View Full Version : My new EAX sound card !!!

24th Aug 2002, 13:57
Zaccheus jumps up and down with joy

Yes, I have finally got me an EAX sound card.

( Mainly for the sake of making sure that my FM will sound right. :D )

So after much sweating it's all installed and configured.

Unfortunatly I haven't yet been able to notice any difference between EAX On and EAX Off, so for you more technical taffers I've asked my questions in a thread in the technical section:


25th Aug 2002, 07:11
Do you have front and rear speakers? Even with speakers that have differently angled sets of speakers within the enclosure and maybe using phasing to widen the stereo, the surround effect provided by such front-only speakers really doesn't make much of an EAX effect. Get front AND rear speakers. You don't just get front and rear same-stereo sound. You get full surround sound (not emulated surround sound). This makes it very handy to use your hearing to pinpoint an AI while keeping your eyes focused elsewhere. I know when I accidentally forgot to enable EAX with my 4-speaker system that I kept getting killed from behind because I had gotten so used to using my hearing to locate the baddies that I tended to ignore footsteps heard from the front speaker when I couldn't see anything not realizing that the guard was coming up from behind.

26th Aug 2002, 01:01
I never turn it on - the postional that runs standard goes adequately enough for me. Of course, the reason I turned it off is that I couldn't hear my OWN footsteps... I'd rather like to know how much noise I'm making...