View Full Version : Blinc, this one's for you..

Lozza Mate
25th Aug 2002, 03:03
I was quite bored and thought I'd srew around on photoshop, you might like this one:


recognise the sword?

Lady Kreliana
25th Aug 2002, 03:28
It looks cool, but what is it? ^_^;

Lozza Mate
25th Aug 2002, 03:36
it's the rune-sword 'stormbringer' from michael moorcocks elric saga. I'm pretty sure the soul reaver was designed after stormbringer because it has the same soul devouring ability as the soul reaver and Soul reaver 2 showed the same sentient awareness as stormbringer did. stormbringer also destroyed it's owner in the same way raziel would have been

25th Aug 2002, 05:01
Very nice! Where did you get the picture of the sword?

Lozza Mate
25th Aug 2002, 08:42

it's a really good elric site

28th Aug 2002, 20:16
Love that sword.