View Full Version : Winston frets over cleaning the manor...

23rd Aug 2002, 16:16

I made that... and it ain't that good. Does anyone else have any funny(-er) pics?

Miss Croft
23rd Aug 2002, 17:41
:( I don't have any of the TR's on PC so i can't do any...

:D But i'm still happy coz I got a new sig. now just to find a host so people can see it.....

30th Aug 2002, 22:41
ROTFL! that's so funny. I'll have to think up some, but I'm not that good at it.

Blind Intentions
2nd Sep 2002, 03:17
That was funny! I want to make some also :D

2nd Sep 2002, 12:50
lol Thanks...