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22nd Aug 2002, 23:47
Is it just me or are the rest of you unable to read SMG's message and the answers thereto.

Old Man
22nd Aug 2002, 23:51
Not just you, tBM. Me too. It may have something to do with the -nt (no text) nature of the post. Maybe the forum software can't handle that. Pretty common though. I've made a reply with text but can't get to see it. Also can't mark the forum as read so it shows new messages when there aren't any really.

22nd Aug 2002, 23:56
Thanks, Old Man. It had me worried for a bit. But with your confirmation, I can ignore the spectres of COMPUTER DISEASE that were gnawing at my comfort level. :D

Grey Mouser
23rd Aug 2002, 00:49
What the heck did SMG post? HTML is enalbed on this forum, and I think it is HTML...but yeah, vB is choking on it.

23rd Aug 2002, 01:52
I edited his post to see what was there, and I can see only a short javascript for printing "Hello World." I am guessing that javascript is unacceptable to vBulletin, even though normal HTML is enabled.

I don't know if the script is correct or not. I saw a ">" character that seemed out of place.

24th Aug 2002, 09:57
Hm... which of the "<" do you mean, Peter Smith? I think it is a good thing if VBB does not allow javascript - js allows the HTMLer to do too many nasty things.

Btw... what has a "hello world" to do with his question, anyway.

24th Aug 2002, 17:58

There was one ">" dangling at the end. How can you see it? I thought only moderators could edit other's posts in vBulletin. I have no way to check this, since I am a moderator.:)

Obviously, "hello world" has nothing to do with the question, so one might suspect that some surreptitious testing of javascript was going on, and that could have been the main purpose of the post.

24th Aug 2002, 18:08
Lytha, if you right click the THREAD (page) you can use"VIEW SOURCE" to see the coding.

I looked at it also. As Peter says it says "Hello World" I was not looking at the HTML for errors but wanted to read Old man's answer.

24th Aug 2002, 23:15
Err, even if I am not a native english speaker, please don't take me as stupid. I know how to look into the source of a webpage and if I write HTML I do it in a texteditor. Well, still it is nice of you to explain this, maybe some lurking reader of the thread does not know how to do it. ;)

However, I could not see an extra ">" in his source, only his weird javascript function. So I was puzzled.

25th Aug 2002, 04:17

It was just a temporary lapse on my part, not realizing the obvious way you might look at it. I didn't think you were stupid, and I don't think theBlackman did either. :)

Here is the source I see when editing the post:

{script language="Javascript"}
alert("Hello world!");

Replace every { by "<" and every } by ">" and you have it. I did not understand the "<" before /script. But then I don't speak the javascrpt language either, so it is not surprising. :)

It is quite possible that you so not see all the characters in the original post when reading the HTML source from the assembled vBulletin page. This is because the BBS re-interprets information it gathers from a data base and applies its own HTML formatting to it.

I hope I am not stating the obvious.;)

25th Aug 2002, 05:23
Looks like he was trying to get a dialog box to pop up with the message "Hello World" and an OK button. It may not have worked because of the missing "&gt;" at the end. I think it should be: &lt;/script&gt;