last we saw him, he was by the river."

PSI-Corps Commander: "I see, I will speak to him."

<The PSI-Corps Commander closed his eyes and spoke into Arctic_Wolf's mind.>

PSI-Corps Commander: "You have two things we want Arctannian. One, is a very important Terran child that was last seen on the Vallient II. The second, is how to get Dracoraptor and the Masaki back in this dimensional plane. We hope you agree to our requests..."

26th Aug 2002, 00:56
Arctic Wolf: Who are you?

Psi-Corps: A Dragonian Psi-Corps commander.

Arctic Wolf:Ah, I see. What did you want again?

Psi-Corps: You have two things we want. One, is a very important Terran child that was last seen on the Vallient II. The second, is how to get Dracoraptor and the Masaki back in this dimensional plane. We hope you agree to our requests.

Arctic Wolf: Well there are many Terran Families onboard the Vallient II, most also have children. Maybe if you give me her name and heat signiture we can find her. If she is on the ship.

Psi-Corps: Why are you so cooperative lately?

Arctic Wolf: I've always been cooperative. Thats what Allies are for right?

Psi-Corps: Only 8 months ago you tried to destory the Orion Project.

Arctic Wolf: The what now?

Psi-Corps: Hmmm, whats the last thing you remember?

Arctic Wolf: Erm...being on Exitium talking with Ghyron. Then I woke up in the Medi-Decks this morning. Everyone says i was found floating through space.

26th Aug 2002, 01:06
---The Karmarama Karma-breakers Jail--

*Bomber777 sits sullenly in his barren KarmaGood-Holding-Cell. He hears a rustle and a click from one of the corners. Nothing is there. Another rustle, somewhere else. Again, nothing. With a start, a figure in a torn grey cloak appears.*

Bomber777: I, uh...

Ghyron: Silence, inferior lifeform. You called for a jailbreak? And you say you will pay? Hrmmmm. It is not my custom to help inferior lifeforms, but my lackie clone just met an unfortuanate end... good help is hard to find in the Villian business. Very well, you are my lackie, from now on-

Bomber777: But-

Ghyron: Silence, lackie. From now on, I shall address you as Lackie, and you will obey my every order, to the letter.

Bomber777: Well-

Ghyron: Minotaur, return us to the ship.

*With a flash of light, Ghyron and his new lackie return to Ghyron's Evil Ship of Doom.*

Ghyron: Good good, make yourself at home in the lackies pantry, just make sure not to step on any of the skeletons.

26th Aug 2002, 01:14
Me: Um... Nice.. ship?

Starts stumbling around all the skeletons. He finnaly makes his way to a chair, all bent and broken, and sits down, awaiting some kind of order from his new boss.

Me: No what i thought of as a way of getting out of jail, but its better than dieing by a Calyon Plant which eats me up... Oh well...

26th Aug 2002, 01:18
---Ghyron's Evil Ship of Doom---

Ghyron: Lackie, take us into the nearby asteroid field, make sure no-one detects the ship. Then, make sure the Krakakakakio has been fed. He is in the lower cargo bay, and gets very vicious when underfed. I have work to do, so don't disturb me.

26th Aug 2002, 01:32
PSI-Corps Commando: "Damn! We would like it if you came to our base, undercover. Tell any of the guards, the phrase, "Little Pig, Little Pig" and they will let you in. Understand?"

<As they were doing that, a gang of ruffians (Led by a Kasvagorian) contact Ghyron.>

Ruffian Leader: "We are the Collection of Outrageous, Putrid, Poetic, Evil Ruffians, or "COPPERs" Lord Ghyron, we wish to join you in your quest of evil. For money of course."

Ghyron: "As long as I don't have to pay you."

Ruffian Leader: "Um, okay!"

<The stupid COPPER gang leader brings two large and repainted Dragonian battleships near Ghyron's Evil Ship of Doom. They are specially outiffited with Dragonian Terra-Warrior Mecha. They are too repainted.>

26th Aug 2002, 01:49
---Ghyron's Evil Ship of Doom---

Ghyron: Poetic? Ahem, what sort of poetry to a lot of Kasvagorian Ruffians write?

26th Aug 2002, 02:11
Starts bringing the ship around the asteroid belts, and then quietly sets itself in a crater on a huge asteroid. The disturbance of the air around would be so that no one in there right mind would chekc in here.

Me: Ok, whats next. Oh yes, feed the Ka..Ka... whatever it is.

I grab the .... i push the crate down the ramps into the lower bay where the whatever its called lives, and i open it, to find a large ammount of meat.


I run behind a wall, and hear nothing


And when i scream that and turn the corner, i get a very, very, VERY big monster in front of me, who, eats me.

Me: I hate my life. first i destroy a Karmaraman ship, destroy half the main city, get arrested for many charges, and have now been eaten by a Ka whatever monster. Just my luck...
What the heck is the, ew, this thing has stomach worms.

26th Aug 2002, 02:35
Aboard ITS Dreadnaught

Computer: Warning, hull temperature at critical.

Me: Computer, intiate emergnncy planetfall protocools. All hands brace for impact! Blue Alert!

Computer: Acknowleded, implemting landing sequence.

Klaxons wail, and blue lights flash all over the ship. The hull begins to glow dully as hatches open all down the length of the ship. Massive landing struts lock down. The ship contiues to hurtle tword the teeming jungle. Suddenly the forward thrusters fire, lowing the ship down. It manages to put its nose up enoughto allow it to set down. Its massive legs crunching through the trees. The ship jolts as the legs abosorb the impact of landing.

CMO: Causlty reports comming in, sir. 4 dead, 472 wounded.

Engineer: I'll get teams to work right away, Admiral.

Me: Secuirty, assemble the troops, and prepare to disimbark. Comm, get me the fleet.

Comm: Channel open.

Me: Captians, land your ships around Dreadnaught. We will construct a temporary base around our ships. The ships will be able to take off latter, but firing through the asteroids isn't practical, so we will fire on the planet.

Comm: The ships are responding, and landing.

The rest of the fleet sets down around Dreadnaught. They deploy troops, and use workpods to build a permiter around the landing site. The ships' sheild generator are used to project an impenetrable sheild around the base.

Security: Admiral, the troops are ready.

Me: Have them begin an attack on the main GPF base. The ships, and our aircraft will provide fire support.

Security: Aye.

A massive ramp swingsdown from under Dreadnaught, and thousands of soliders, tanks, and artillery march out. They move out through the gate, as the ships fire turbolasers into the jungle.

26th Aug 2002, 05:36
---Arctic Wolf's mind---

Arctic Wolf: You promise the guards won't shoot at me again.

Psi-Corps: We promise.

Arctic Wolf: Okay.

---SCSV Vallient II, bridge---

<Arctic Wolf stands up and tidies himself, smoothingcreases in his Yellow-Orange Plaid shirt, green undershirt andblue leasure trousers. He straigtens his glasses and turns behind toward the Technition>

Arctic Wolf: Tech, phase me back onto Karmarma 14 use these coordinates;

Tech : Aye sir

<Arctic Wolf's image is distorted as if surround by a heavy heatwave. In theblink ofan eye he's gone. Comm leaves his post and assumes aposition in the Command chair. An auxiluary from the the Stations behind the forward bridge takes his place.>

---Just outside the Entrance to the GPF Command Tower---

<In the shadows behind the command tower Arctic Wolf phases in and creaps quietly toward the entrance. Realising he's expected and inan Ally's camp helaughs at his foolishness and hurries on as normal. He walks toward the guard who looks most important.>

Kasvargorian Gaurd: Hey, Eye-din-tee-fly you!

Arctic Wolf: Pardon?

Kasvagorian Gaurd: Say...you woodunt be dat Arc-teek Wulf fella now would ya.

Arctic Wolf: Yeah, thats me I Guess. Oh...Little Pig! Little Pig!

Kasvargorian Guard: How dare U!

<Thekasvargorian Guard punchesArctic WOlf inthe face atthis supposed insult. He goeslimpand falls to the ground unconsious.>

26th Aug 2002, 15:29
---Ghyron's Evil Ship of Doom---

Ghyron: Hrmmm, wheres that lackie of mine? Most likely pigging out on the re-hydrated Memau Rhinds in the lackie's pantry. Good help is hard to find.

*A voice from behind Ghyron starts to speak*


Ghyron: Attack what, the planet? Foolish carbon based warriors. I suppose I might as well have a little bit of intertainment. Go wake up the mail-room attendant and get him to find my lackie, then make sure you are safe in your container, I can't afford to have anyone see you.

Minotaur: YES, MASTER.

---The Cargo Bay of Ghyron's Evil Ship of Doom---

*A shriveled old Turakken with a cane and a badge displaying the words "MAIL ROOM ATTENDANT" steps into the cargo bay.*

Bob: Dang new lackies, always getting eatin' by the Krakakawhatsitsname. If it wern't for us-

Lemur: Aww, shut your shriveled mouth. Stop talking and help me look for the Krakakakakio.

*A massive hairy beast of inapropriate proportions leaps out from behind a teetering crate.*

Fred the Krakakakakio: Bluargh. Fred no feel good cause Fred ate something stinky. Fred want- BLUACH!

*The terrible monster begins going into a seizure and starts vomiting bile and soggy cardboard along with Bomber777.*

Bomber777: Ugh...

Bob: Lord Ghyron wants you to take us and the Kasvagorian ships onto th planet.

Lemur: You come down over the poles so we can't be seen, or Lord Ghyron will feed you to his Woopie Plant.

26th Aug 2002, 21:30
Ghyron: Poetic? Ahem, what sort of poetry to a lot of Kasvagorian Ruffians write?

Bad poetry, :D.

<After a five minute dream about a talking Mudcrab from the planet Segima III, Arctic_Wolf wakes up in a chair. Looking out a window from the tower, stands Colonel Starwind. In the distance, Arctic_Wolf can see scores of Mecha in neat lines, and a Dropship landing on a Dropship pad. Colonel Starwind turns around and speaks to him.>

Starwind: "I have a few questions I want to ask you. Now, there is an unamed Terran, about ten or so, on your ship. She has been lost for a week now, and it is imperritive that we find her. Now, you said you know nothing about destroying Dragonia Prime and blasting Dracoraptor, along with the Masaki into another dimension. Is this true?"

<As they talk, Davidg shoots lasers into the jungle. It wouldn't take a semi-quasi genius though, to figure out that the GPF base was much too far from there to fire the lasers. The Targ were also completely oblvious to a single artillery Mecha that had just shot a landing strut on the Dreadnaught. The Dreadnaught fell with a big thud onto the ground, and the power turned off, completely. To add to that, all the auxillary reactors had been left in space after a Janitor Scuzzer mistakened the emergency release switches for Ghyron during their entry. Little did they all know, it was a dirty trick from someone typing this on a computer to stop their evil reign of unimaginitive Role Playing with invincible ships...>

27th Aug 2002, 00:56
<After 22 posts of undisturbed running through the swampy recesses of Karmarama 14, the coveted outpost comes within close range sensor distance of the SSFA and SkrasherSmasher. Visual conformation is made using a skrasher to climb a tree over the dense canopy.>

Skrasher: I ssssee it, ssssir. It sssshant be half a mile away.

SkrasherSmasher: Ok guysss, err, guys. Let's move out!

<The skrasher army continues running toward the base. They eventually come to a clearing.>

SkrasherSmasher: Whipering: OK boys. Pull out your miniguns. Why do they call them miniguns? They're so big... anyway, get ready. I think I can hear some targ already.

<The skrashers hunker down in the underbrush surrounding the clearing, equip their Browning M2 miniguns and wait.>

27th Aug 2002, 01:20
While I'm waiting for my lackie to take me to the planet, please explain to me how a Skrasher climbs a tree.

27th Aug 2002, 02:51
While heading to the control room, he cleans off some... stuff off his body. What a nice surprise after rotting in worms for 3 hours.

Me: Ah, the control room...

Looks around and sees no one is here

hee hee hee...

I starts pressing the controls to accelerate straight towards the planet, and readys a escape pod for his departure.

Me: Looks like i'll be living in a forest for awhile, but i'll be able to get this slimeball off my back

The controls start blurting of a pod being ready, and also that the ship would crash straight onto the forest, which would be very good for me, since i'll land right at the edge of sector 14. I put on a autopilot straight for the planet, and start running off. Good thing is as i was near the lacky pantry, there was a small door with exit pod on it, good thing its the only one on the ship.. that i know of.

Me: Ok... dodge guards, get supplies, get escape pod, and leave this ship to its terror.. sounds easy enough.

It never was that easy, since some guards started following me. I started running toward the exit pod, slammed the door behine me, and i couldn't find the lock.

Me: Just my luck...

Pressing many buttons at the same time, i seem to have turned on the ignition, burning the ship behind me, and locked the door right when i thought i was going to be blown out into space. But the bad thing is that when blowing out of the ship, it damaged the rear of my ship and had set me for a course right at th GPF base, which right now is bad.

Ghyron Lackie! Where are you??? Your supposed to be... Whats this note?

Dear person who finds note, likely Ghyron

I have left the ship, and you can't stop me. Likely i am already on my way to sector 14, and you are going to sector 14 in a burning shell. Don't try to override the autopilot, because i put a password on it. BTW on a note, you might notice some supplies gone, and i also cleaned the control panel with a wet mop. So that also gets rid of more ideas. And please do something about that kakakarini or something like that. It has stomach worms.

From the lackie you shoud've never trusted,

27th Aug 2002, 06:14
---Upper Atmosphere, Karmarma XIV---

<The bulky lackey escape pod kareened across the night sky at 5000mph at such ahigh speed in an uncontrolled decent the craft began to burn up. The metal plating that compised the hull started liquifing and the temperature became inside became unbarable. A large explosion rocked the boat, the Nitrogen tank just blew, splitting from the pod it screamed back up the atmosphere and hit Ghyron's Evil ship of doom close behind, cracking the windscreen. Luckily this explosionand altered theEscape Pod's course and instead of burning up in a firey hell itsdecent leveled out and the pod screeched across a large snow drift and came to a halt. Steaming and Hissing.>

Bomber777: That was lcuky.

<It was not. Ghyrons evil ship of doom landed right on top.>

27th Aug 2002, 13:30
---Ghyron's Evil Ship of Doom (Crashed)---

*Ghyron's Evil Ship sits smoking on inside of a crater resting on a vast glacier. The ship appears bent in two, and a fire is raging near the former engine. For miles and miles all that appears is endless glacier, above are only grey clouds.*

Ghyron: Well, I do say, that was a landing worthy of a Evil Meglomaniac Shapeshifter. Hurtling through space, scaring any natives into abject fear, then landing quite nicely on top of a massive glacier. Lackie, bring me my Evil Cape!

Bomber777: But... I thought... Oh no....

Ghyron: Well don't just sit their mumbling to yourself, bring me my Evil Cape!

27th Aug 2002, 23:47
Ghyron: "Look, it's the COPPERs!"

Bomber777: "Oh no! They're here to arrest me!"

Ghyron: "No, the Collection of Outrageous, Putrid, Poetic, and Evil Ruffians!"

Bomber777: "Oh..."

<A huge misconfigured and repainted Dragonian Twin-Sword Class Carrier lands right next to the now destroyed (Or at least partially destroye) Evil Ship of Doom. Flying Terra-Warrior Mecha start patrolling the area, along with Kasvagorians setting up tents and such on the glacier. They cut the ice to make an ice wall and moat around the new temporary base as well.>

COPPERs Leader: "Lord Ghyron, I am setting up a temporary base as a command base for our battle against the GPF!"

Ghyron: "Those weren't your orders."

COPPERs Leader: "Yeah, but now your only number two on the most wanted list for the GPF and TGF."

Ghyron: "How dare they insult me like that! Who's in first?"

COPPERs Leader: "Some guy who writes really bad poetry."

Ghyron: "This is an outrage! Prep the Bad-Mobile and construct another base in the jungle where the insulting GPF is!"

COPPERs Leader: "Yes Lord of Supreme Evilness and Neffariousness Ghyron."

<While the COPPERs Leader constructs bases and blasphemous things like that, another guy types on the computer...>

28th Aug 2002, 02:25
---Somewhere on the Planet---

*The jungle is calm. Various alien birds and strange creatures call out and rustle the underbrush. A flock of birds suddenly arises as if in a panic. Whats that coming over the horizon? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! Its the Bad Mobile.

Ba-da ba-da ba-da ba-da ba-da ba-da, BAD-MAN!

Ok, thats enough of that.*

---Ghyron's Evil Base of Doom---

*Ghyron wearing his evil looking cape of unbridled badness looks upon the construction of his new Evil Base of Doom*

Ghyron: No, no, no. The decorative skeletons and heads on pikes go a few meters in front of the entrance, they need to be visible to any crusading do-gooders. This place needs to look ominous, not like yesterdays flower boutique. Hey! Put that Black-Smoke-Maker down, those things are expensive. Lackie, wern't the cauldrons of boiling lava supposed to be here already? Tell the Turakken from the company that I'm going to need more spike traps just in case.

---Hours later---

*Ghyron and his evil looking cape stand atop the now finished Evil Fortress of Doom. It is a massive construction of black stained stone, circled by a lava moat. Black ominous smoke pours out of random orfices, and heads on pikes lead the way to the fortresses entrance. A potted plant and a welcome mat lay below the massive wooden door.*

Ghyron: With a base this bad, I will be sure to become Villian-of-the-Month.

28th Aug 2002, 05:12
Aboard ITS Dreadnaught, Bridge. The lights flicker, and a klaxon dimmly wails. Computer panels flicker, and the floor is slanted. I crawl back to my chair, and tap the silver badge on my right chest.

Me: Dreadnaught, to Antares.

Captian's Voice: Antares here.

Me: Captain, take the fleet back into orbit, and lift us up with your tractor beams.

Captain: Sir, it will be very hard to do. Dreadnaught is extremley massive, and if we place the beams in the wrong places, they will rip the ship apart!

Me: Transfer two of your auxilliary generators to Dreadnaught, we can use them to power the computer, and anti-grav units.

Captain: I'll have them beamed over right away.

Me: Patch me through to Alpha Fleet.

Captain: Aye.

Me: Vice Admiral, bring youyr fleet to Karmarama 14. Have your troops ready, and crews ready for battle.

Vice Admrial: Yes, sir. We'll be there within the hour.

Me: End Transmission Captain, energise.

Captian: Aye, initating transport.

Deep within the ship, two pulsing red spheres beam into slots in the floor of a large chamber. As soon as they are beamed in, the room lights up, and the panels around the room flick on. All over the ship, simular events take place. Minimum pwer is restored to the ship's ani-grav drive, and the ship rights its self.

Me: All hands, blue alert, prepare to take off. Captain Blipkrip, lock tractor beams.

The battle crusiers, that had already taken off, lock their blue beams on Dreadnaught, and follow the troop transports into orbit, pulling it allong, being helped by Dreadnaught's grav drives. The gaint black ships breaks into orbit, just as the sun is rising over the planet, throwing reflections all over the hull. The battle ships blast through the asteroids, allowing the ships to pass through. The go out past the belt, and maintain position.

Me: Bridge, to engineering, get teams to work. I want this ship opperational. Comm, get me Utopia Planetia.

Comm: Channel open.

Me: Commader, send a replacement reactor core in a cargo ship to Karmarama 14, ours was damaged.

Commander of Base: Aye, we'll send it in one of our experimental Hyper Frieighters, capable of 0.2 past lightspeed. We can get cargo to you in about 10 minutes.

Science: Our fleet is comming out of hyperspace.

Me: Open channel.

Comm: Open.

Me: All ships, intiate Protocol Base Delta Five. Begin scanning for Silcon based lifeforms. Alert me the moment any of you find anything.

The ships pan out over the planet, as a long, thin ship jumps out of hyperspace, and manuvers under Dreadnaught's bow, under the long fin at the front of the craft, where the reactor is located.

Comm: Freighter EXPT-HYP-A is hailig.

Me: Open channel.

Freighter Captian: We have your reactor, admiral. We'll take your other two singularity coresbac with us to Utopia Planitia, to get it repaired.

Me: Good, proceed.

A hatch opens on the bottem of the fin, and two large cores, with swirling black vortexes spinning inside. They are loaded into the thin cargo ship, as a fresh core is installed in Dreadnaught. The freighter jumps to hyperspace.

Me: Bring the core online.

In main engineering, the vortex within the core begins to spin faster, and it begins to glow dully blue.

Me: Activate cloaking device.

Tactical: Aye.

The ship vanishes from space. An indicator begins to blink, on the science console.

Science: Sir! Detecting a silcon lifeform on the smallest continent, in the southern hemisphere.

Me: Commander, you have the bridge.

I step off the bridge, into a turbolift, and go to the bridge hanger bay, where my silver-blue yauht is docked. I board through a hatch in the back, and go into the yauht's small cockpit.

Me: Computer, activate cloak, and plot course to the following coordanites. Engage.

I type some coordanites in a panel, as the ship cloaks and leaves the hanger. It dodges asteroids, and comes through the atmosphere over a small continent surrounded by ocean, and covered with trees, and a few volcanos.

--------------------Evil Landing Pad of Doom---------------

The yauht glides over the trees, and sets down on a black landing pad, connected by sky bridge to the Evil Entrance to the Evil Base of Doom. The ship suddenly appears out of no where. I leave the ship, and go to the door.

-------------------Evil Door Stoop of Doom------------------

[i]I ring the ominous looking bell, and wait.

29th Aug 2002, 01:51
Originally posted by Ghyron
While I'm waiting for my lackie to take me to the planet, please explain to me how a Skrasher climbs a tree.

1. These are super skrashers.


3. (The real reason.) I think we can agree they have sharp claws? Good, they impale the trees with claws and climb up, then use the holes to climb back down. Simple, the tree eventually dies from the holes, but not until the skrashers are long gone or the planet is bombarded by space cannons.

<The skrashers are waiting for any conflict. After the time of 7 posts, still no one comes from the base to challenge the awesome skillz of the Skrashers. Taking a small plastic explosive from his equipment bag a skrasher was lugging, he begins to walk toward the clearing. Thief II style, he stalks through the shadows toward the base, his black MJLONIR combat armor blending with the shadows. A lone sentry patrols the south side upper floor of the base at the time of his approach. taking out a gun, he shoots a silenced tranquilizer gun and knocks him out. He quickly secures the bomb up against the wall and quickly covers it with brush. He slinks back into the jungle.>

SkrasherSmasher: Whispering Ok guys, that bomb is only caable of making us a little back door entrance to the base. It isn't going to do the job for us. So when that baby blows, we gotta get in as fast as possible, clear?

<The hunkered down skrashers turn toward him and nod, they turn back toward the bomb, guns raised in preparedness.

29th Aug 2002, 02:10
<The Targs, unknowing of what caused the repulser lift failiure, fell back down to the planet again. The Dreadnaught went much faster this time, and hit the ground hard as the outer armour burned up. There was a massive shockwave. Trees went flying, personel were flung out of bullet/laser-proof windows, and the bridge toppled over and hit the ground hard. The hull was still in one piece, but it would take months, I repeat MONTHS to fix and weeks, again, WEEKS to prepare new reactors and such to bring it back into orbit.. The experimental freighters suffered the same fate, except in the oceans of K-XIV and the personel on board drowned. To add to the loss, star-fighters fell to the ground like a giant meteor-shower on the dark-side of the planet. The Targs would have to result to ground assaults until another week came for their ships to arrive. The GPF was aware of their presence, but were waiting for the Targ to make a mistake...>

Scout Mecha Pilot No. 29: "This is Scout Mecha Number Twenty-Nine, I've spotted a Skrasher Attack Group, establishing communications. Skrasher Attack Group, do not attack. I repeat, do not attack. The Targ are planning something, and the GPF would like it if you would not attack for the moment being. We will open fire if you do."

29th Aug 2002, 02:37
Argh, it is the same old thing all over again. Dracoraptor, why do you feel the need to restrain Davidg in such a manner, this has gone too far.

---Ghyron's Evil Control Room of Doom---

Automated Sentry: Ding Dong. Targ Villain to see you.

Ghyron: Open the doors. Tell the crusading do-gooder I might be late for the afternoon torture tea...

*Outside, the massive doors slowly creak open and Davidg enters into the maw of the terrible fortress. Suddenly, and without warning, two previously invisible panels slide open, and Davidg falls down a narrow pit towards certain doom. However, instead of plumitting to his death, he ends up in a rather nice swivel chair in Ghyron's Evil Control Room of Doom.*

Ghyron: ...

29th Aug 2002, 02:42
<SkrasherSmasher hears the communication. He quickly whips a remote control out of his bag and begins pressing buttons on it. He aims the controller at the bomb.>

SkrasherSmasher: Ok, I've stopped the bomb. But my skrashers WILL return fire if the base gets it's act together and starts to fight us.

<The skrashers lower their heads in shame. The lack of conflict began to mess with their brains.>

<Meanwhile, in the desert region of some distant planet, unknown to any of the RPGers... (including myself).>

MESS: Human slave! Is the army almost ready?

<A terrible reck of a man walks over to the robot. Even with the scars, dirty rags of clothing and tired weary look, he seems to look a lot better then the rest of the slaves who can be seen working on a large metallic thing.>

Slave: I'm not just a slave I'm the slave captain, remeber?

<The sound of the Fuel Rod Gun charging up can be heard. Modifications have been made to it, it glows with an unholy red light.>

MESS: Silence human slave! Is it done or is it done?

Slave: Yes sir! The ship is also under construction as you speak, your most excellance!

MESS: Good, my revenge upon my creators is almost at hand.

Slave: By almost, your talking mabey a couple more RPGs right? That ship is going to take quite a while to build.

MESS: Incompetent human scum, why do I enslave your worthless hides? Argh! Work faster!!

29th Aug 2002, 03:30
------------------Evil Base of Doom-----------

In Ghyron's Evil Control Room of Doom

Me: The Dragonian has gone too far. He has proven resitant to my forces, but would he stand up to a billion Targ soliders? My starships are en-route, and will arrive next week. Our base has errected planetary shields, preventing the GPF from getting reinforcements. I have ordered my troops to burn the jungles, taking away the Dragonian's cameouflage, and sniping points. I intend to destroy this pathetic little band of "Police" once and for all. If you help, I will give you access to my fleet, and my extensive network of sensor stations, and spy networks. They would be a great addition to your forces.

Fires rage out of control all over the planet. Hover tanks, outfitted with flame projectors, spreadinf fames all over the jungle, creatures futilly attempt to flee the jungle. Artillery units, reffited with canister launchers, instead of turbolasers, launch incendiary canisters into the jungle, torching it from afar. The cities, and the base, are protected by powerfull forcefeilds.

29th Aug 2002, 13:42
<The forest begins aflame.>

SkrasherSmasher: Shhh, I don't think they know were just within their shields, just keep low and keep quiet.

29th Aug 2002, 14:09
---Karmarma Commune HQ---

Advisor: Hey man, did you know that like, this evil dude is burning down like, a rain forest.

Commune Leader: That's like, totaly teribble man! What, like, ball of rock is he on, man?

Advisor: Like, K-XIV

Commune Leader: Isn't that, like the one the targs bought? Tell the targs that, like, they bought the Planet not forests and pretty animal dudes. That, like its their duty totaly evict this nasty dude.

Adivor: Like Okay

*A hour later*

Adisor: Like totaly rude, man! They told us to, like, piss off!

Commune Leader: Like, declare protest on them.

Advisor: O.K, like, anything else, man?

Commune Leader: Yeah, like activate the totaly secret weapon, man.

Advisor: TOTALY!

---Karmarma XIV---

<All over the planet Tree and Plants uproot, and grow arm and legs. except those dying or burning. And those nearest to planetary intruders(Targs, Evil's of Doom and GPF) begin immediatly attacking, others begin growing on their super-cool armour and wacked out laser guns then form into platoons, regiments and legions. Those armies march out to destroy any and all intruders. The GPF base is attacked from all sides as the jungle leaps on them. Ghyron's base is seiged while they grow cannons and the Targ camp is viciously ambushed and takenbysurprise. On all sides heavy loses and damage are taken, and fights rage on.>

29th Aug 2002, 16:52
Sidenote: Are the evil living trees attacking me and my troops too? You never mentioned us...

29th Aug 2002, 21:14
--------[u]Evil Control Room of Doom[/u--------

Me: I must leave, the Karmaram's trees are attacking my forces. Remind me to conquer the Karmarama when this is over, stupid hippies all they do is smoke Cigareter's, and smell bad. I still have a few suprises. You can reach me at the following comm channel. Ciao.

I run out of the control room, and dash to my yauht, cloaking and taking off. I dock in [u]Dreadnaught[/u's bridge level hanger, and step into a trubolift.

Me: Computer, Dorsal* hanger bay. Senior staff, and Hermes II crew, report to the dorsal* hanger bay.

The lift zooms across the ship, and opens onto a large hanger, built into the dorsal* surface of the ship. A medium sized cruiser sits in dcking clamps, its silver-blue, areodynamic hull gleaming under the display lights. Its blue color signifys that it is an Admiral's ship, my ship. A crew of about 150 Targ is standing at attention near the gangway. The senior staff is assembled opposite them. I walk behind the senior staff.

Me: You have been given the pivlidge to serve on Hermes II. First of the Heremes class. 350 meters long, 15 decks. Armed with 2 forward, and 2 aft, torpedo launchers, 20 turbolaser batteries, and 2 heavy ion cannons. Along with state-of-the-art sensors, cloaking systems, a fool-proof grav drive, modified to work on this planet, 2 sublight engines, capable of propelling the ship at over 6000 kph, or Mach 5, even in atmospheric flight, and a class 0.2 hyperdrive. If the grav drive fails, the speed of the ship, and its areodynamic shape, will keep it in the air. The entire ship is covered with 50 centimeters of neutronium armour, making the ship capable of withstanding continuous fire, a crash landing, or an asteroid impact, and be able to still function at peak effeincy. The shield system is a new, thouroughly tested, system, that will provide some of the best coverage in the fleet. Begin boarding. Dissmissed!

The crew salutes, turns, and walks in rows of five onto the ship, the senior staff folowing. I walk behind them, and seal the hatch. I walk through the ship's grey cooridoors, with their blue carpet, to a turbolift. The lift zooms off to the bridge. I step into the chamber, it is smaller than Dreadnaught's bridge, but more oppulant, with blue carpeting, and a comfortable, blue, stuffed chair in the center. Control panels beep, and humm, as the crew prepare to leave the docking bay. I sit in a chair, and a semi-circular panel extends up through the floor in front of it.

Me: Computer, coffe, black.

A cup of Coffe, not to be confused with Coffee, materializes, it is a red, fruity drink, seved cold, on a disk on the panel. I take a drink.

Me: Lovley. Helm intiate start up, Ops, open the bay doors.

The giant doors on top of the bay slide into the walls, revealling a blue sky, filled with smoke.

Ops: Doors open.

Me: Helm, lift off, and take us past the asteroids, to the planet's far moon. Comm, oepn a sheild apature at coordanites 101, 245, mark 3.

The ship lifts out of the bay,and blasts out into space, passing through the sheilds, in a specific place made by the ship, which can only be opened with the right form of deflector, found only on Targ ships. It flys past the asteroids, and comes up near a moon.

Me: Hail the Karmarama.

Comm: Open.

Me: Karmarama Commune, this is Admiral Davidg, of the Targ Collective. You have attacked our planet! You will stop, or I will burn a thousand other rainforests, on a thousand of your worlds! We have saved the DNA of every specis on this planet, and can reintroduce them when this is over. We burned the forests only to take away the Enemy's tactical advantage, we do not wish to cause harm. If you stand down, this entire system will become a Natural Preserve once this is over.

29th Aug 2002, 21:17
The trees arn't evil just fed up of being killed. Yes the GPF killed lots of trees constructing their base. Davidg is burning them away and Evil's of Doom are just being attacked because they are here. Yes the Trees have advanced technology. Yes they have air-craft and other such things.

No the tree's haven't noticed your group hiding behind the walls, yet.

29th Aug 2002, 22:32
<Meanwhile in the top of the command tower.>

Starwind: "Tell me Arctic, where did they go!? We have, other, less civilized, ways of making you talk you know..."

<Arctic is strapped to the chair tightly, and dozens of toture instruments come out of the floor. The quickly recede back into the floor after Arctic was about to pee his pants, and someone else did too.>

Starwind: "Excuse me, I need to go get some new pants."

<Starwind returns and the talk continues. Meanwhile, the very tip of the tower opens up to reveal a pyramid shaped crystal. Beams of light reflect off of it and dozens of Karmarama-Tree-Huggin-Attack-Trees catch on fire each second. Mecha divert their attention to hacking the trees via Katana.>

29th Aug 2002, 23:16
Originally posted by Arctic_Wolf
The trees arn't evil just fed up of being killed. Yes the GPF killed lots of trees constructing their base. Ghyron is burning them away and the Targs are just in the way.

No the tree's haven't noticed your group hiding behind the walls, yet.

What, I didn't burn any trees. Besides my base isn't even near any trees, being in the icy tundra up near the polar caps...

30th Aug 2002, 00:59
Yes Arctic_Wolf, Davidg (the base I'm at) in the jungle is burning trees. By the way when the heck is he going to notice a buttload of skrashers patiently waiting alongside his wall, waiting of corse for the order to attack. I want to yell 'All of your base are belong to me!' Please let me attack them Dracoraptor!

Edit: Look what I found in the PeepNames file in the startopia/text/english folder.

[special name]
[special hobby]
Not being unemployed
Fiddling with space ships
Hating Gem Slugs

Now I know where you got your name!

30th Aug 2002, 02:45
Actualy SkrasherSmasher you posted that you were at the GPF, base. Also I mistook one of Davidg's posts for Ghyrons. I'll correct it soon.


Dracoraptor, under one of your own rules you can't control a P.C

Arctic was about to pee his pants

This is controlled what my P.C was feeling. Arctic Wolf would not be scared but rather angry that the GPF was a mockery, that it was not a police force but a Facist Dictator Group! Besides Colonel Starwind is dead.

---Room Place in Control tower at GPF place---

Arctic Wolf: You threaten me? How dare you threaten me!

<Arctic Wolf previously a meek figure suddenly grew strength, his hair grow visible longer and his eyes falshed. Angered by the threat, the corruption that had mysteriously vanished from Arctic Wolf was allowed to resurface. Using un-holy energy he burst from the restraints and lunged for Starwind grabbing the Dragonian by the neck. Slowly choking it. The guards battered their guns across Arctic Wolf's head, the tactic distracted him but it proved fatal. The guards levitated, choked gurgles gurgling from their throats, they flew out the window and fell 300meters to ground. Turning his attension on starwind who was cowering in the corner>

Arctic Wolf: Do not threaten me again. By doing so you allowed me to once again corrupt Arctic Wolf. Now I'll go align myself with Ghyron.

Starwind: *cough* Exitium? *cough* *cough*

Arctic Wolf: Well done! Bye.

<Arctic Wolf, administering a punishing kick to Starwinds groin before disapearing in puff of acrid,foul-smelling smoke. Further agravating Starwinds cough, causing blood to spew from his mouth.>

30th Aug 2002, 13:58

<Somewhere near where the last RPG took place>

The Aion slowly recovers from being hit by a huge Slo-Mo Time Envelope, slowing time down from Seconds to NanoSeconds

JSWY: Blast it! Missed again! I hate missing huge Space battles!

<Mopes off to sleeping quarters>

30th Aug 2002, 21:30
Starwind is a Terran from Alpha Centauri C. He is right now, the character that I am playing, for reasons of course. And I coud have kept the weapons out until you were about to pee your pants. And Facists? I don't get that now. I thought you were going to tell me, but now I must result to PLAN B.

<In his office, Starwind pulls out a folder, it contains a Disk that says "PLAN B", he inserts it into a large computer, which than activates the Prism on the tower. Immediatly, Arctic_Wolf starts to go in a state of panic, confusion, and pain...>

PSI-Corps Commander: "You shouldn't have refused. Tell us how to get Dracoraptor and the Terran, or Die!"

<No matter how powerful his powers were, and how hard he tried, he could not overcome the attack. The GPF had this planned all along. They wanted the evil one to talk.>

PSI-Corps Commander: "Tell us! If you do not, we will destroy you!"

<Arctic's body was about to rip apart, he was even beggining to phase somehow. It was a combination of Phsycic powers and stolen Phasing technology. Unfortunately, little did he know it could only be used once. Once, but one blast can last a life-time.>


Actually, I made the second website, and so Mucky Foot offered to put my name in the game, so I gave them some random info, and there you have it!

<The name "Dracoraptor" originated from a small drawing of mine. The date it was created was five years ago. I can remember it like it was only a hundred for some reason...>

30th Aug 2002, 22:56
Dracoraptor, STOP BEING GOD! Why do you get to restrain every one who doesn't do what you want?

---Infront of the front door to Ghyron's evil doom fortress---

<Arctic Wolf lay writhing in pain on the cold permafrost ground. Attracting the attension of several guards who were discussing what to do over the spasms and screams. Meanwhile a battle raged inside Arctic Wolf's mind>

---Arctic Wolf's mind---

Arctic Wolf: Please! Make it stop!

Exitium: You see?! Your killing him not me! And you can't kill me without killing him.

Psi-Corps: What the?!

---GPF Command Tower---

<Colonel Starwind, barely sitting streight watched in horrer as the trick being used on Arctic Wolf was being reversed onto the Psi-Commando. It dropped wrthing in pain and agony until it eventualy exploded sending red chunks in all directions and painting the walls a shiny red.>

31st Aug 2002, 01:13
Aboard ITS Hermes II, EXPT-02-B

Me: Helm, bring us about, and egnage at full ahead. Red Alert! Tactical, ready the Tectonic Torpedo Launcher, full spread!

Helm: Aye, sir!

The ship swings around, and jumps to full power. Its engines glow blue, pushing it over the asteroids and down to the planet. On the bow of the ship, a hatch slides open.

Me: Plot course to the GPF base, Mach 5.

The ship dives into the atmoshpere, and jumps to top speed, Mach 5.

Me: Computer, load Tectonic Torpedo Tubes 1 - 4, and Transphasic Torpedos 1 - 4.

Computer: Weapons armed. Approaching designated coordanites.

Me: Attack pattern "Wraith Alpha".

The ship jumps out of Supersonci Speed, and cloaks. It flys around the base, decloaks, and fires 2 Tectonic Torpedos. It then cloaks, before the GPF can react. The torpedos imapct in the ground, unleashing a massive seismic shockwave. The ground visibly ripples, toppling buildings, and Mechs. The ship decloaks again, this time firing a full spread of Transphasic Torpedos at the base's central building. They pass through the sheilds [Transphasic], ripping enourmus holes in the structure. The ship swings around over the charred forest, and cloaks again.

Me: Helm tae us over for a final pass, then take us back to The Evil Base of Doom.

The ship invisbly flys tword the base, decloaks, and fires 2 more transphasic torpedos, before jumping back to supersonic. The torpedos blast into the ground, rippling the earth, and causing severe damge to builings, and Mechs.

31st Aug 2002, 02:47
Since when did you find the base?

31st Aug 2002, 03:19
Find it? Well it is on a planet with a sensor station on it, and my troops have been all over the planet, or I could see it from orbit.

31st Aug 2002, 03:37
But it isn't that big. It obviously would use some type of scanning deflection device. Your ship is only equiped for atmospheric flight therfore it could not achieve orbit. Otherwise it's repulser lift would fail and the ship would come crashing down to the Planet again.

Also I forgot to say how would you know the Karmarma had told the trees to defend themselves?

31st Aug 2002, 03:42
---Karmarma Commune HQ---

<After viewing the threat from Davidg the Commune leader sits down to record his reply.>

Commune Leader: Hey dude! You bought the Planet, man. Like the rocks and that. It, like, says in the small print thateverything above the ground, man, is, like, still ours. And you goin' around and, like, burning all the trees away is an attack on us! Dude, you totaly suck!

Advisor: Thats, like, totaly cool. I'm sending it off right now, man.

31st Aug 2002, 05:12
Wait, the base in the middle of the jungle isn't Davidgs? Who the hell's base have I been standing next to this whole time?

31st Aug 2002, 05:46
Originally posted by Davidg

Me: You have been given the pivlidge to serve on Hermes II. First of the Heremes class. 350 meters long, 15 decks. Armed with 2 forward, and 2 aft, torpedo launchers, 20 turbolaser batteries, and 2 heavy ion cannons. Along with state-of-the-art sensors, cloaking systems, a fool-proof grav drive, modified to work on this planet, 2 sublight engines, capable of propelling the ship at over 6000 kph, or Mach 5, even in atmospheric flight, and a class 0.2 hyperdrive. If the grav drive fails, the speed of the ship, and its areodynamic shape, will keep it in the air. The entire ship is covered with 50 centimeters of neutronium armour, making the ship capable of withstanding continuous fire, a crash landing, or an asteroid impact, and be able to still function at peak effeincy. The shield system is a new, thouroughly tested, system, that will provide some of the best coverage in the fleet. Begin boarding. Dissmissed!

I assumed you know that sinec my ship has a hyperdrive, It can fly in space, and since I have been orbitting a moon, It defenity did fly in space. Both bases are in the jungle, and I am burning the Jungle. I knew the Karmarama did it because previously ot was their planet.

31st Aug 2002, 16:46
SkrasherSmasher, your standing next to Drocoraptor's Base. Heis the one with the big mecha and walls, remeber?

Davidg, Hyper Drive 0.2 would be sublight, since its 1/5th the speed of light. So I then assumed it would be for Atmospheric flight. Also the Magnetic field of this planet would cause a Repulser Lift failure once you left the atmosphere, dragging you straight back down. Just like what happened to all your other ships. Thats why this is a Ground Based RPG.

31st Aug 2002, 17:09
An 0.2 hyperdrive whould be extremly fast. The lower the number, the higher the speed past light speed. The Millienium Falcon[i] had an 0.5 hyperdrive, Dash Rendar's [i]Outrider had a class 0.75 hyperdrive. Most Imperial Stardestroyers had a class 2 hyperdrive, and freighters usually have a class 3 or higher. Repulsor lift in soace dosen't make sense. In space, their is nothing to repulse off of, so a ship whould have to use conventional propulsion, i.e. Ion Drive, pushing the ship to escape velocity. A ship going fast enough whould stay in the air, even without repulsors, and if repulsor lift failed when leaving the planet, if the ion drive where pushing hard enough, it whould cancel out falling. The Planet's magnetic pole thing is a common occurance on most planets, their is nothing unusual about it. In many Star Trek, and Star Wars, books, and episodes, the ships hide in magnetic feilds. All planets whould naturally generate these feilds.

31st Aug 2002, 19:46
D'oh! I was just about to assault Dracoraptors base by accident! Crud...

<SkrasherSmasher is left dumbfounded that he has been patiently waiting to attack his ally Dracoraptor's base. Very very stupid.>

SkrasherSmasher: Hrm.. Ai, which way is it toward conflict?

AI: Well, lets see here, if I piggyback my subroutines into this radar facility I can get a biothermic scan of the planet... Ah! There is a dense pocket of heat signatures due north by 5 miles, I think that is where a base or some kind of conflict is.

SkrasherSmasher: Ok troops, were going 5 miles north, lets hustle! Double time!

<The Skrashers get up from their squatting positions and begin running off toward the heat signatures. They are stopped however by the shields and are forced to sit and wait yet again.>

31st Aug 2002, 23:33
Davidg, this is neither Star Trek or Star Wars. It is a the StarTopia universe that we have been screwing up for the last year and a bit. Repulser Lifts are Artificial Gravity generators. All planet's have megnetic fields this one has Unusual Magnetic fields.

In this Universe HyperDrive 1 is Light Speed. HyperDrive 2 is twice lightspeed. HyperDrive 3 is 3 times lightspeed. And so on. This is why I tell you not to draw your actions from StarTrek/Wars as you'll only end up confused and confusing us. We are making this up as we go along. Go with the flow.

31st Aug 2002, 23:36
Oh and SkrasherSmahser. The jungle is attacking the base at the moment and the shields are raised, your trapped between the walls and the shields.

1st Sep 2002, 02:50
In the thread "Ships of the Galaxy: The Hre'Gra'Veea (The Red Demon)", Dracoraptor stated that The Red Demon had a Class 0.2 hyperdrive, I am using this Classification system, since it has already been established, and Dracoraptor did start this RPG.

1st Sep 2002, 18:30
D'oh. I'm so stupid. First I prepare to attack the rong base and now I'm stuck in it.

1st Sep 2002, 20:30
Originally posted by Davidg
In the thread "Ships of the Galaxy: The Hre'Gra'Veea (The Red Demon)", Dracoraptor stated that The Red Demon had a Class 0.2 hyperdrive, I am using this Classification system, since it has already been established, and Dracoraptor did start this RPG.

Fair enough. Though you would still fall to the ground the moment you left the Atmosphere.

3rd Sep 2002, 22:12
---Ghyron's Evil Fortress of Doom---

*Arctic Wolf writhes on the permafrost floor in mental pain.*

Arctic Wolf: *Writhe.* *Writhe.*

Guard: Uh... maybe we should get the Dark Lord...

*Somewhere on the planet a PSI-Corps commando explodes and Arctic Wolf stops writhing. Ghyron exits his immense fortress, his evil looking cape billowing in the wind.*

Ghyron: How did this intruder get past the molten lava moat, spike traps, hovering jumping puzzle, and random flam traps? Throw it in the dungeon!

7th Sep 2002, 04:55
Aboard ITS Hermes II

Me: Helm, alter course to coordanites 107, 024 Mark 5. Engage at maximum speed. Computer, activate cloaking system.

Computer: Aknowledged.

The ship swings around just as it reaches the tip of the glacier. It shimmers into the sky as it jumps back into supersonic speed.

Helm: Approaching coordanites.

Me: Drop out of supersonic, and land in the Dreadnaught hanger bay. Davidg, to senior staff, Once we are docked, report back to your stations on Dreadnaught.

The ship comes into subsonic with a bang. It flys over a massive assembledge of troops and landed star ships. It lands in the Dreadnaught's hanger. The senior staff files out, and into a trubolift. I press a control, and the lift zooms off to the Bridge. We file out, and take stations. I sit in my Command Chair.

Me: Computer, activate Plantary Assult Mode, authorization Davidg Lambada Omnicron Xi 2.

Computer: Aknowleged.

The ship powers up. Hundreds of armour generators pop up in places on the hull. They humm to life, replicating a thick layer of dull grey armour. The ships many landing legs strech up, and flex.

Me: All ships, this is the Admiral. Make your heading 235, 23 Mark 2. Engage. All troops, follow behind. Engage.

The ships begin to walk. Their many massive lading legs scuttling along, like those of a millipede, propeling the massive vessels at a respectable speed. The many legions of troops follow in strict formation, as the ships break through the charred jungle.


Note: The ships' many hundreds of legs are heavily armoured. The components insie them are easily replicated, so if damaged the ships' onboard replicators would have no trouble repairng them, so it is futile to attack them. The ship's heavy armour is virtually impentrable, but with extremly heavy, concentrated fire, it is possible to damage it.

7th Sep 2002, 20:29
Originally posted by Davidg
Note: The ships' many hundreds of legs are heavily armoured. The components insie them are easily replicated, so if damaged the ships' onboard replicators would have no trouble repairng them, so it is futile to attack them. The ship's heavy armour is virtually impentrable, but with extremly heavy, concentrated fire, it is possible to damage it.

Heres a note: My skrashers are going to pop it open like tin cans when I can. Why? Read the rules, no gods or mostly invincible forces thank you very much. And the only exception to the armor rule are superweapons, of which your ship is not. So please modify your post.

7th Sep 2002, 23:05
Davidg is just being defensive because Dracoraptor has a propensity to sabotauge his RPGing. Lets agree to a truce, Dracoraptor will not try to reign in Davidg, and Davidg will not be omnipotent.

---Ghyron's Evil Base of Doom---

*Various very large lackies carry the Arctic Wolf off to the Dungeon of Doom.*

Ghyron: Alert me when the Arctanian awakes.

---Later in the Evil Hanger Bay of Doom beneath the Evil Fortess of Doom---

*Various large, black, evil looking, tank, like vehicles and atmospheric fliers sit in the overly large hanger bay. Ghyron, with his evil looking cape stands next to the largest one talking to a mechanic.*

Mechanic: This be "Ghyron's Evil Ship of Doom II". We rebuilt the origional with some enhancements. Those Targ lent us a better cloakin' deevice and the engine is a bit faster. Still aint much of an offensive weapon, but its got all the lastest "Nefarious Spy Technology".

Ghyron: Excellent. What of the rest of the ships?

Mechanic: Standard land assualt vehicles. They are superior in firepower to anything the GPF or the Targ currently posess. They draw power from the wireless energy grid we've set up round the perimeter. Unfortuanatly, they arn't worth a darn outside of the wireless grid, cause they won't be powered. Your ship has direct control of the entire fleet's subsystems.

Ghyron: Why wasn't I informed of this? We are sitting ducks, unable to move past the wireless grid perimeter. We must expand the grid!

Mechanic: We were gonna launch up the geosynchronous satellites to get a world wide grid, but we won't have it up for a while.

Ghyron: I expect the grid to be up within the planetary rotation.

8th Sep 2002, 03:12
Aboard ITS Dreadnaught

Me: All ships, prepare for long range bombardment.

Tactical: Torpedos, and trubolasers ready.

Me: Commence firing sequence.

Sections of the armour on the forward section of the ship shimmer out of existance to reveal torpedo tubes. Long range torpedos scream out of the tubes, and blast into supersonci speeds. They blast through the GPF's sheilds, and cause massive damage.

Me: Fire 3 more volleys, then cease fire. All power to forward sheilds.

The torpedo tubes fire 3 more volleys, the the armour seals back up over them.

8th Sep 2002, 03:19
After reading Ghyron's note, I agree DavidG should have some sort of defense. But no defense can hold up to someone who just purchased Thief II, The Metal Age...

SkrasherSmasher: This is taking too long. Most of them trees out there have been burnt anyway. I'm going seeing if I can get out of here and get toward that heat signature.

<SkrasherSmasher pulls out his Electroblade Katanas and carves a hole through the shields. After the forces are through the hole, SkrasherSmasher takes the time to repair the hole made in the shielding.>

AI: Holy crap! A humongus metal object belonging to a Davidg just landed near here! It looks like a giant dragon with tiny little legs. It's moving, and it seems to have huge amounts of heat signatures following it!

SkrasherSmasher: Let's get the bugger! Charge!

<After a process of mucking through the swampy jungle, the skrashers find the huge millipede, it's sheer bulk snapping burnt trees in it's way like toothpicks.>

SkrasherSmasher: CHARGE!!!

<The hulkking skrashers begin popping out of the forrest. They immediatly begin engaging the exterior troops from the south.>

Targ in Millipede: Zir... We're being attacked by a skrasher ground force, should I alert Zir Davidg?

Gor: This is a menial issue, one of which he needn't even be concerned with. Begin firing at them with the cannons.

<The many turrets aboard the ship power up. They become fixed upon skrasher targets. As they begin firing, skrasher after skrasher is melted by the sheer amount of plasma.>

AI: Sir! The troops are being decimated by the main cannons of the millipede! Shouldn't they fall back?!

SkrasherSmasher: No, I wish to try out my MJLONIR Suit's new Stealth and Espianoge capabilities.

AI: Stealth and Espianoge? I don't belive your suit comes with that...

<SkrasherSmasher pulls out a CD.>

SkrasherSmasher: I know. It's exclusive on this old Earthen device called a C-D. You wouldn't belive the amount of hidden information programmers left on their C-Ds. But the compatability issues with current hardware makes it almost impossible to find this info. Luckily, my suit storage pod has an old C-D Reader on it for show, never thought it would work, but it did!

<SkrasherSmasher's green combat suit turns black.>

SkrasherSmasher: Getting one man into that millipede is easier then getting 20 Skrashers. So I'm going to do it the stealthy way.

<SkrasherSmasher hurries into the trees, the skrasher force being decimated. He shoots off a zipline which latches onto the top of the millipede. He shimmies over the heads of the surviving ground troops belonging to Davidg. He slides his way down to the top of the millipede just as the last of the skrashers are getting finished up.>

SkrasherSmasher: Mmmhmm, there should be a ventilation shaft here, if I drill through, I can get in.

<After some labour with a Lazer Drill, he manages to get inside the air shaft. He was finally inside the belly of the beast.>

SkrasherSmasher: (To himself) Davidg, you will soon come to know of my stealth skills! Ph34r me!:D

Sidenote: I seem to keep loosing my so called 'Super Skrashers'. Why do they seem so pitifull in most of my posts? Look, Davidg killed all of them without even being informed... Oh well, at least no one accuses me of being omnipotent then.

8th Sep 2002, 07:52
Aboard ITS Dreadnaught

Computer: Hull breach detected, Deck 27, Section 2354 Alpha. Emergancy forcefields holding.

Me: Computer, activate tachyon detection systems, and go to Level 5 Security Alert.

Computer: Aknowledged.

All over the ship klaxons sound, and yellow feilds spring to life in the cooridors, these sweeping feilds detect solid objects, even cloaked ones, passing through them. Light blastdoors slide into place in the coridoors, easily cut through with lasers, but blocks un armed intruders.

Security Levels:

Level 5:

Tachyon feilds activated to detect cloaked intruders
Light blast doors deployed to confine intruders

Level 4:

Tachyon feilds activated to detect cloaked intruders
Medium blast doors deployed to confine intruders, or contain blast damage.
Non Secuity personelle isued Type 2 standard laser pistols, Secuirty officers issued type 6A Laser rifles.

Level 3:

Tachyon feilds activated to detect cloaked intruders
Medium blast doors deployed to confine intruders, or contain blast damage.
Non Secuity personelle isued Type 2 standard laser pistols, Secuirty officers issued type 6A Laser rifles.
Non-Essintial personelle confined to quarters, critical areas sealed by forcefeilds

Level 2:

Tachyon feilds activated to detect cloaked intruders
Heavy blast doors deployed to confine intruders, or contain blast damage.
Non Secuity personelle isued Type 2 standard laser pistols, Secuirty officers issued type 6A Laser rifles.
Non-Essintial personelle confined to quarters, critical areas sealed by forcefeilds, on duty personelle confined to duty stations.
Secuity teams deployed on all decks.

Level 1:

Tachyon feilds activated to detect cloaked intruders
Heavy blast doors deployed to confine intruders, or contain blast damage.
Non Secuity personelle isued Type 2 standard laser pistols, Secuirty officers issued type 6A Laser rifles.
Non-Essintial personelle confined to quarters, critical areas sealed by forcefeilds, on duty personelle confined to duty stations.
Secuity teams deployed on all decks.
Internal laser turrets destroy any non-crew personelle.
Atmosphere vented from all areas exept crew quarters, main engineering, the bridge, battle bridge, and desiganted shelters.
Forcefields isolate all sections.

8th Sep 2002, 19:04
<SkrasherSmasher peeks out of an air duct down toward the security systems. Deploying tacheon fields and blast doors pop all over the corridor he is spying on.>

SkrasherSmasher: Thinking Woah, this place is like a barracks. Good thing there's no security in the air ducts. But how am I to find the base of operations on this crazy millipede through the air ducts. Better lay low until this crazy security system shuts off...

<SkrasherSmasher begins his silent search for the control room through the air ducts.>

P.S. How are your people going to move around the ship with blast doors down?

8th Sep 2002, 20:59
Tell me, how do you cut a hole in sheilds?

---The Icy Northern Tundra---

*Several thousand black, evil looking, tanks and aircraft move across the icy tundra. Ghyron's Evil Ship of Doom flies over the tank, surrounded by 5 hovering mobile weapon platforms.*

Ghyron: Now that the global power grid is up, I have free range on this miserable planet. Lackie, what is the current position of the Targ fleet?

Lackie: They are currently engaged in battle with the GPF in the south eastern sector of the lower continent. We will arrive shortly.

Ghyron: Excellent, take us directly outside their short range sensor detection grid, we will await the arrival of my guest.

---The Battle Between the Targ and the GPF---

*The current battle is a stand-off the GPF offensive ships cant penetrate the Targ heavy armor, but neither can the Targ ships penetrate the protective sheilds surrounding the base.*

9th Sep 2002, 06:45
Aboard ITS Dreadnaught

Me: Computer, arm photonic cannon.

Computer: Akowledged.

A segment of the armour above the bow, on top of the hull, de-materializes. A hatch in the hull slides open revealing the massive energy cannon. The cannon is raised up above the armour. Generators create a thick layer of armour covering all but the emmiter tip of the weapon.

Computer: Photonic cannon online.

Me: All units, target the sheild tower.

Comm: The fleet's responding.

Me: Fire.

The entire fleet lashes out with energy weapons, and torpedos. Ripping into the sheilds protecting the sheild generator. Dreadnaught unleashes a massive ammount of energy from its Photonic Cannon, ripping through the sheild, and into the sheild tower. The tower explodes in a brilliant display of energy.

Me: All ships, fire at will!

10th Sep 2002, 01:51
<SkrasherSmasher is still crawling through the vents.>

SkrasherSmasher: Should I take a left or a right? Hmm, I'm right handed, so I'll go left.

<SkrasherSmasher continues his blind quest for the control room.>

11th Sep 2002, 22:24
{NOTE: If you have any complaints over true science and mathmatics in this post, than tough. Because you would never think your silly beam cannon would create enough static discharge to shut itself down. This is not "God", this is true science. Mwuhahaha! And your ship is not invincible, so if you do not continue to play fairly, suffer the wrath of SCIENCE!}

Targ Officer: "Um, sir."

Davidg: "Yes?"

Targ Officer: "Well, you see. Um, well. There's a huge static discharge coming from the recent Photonic Beam shots. And if I'm correct, they should act like artificial lightning in a few seconds."

Davidg: "And why does this concern me? Won't the lightning shoot out the barrel of the Beam Cannon?"

Targ Officer: "Not really. In fact, in true lightning, the lightning comes up from the ground into the sky, not like the way most people think. This may be because lightning is as fast as the speed of light, and there is only a short millisecond it appears."

<The Officer, being correct, got electricuted to death after the electricity from the lightning in the barrel. The smell of well done Targ was overwelming. The ship deactivates, and only Davidg is left inside. The ship can't even reactivate its auxillary power now, and crashes into the ground. It seems permenantly crippled for the remainder of the battle.>

Colonel Starwind: "Targs, never taking into account that their silly beam cannon didn't have anti-static mixtures. All remaining Mecha, get rid of the Targ Legions. Artillery Mecha report back to the plateau. All Warrior Mecha stay on the edge of the plateau. And all Terra Warrior Mecha attack from above."

NOTE TO THE POSTER: Terra-Warrior Mecha are true flying aircraft. Not anti-gravity generators involved!

11th Sep 2002, 22:30
I fail to see how you, dracoraptor, are not acting like a 'god'.

Please explain the difference between you and Davidg.

12th Sep 2002, 01:31
Put it this way...

If I was God, than I would've already declared him unfair and killed him. However, I pointed out his small mistake, and it is time we all put an end to these-

Stupid and Unimaginitive

-Superweapons. RPGs are going corrupt (So have I and Davidg, although I've been trying my best to prevent his rule). I'm getting fed up with his plagarism (Star Trek, Star Wars. All of his stuff does not seem like it is Hive/Targ-like. In fact, I think he forgets that Targs are caste based insectoids).

Let's just face it damnit, I hate the way this kid thinks. Not only is he playing God, but he has no concept of loosing! I've lost plenty of times, but never to a more unimagnitive, unfair scum! Ever. The only solution to this is getting him to loose sometimes too!

Note: The ships' many hundreds of legs are heavily armoured. The components insie them are easily replicated, so if damaged the ships' onboard replicators would have no trouble repairng them, so it is futile to attack them. The ship's heavy armour is virtually impentrable, but with extremly heavy, concentrated fire, it is possible to damage it.


Commander of Base: Aye, we'll send it in one of our experimental Hyper Frieighters, capable of 0.2 past lightspeed. We can get cargo to you in about 10 minutes.

A bit too convienient, eh?


Yes, I do admit I was playing a bit o' God. But I also too, get angry at people who cannot play fair as well. And the Karmarama's patented Karmarama-Tree-Hugging-Attack-Trees remind me of Xenofungus and Mindworms from Sid Meiers: Alpha Centauri.

And if people continue to say Davidg has not been playing (At least a bit) of God, I will leave this corrupted plain of hate and False-Nevarines. Erm, I mean gods.

12th Sep 2002, 03:03

Note: The ships' many hundreds of legs are heavily armoured. The components insie them are easily replicated, so if damaged the ships' onboard replicators would have no trouble repairng them, so it is futile to attack them. The ship's heavy armour is virtually impentrable, but with extremly heavy, concentrated fire, it is possible to damage it.


Note I did leave room for you to damage it. I created that paragraph to prevent you from destroying it a single post, I merely states that an attack from a thousand mechs wnot do anything if they are all attacking indiviually. It seems this was going quite nicely during the stretch of your absence.

12th Sep 2002, 03:17
This is an example of the pot calling the kettle black. Plain and simple.

15th Sep 2002, 02:42
Oh my god. Did the Davidg's caterpillary ship get toasted. Am I dead in the air ducts?

15th Sep 2002, 03:58
Perhaps next RPG should have no rules. None.

15th Sep 2002, 22:21
I think we should all start our RPGs again. New characters and a new history to forge.

Also we're starting to sterotype our characters. Making them static icons. We want them to be characters that can learn and grow. I'm the only one who tried to change my character by giving him an evil side.

See This Article (http://www.nuklearpower.com/comic/comics.htm). Its about comic book heros and it shows the Problems of the SuperMan Comics. These problems are also starting to affect us.

5th Oct 2002, 04:38
Control panels flash and spark on the Battle Bridge, as klaxons wail. Crewmen are dead at consoles around the room. I sit up in my chair, when a light blinks at the Comm Console. I go over, and press a button, activating the emergancy comm.

Captain of Ship: This is Captian Repity, to Admiaral Davidg. My battle group is holding position at maximum tractor range, and we are ready to lock on.

Me: By all means, do so. Beam me to your ship.

I dissappear in a column of sparkles, as the Targ battle group latches on tractor beams from high orbit, their enhanced thrusters keeping them aloft. I reapear in the transporter room of ITS Centauri, a 6 mile-long battleship. An ensign on duty snaps to attenstion.

Me: Permission to come aboard.

Computer: Granted, Welcome Admiral.

Ensign: If you'll follow me...

Me: I can find my way, thank you!

I rush out the door, to a nearby turbolift.

Me: Bridge!

The lift zooms off. It stops at the Bridge, on the top of the ship.

Me: Captian, have 4 of your ships tow Dreadnaught back to Space Dock, and open a channle to the planet.

Captian: Aye.

Me: All personelle, impliment evacutation procedure Scorched Earth.

Civillians, and Millitary Troops, and personelle are beamed to massive cloaked transports. The transports de-cloak, and ingnite their massive engines, pushing them off the surface, and out of orbit as the Cities' massive power centers overload, eliminating the oncoming troops. The transports blast into hyperspeed.

Me: Move us to maximum weapons range, and prepare for orbital bombardment. Arm Tectonic Torpedos!

Captian: At once Admiral.

The battle group moves out to maximum range.

Me: Fire!

Massive amounts of weapon fire, and torpedos are unleashed on the planet. Tectonic Torpedos streak down, exploding within the crust, shifting tectonic plates, causing massive earthquakes, and volcanic erruptions. Turbolasers rain down, vaporizing everything the hit.

Me: Target our un-salvageable ships on the planet.

Turbolasers vaporize the damaged ships, destabilizing their reactor cores. Massive explosions ensue.

Me: All ships, fall back to Starbase 20.

The ships jump to hyperspace.

6th Oct 2002, 05:46
*In the blurry void of hyperspace, unnoticed by all the beings of the ships, a single inexplicable image of AlphaOmega holding open his trench coat and pulling out a cupcake, Metal Dog whipping a peach flan, Pedgy with a poster, Tex, Szyslak, static and Uncle Mikey standing proudly over perfected html and php code, the beautiful Starry Eyed Love Siren, the wise and brilliant Slink (who kept us all together, and basicly invented modding), and the proud yet faded images of the Kermits, Meddling Grey, and the many others forgotten.

Slowly, the image fades away... Unnoticed... The RPG resumes it's normal course.*

8th Oct 2002, 07:36
Originally posted by AlphaOmega
*In the blurry void of hyperspace, unnoticed by all the beings of the ships, a single inexplicable image of AlphaOmega holding open his trench coat and pulling out a cupcake, Metal Dog whipping a peach flan, Pedgy with a poster, Tex, Szyslak, static and Uncle Mikey standing proudly over perfected html and php code, the beautiful Starry Eyed Love Siren, the wise and brilliant Slink (who kept us all together, and basicly invented modding), and the proud yet faded images of the Kermits, Meddling Grey, and the many others forgotten.

Slowly, the image fades away... Unnoticed... The RPG resumes it's normal course.*

Wow, what inspiration...
Makes me want to start another war...

10th Oct 2002, 04:47
*Snaps a clip into a pastry-class weapon.*

Bring it.

(oh, okay, so MG's not gone, heh, but you get the idea.)

10th Oct 2002, 13:24
*JSWY and AlphaOmega run rampant throughout Waystation Zeta Plural MKII firing pastries at each other*

23rd Oct 2002, 03:54
<MoS walks in>

You all must stop this bickering, before we become like the Tomb Raider For-


All right, who threw the cupcake?

<JSWY and Alpha point at each other>

23rd Oct 2002, 07:39
<Pulls out "Pastry bomb 2000" and throws it at MoS and legs it>

23rd Oct 2002, 21:56
<Takes a great bomb named "Super whipped cream bomb" and presses the on button>

Some secounds later there is a big explosion and whipped cream flies everywere.

23rd Oct 2002, 22:04
Ready the Pie!

*Nuclear Fallout sirens sound as a giant hatch opens in the floor, revealing an enormous pie, mounted in a catapult. I cut the string, and it flys, spraying pumkin filling everywhere*


29th Oct 2002, 22:51
<MR? grabs a big pie laucher and begins to shoot at Davidg>

30th Oct 2002, 22:01
Sunrise places down his Super Compressed Whipped Ceam Bomb(TM) and runs for cover. The Super Compressed Whipped Cream Bomb(TM) lets out a large beeping noise starts spinning round and sprays whipped cream everywhere.