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24th Aug 2002, 09:01
Firstly i'll post my system sepecifications

Win XP
Athlon XP 1800
Abit KR7A Raid
GForce III Ti 500
512 DDR
SB Live Audigy
DX 8.1
Everything patched and updated

Now for some mytserious reason, the demo wont even run on my system...tried everything listed on the some of the so called "help" threads without yeilding a positive result. I Load the game up i see a black screen for 2 seconds and back to the desktop i go. I look at the error log and i see this

Addr : 0x1711c03 (openal32.dll)

This is extremely disappointing. I see no reason why this should happen given my system configuration seems in order and perfectly capable of running this game. Im getting flashbacks of the orginal hitmans nice stabilty issues. I would apprecite any help on this issue...thanks


24th Aug 2002, 15:20
Originally posted by Lightwar6
tried everything listed on the some of the so called "help" threads without yeilding a positive result.

What exactly did you try?

24th Aug 2002, 19:20
well, how about that. same f-in problem I have. My sys. specs are way lower, athlon700, 256 sdram, gf2 gts. 2 seconds of black screen, then right back to the desktop.

24th Aug 2002, 19:47
- Try downgrading Detonator drivers to 28.32 or 29.42 (if not already)
- Try descreasing/switching off hardware sound acceleration in DirectX setup screen. (Start->Run..Type dxdiag and run. Then click Sound tab. You should see a slider there)
- Remember: this demo was released unsupported, so no wonder it's buggy as hell.

ps: I've seen some person saying that if you copy openal32.dll from the other game to Hitman2 directory, it may help. So, you may wanna search your hard drive for this file and if you find any (except the one in windows/system dir), copy it to H2 dir.

25th Aug 2002, 00:37
Well, my problem seems to have solved..partly my own fault for not paying greater attention. Your suggestion on moving the slider back a notch on the DX 8.1 sound acceleration seems to have fixed the problem. Thanks for your quick response.