View Full Version : POSSIBLE SPOILER - Help! Chapter 11 - impossible jump!!

24th Aug 2002, 17:22
Hello there, I just wondered if anyone could help me. At present I am stuck during the last chapter. I am in the flooded room (the one that you needed to blast a hole into with a glyph battery), and have charmed the bloke in the small room so that he turns off the water. I have then moved the block into the lighted area (opposite the broken guard rail), and have reflooded the area. Now I am attempting to D.G jump to the block, but no matter where i stand, Kain just won't do it! Has any one else had this problem, or am I just completely on the wrong track? Thanks!

24th Aug 2002, 17:42
stand on the block then re-raise the water. While standing on the block under the lever oppersite the bloke in the little room. then pull the lever. :)


24th Aug 2002, 22:40
Thanks for the tip, Chuffy. Unfortunately, I still can't seem to get this to work. Do you need to be on the box to charm the bloke again to raise the water, or must you make the jump from the platform? Any help would be very gratefully recieved

24th Aug 2002, 23:04
You're supposed to go back to the first platform, the entrance to the room, and charm the dude, then jump to the box, etc...

24th Aug 2002, 23:08
I always get the guy to lower the water, move the block into position, then get the guy to raise the water, then jump onto the block, and then jump up thru the broken area of gate.

The jump to the block IS hard. Sometimes I have to keep moving the jump target beyond the intended target. If you make your jump targeting go far enough beyond the target, the computer will sometimes make it automatically jump forward to the closest correct target - which just so happens to be the block you're trying to jump to.

So if you're having trouble targeting the block, move your cross-hairs beyond the target until the computer automatically aligns it for you.

24th Aug 2002, 23:13
(The jump target is soooo picky! Sometimes I think I'm stuck because it didn't allow me to jump to the right area; it didn't give me the slightest indication that I could jump there - until an hour or so later of trying!:mad: )

I hope you get past that area! YOU CAN DO IT!:D

24th Aug 2002, 23:15
You can't charm the guy at the switch if you're on the box. Every time I've played it, I had to push the box exactly 6 spaces toward the broken railing (otherwise I couldn't target it to jump), then go back to the platform and charm the guy to raise the water again. Even so, it's still touchy trying to target that box--and rather infuriating at that!

Good luck!

25th Aug 2002, 08:43
Thanks a lot for all your help. I shall keep persevering - at least I know I'm on the right track!!

25th Aug 2002, 18:43

I am a really big Lord of the Rings fan, and your name sounds very familiar to me, like something from the Sindarin Elves of Middle-Earth. Where did you get your name from and what does it mean?

26th Aug 2002, 10:05
Well spotted!! It was actually taken from the sindarin elvish Ivanneth, which is the ninth month of the Dunedain year. I chose it because it is (ironically) the name of my D&D Elven archer. I often browse through my many Tolkien reference books when I am selecting names (i.e Maenaran = Red pilgrim (bard) and Quelle (fighter) = Fade).

On an absolutely fantastic note (well, I think it is)....I MANAGED THE JUMP!!! I am now facing the Sarafan lord. So I would like to say a great big thankyou to everyone who gave me help and advise. CHEERS!!