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24th Aug 2002, 15:49

In the begining of the game in the stronghold where you first see the reaver, where the wraith blade fixed the physical reaver and the two joined, and Mobius came up from behind Raziel.

Raziel had the power to alter the future, What do you think would have happened if raziel had killed Mobius instead of sparing him.

I wonder how history would reshuffle to accomedate Raziels monumental decsision,
Think if Mobius was dead in that time Vorador might not have been killed and the vampires might not have been Annihilated.

24th Aug 2002, 22:13
It is an interesting thought. And I do think, as I had mentioned on the old forums, that it was entirely possible for Raziel to kill Moebius at that point. True, Moebius is a master manipulator and a very good "actor," but I got the genuine impression that the surrounding distortions somehow screwed up Moe's knowledge of how events in the Chapel would unfold at that point. That, I think, is why we see Moebius (once Raziel has left) making a comment about how Raziel "almost had him," and that that would be the "one and only chance [Raziel would] get".

24th Aug 2002, 23:16
I wish he HAD killed that little (insert word)!;)

Power reaver
25th Aug 2002, 15:15
But thank God he didnt , SR3 wouldent be as interesting without that little snake .