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23rd Aug 2002, 06:32
I can't play my demo ... it begins to load and i get a EAX.DLL error.
? any ideas :X

23rd Aug 2002, 16:18
Read all other (demo related) threads. It's probably sound related problem. Try disabling hardware acceleration.


also try opening hitman2.ini in Notepad. Then add this to the end:

UseEAX 0

Save the file and try starting again.

Flashing Lights
24th Aug 2002, 18:45
I had the same problem, and I found that you don't need to completely disable hardware acceleration.

I just set hardware acceleration down one notch from full (to standard) and, with the "UseEAX 0" line in hitman2.ini, it ran just fine.

Plus, by not disabling hardware sound altogether, I didn't get any nasty sound glitches like I did with it set to none.

8th Sep 2002, 20:15
hye Xcom and Flashing Lights, thanks, i came here to post a thread for exactly this problem and i dont have to cuz u guys answered my problem alrdy! guys like you should be more present on forums. thx