View Full Version : Question for "Tears of Blood" and why did'nt anyone answer my last form?

Keeper Collins
23rd Aug 2002, 01:04
Now I can't can't in to the Hammer Chaple. It is the biulding outside and there are wodden shutters that you lockpick open.Then there is a bruea with a key and a note on top of it.There is also another member of "Order of the Idiaot"(The Hammer Oder) in there who I would like to get rid of.Can I get in there?And why did'nt any one anwser my last forum?

23rd Aug 2002, 02:56
It could be just as simple an answer as that not many people have played through this mission pack, yet. I haven't had time, as I've been busy betatesting. Try posting at the TTLG FM forum, here: http://www.ttlg.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?s=&daysprune=30&forumid=100 At lot of people there have been playing these missions and you should get your questions answered. :)

23rd Aug 2002, 09:17
> why did'nt anyone answer my last form
Sorry mate, I haven't played that mission.

23rd Aug 2002, 09:19
"Tears of Blood" is just a new name given to a 2-year old mission (from the journey.zip FM) that was called "Escape from Guilesatpeak" (the FM's title in Darkloader says "Tuttocomb's Tomb" but that is the 2nd mission in the journey.zip file). The last mission in the SoD series is Tuttocomb's Tomb, so basically you get a couple 2-year old missions wrapped up in a new mission pack that has some new missions in it.

You can't get into the Hammerite temple. You can only pick open those shutters. You can find a sunburst bomb and try to kill him by the blast from the bomb but all it does is alert him. You can't toss a mine through the bars or shoot arrows through the bars, either. Guess you'll have to suffer with less than a 100% kill ratio.

<small>Your last "forum"? You have a forum? If you meant some prior post, it doesn't do any good to complain about it without identifying it (by the URL to whatever was that prior post). Apparently nobody responded to your prior post, and they still won't (unless they bother to do a search and wade through the results to guess at what post you're talking about).</small>