View Full Version : Tomb Raider 6: The Legend of the John Carter-diamond

23rd Aug 2002, 13:29
Someone else on this thread has already started a similar idea, but I accidently changed their story too much ... so I decided to start a new one here ... The idea is quite simply. I start with a dazzling story and you can change it anyway you want. Although it would be nice to keep some names of various Tomb Raider-characters in the story, you can also implement your own name as well ... in the end: it's your decision how you continue the story ... Have fun!!

Here the story begins:

Lara opened her eyes and looked out her window. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and the birds were singing. She had been lying in her bed ... she had slept quite a long time.

After having taken a nice, hot bath and a very tasty breakfast of toast with beans, Lara Croft walked up to Winston and asked him about any possible new missions.

WI: "Indeed, you received a new mission this morning." Winston gave Lara a dark-brown envelope with in read the word TOP SECRET!!!
LC: "Thanks."

Lara walked up to her desk and opened the envelope to check out its mission in writing ...

Dear Lara, here is your latest mission sent by TOP SECRET-mail as usual.
You have to travel to Antwerp (Belgium) to track down the biggest and most expensive diamond ever devised by human hands. It's been stolen last week at a then current value of 100 billion dollars and its price goes up 10 billion dollars per week. It takes a professional thief or thieves to accomplish such an impossible theft and I (Eidos; who's responsible for the TOP SECRET-deliverance of Lara's many dangerous missions) thought immediately of Larson and Pierre. I know you thought they were dead, but they were last seen in Sweden two weeks ago. This may come as a shock to you, but we dare to believe that not only Larson and Pierre, but also Jacqueline Natla and Sophia are still alive and kicking and that they all have joined forces to (once more) take over the world.
Lara, you must go to Antwerp and get that diamond on the double!! This diamond can be used as an incredible powerful weapon when the light of the millennium-rainbow (expected on the 18th of December 2002) comes in contact with this very diamond. Forget everything you know, Lara! The Legend of the John Carter-Diamond is very true and you have to make sure it stays that way rather than becoming another shameful part of our dark history. As usual I'm counting on you, my dear. And you still have the possibility of calling the help of your partner Kurtis Trent ... that is: if you want to. Good luck, my young Tomb Raider!

She looked up from her desk, put the paper back in the envelope and put the entire dossier on fire only to let it burn into ashes in her dustbin. Nobody could ever know about this mission ... about any of her missions!!

WI: "And, my dear? Are you going to accept the mission?"
LC: "Of course, Winston! Do I have a choice? Eidos is counting on me. This surely looks like one of my most daring adventures up to this point, Winston!"
WI: "Do you want me to accompany you, Lara?"
LC: "No need for that, old man." She smiled ... he smiled back.
WI: "All alone again, huh?"
LC: "Not really. I'm thinking of taking Kurtis with me this time."
WI: "That's unusual."
LC: "I know. I've never asked him to join me, but ... with this new Tomb Raider-game in sight, I might as well adapt myself to the given situation, no? What do you think, Winston? Should I go alone or let myself slow down by Kurtis?"
She meant this sarcastically and he knew it.
Winston layed his hands on her tight shoulders and said with a calm voice:"