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24th Aug 2002, 18:40
to get the rank "field marshal" I MUST complete EVERY mission with merit 5 ?
or am I trying impossible: my goal is > field marshal with "very hard"?

has anyone done it before?

24th Aug 2002, 18:44
I don't think you need 5 in every mission, only get the rank after each mission:

In the beginning... LANCE CORPORAL
After mission 1: CORPORAL
After mission 2: SERGEANT
After mission 3: QUARTERMASTER
After mission 4: LIEUTENANT
After mission 5: CAPTAIN
After mission 6: MAJOR
After mission 7: COLONEL
After mission 8: BRIGADIER
After mission 9: GENERAL
After mission 10: FIELD MARSHAL

25th Aug 2002, 00:30
You do got to finish them all with 5 stars.

25th Aug 2002, 09:38
I got merit 4 for night of the wolves - promoted to corporal
then I did Das Boot with merit only 2 - I didn't see the promotion and i was too lazy to do it 2 times in a row, so i decided that if I don't get field marshal in the end, I'll do Das Boot again..
but after I launched the game again, I saw that i was SERGEANT :)

then I did white death with merit 4 and was promoted to QUARTERMASTER..now I'm in the middle of Burma and have tied all japanese bastards up :) (or whatever they are)

25th Aug 2002, 11:14
Yes you get a promotion every 5 stars, in example: you get 4 stars on Das Boot and 3 on White death you will get promoted because 4 + 3 = 7 so you passed the 5 stars needed for a rank, now if you get 4 stars on Burma you will get promoted again but not if you only get 2 stars.

25th Aug 2002, 15:51
every 5 stars? I got a promotion after night of the wolves merit 4...:rolleyes:

what are your best results in "stealth-gaming" ?

25th Aug 2002, 17:59
Didn't we already discuss this in another thread?


25th Aug 2002, 18:14
Originally posted by iakovos
Didn't we already discuss this in another thread?

Yes, here (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=590&highlight=ranks)

26th Aug 2002, 06:21
I KNEW that I asked some of the "thisquestionhasbeenanswered before" questions...

26th Aug 2002, 19:46
but it take a long time to search through the archives

26th Aug 2002, 20:28
That's why there is a search function thorup.

26th Aug 2002, 20:55
The most important thing here is that this topic is a long one and in the old thread we discussed further very long theories about this question. Repeating them again would be a waste of time, space, effort and beer.


27th Aug 2002, 07:07
then just close it :) I got my asnwer..

27th Aug 2002, 15:37
No don't do that. maybe someone has something to add to this in the future

27th Aug 2002, 19:09
I am on the "brigadier" course now, for that I have to get 15 stars in the remaining 4 missios, which shouldn't be that hard :)