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24th Aug 2002, 18:04
almost finished my first go through of this great game but have encountered a constant freezing problem.at the zoo level when minoko comes out to the zoo center area and the wall blows up and the cannibals come out,the game always freezes with the gamepad vibrating and must restart the machine.always the same spot and usually when minoko tries to shoot the cannibals and sometimes also freezes when trying to save a game at the same area.any solutions?

27th Aug 2002, 19:57
Hi, sorry for the delay in posting a reply.;)

All I can suggest is, to make sure your disc is perfectly clean..If this does not help maybe you will have to use this...

Use the level skip to get almost back to where you were:

When you finish a level in Project Eden it unlocks it and it can be accessed from the Select Level screen.

While in game hit X to bring up Resource Menu. While holding the SELECT button down, push the left analog to 12 o'clock and rotate it 3 times clockwise..then immediately rotate it 3 times counterclockwise....if you do it right you'll notice a little icon underneath your Log icon (bottom right of screen) It may take a few times to get the hang of it....

If you select it there's an option to END CURRENT LEVEL, ACCESS ALL LEVELS, etc....select what you want than quit to Main Menu....then you can select any of the game's 11 levels from the Load Level screen.

Hope this helps. :)

4th Sep 2002, 03:47
skipping levels, gotta love that feature :)

ofcourse, if you skip a level, you'll have a gap in the story.. :eek: