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23rd Aug 2002, 12:31
On May 18 in Torrance, Calif., as members of rival gangs began to fight over a shooting incident, two F-15 fighter jets flew by, low to the ground, causing the gang members to freeze in apprehension; a couple of minutes later, as the F-15s made a return low pass, the gang members quickly dispersed in panic, apparently unaware that the jets were part of the nearby Armed Forces Day parade. [Sault Star-Sudbury Star, 6-7-02] [Today's Air Force News, 5-31-02]

LOL! If only the gang members had water arrows for the engines! I wonder if they needed to wash their underwear. :D

Has anyone else seen or heard some good ones?

23rd Aug 2002, 12:48
Senator: Pilot, why did you bomb east LA?
Pilot: We came under fire from enemy forces, they were firing on us! We had to defend ourselves!
Senator:Those were gang members, shooting at each other!


23rd Aug 2002, 15:15
LOL Zacceus :D

Another one in the name of religion follows
I wonder if these are Thief 2 pagans :D

And I'm not making this up:

News of the Weird
A group of Christian protestors disrupted a pagans' spring equinox ceremony in Lancaster, Calif., in March by blasting their car stereos to drown out the songs and chants of 300 witches and warlocks. What apparently really set off the Christians was the pagans' merry attempt at "animal sacrifice," which they accomplish by fonduing a candy bunny. When a pagan leader yelled "Sacrifice the chocolate rabbit," the Christians leaped from their cars and advanced on them, but violence was averted. [CNN-Reuters]