View Full Version : Awww...

Umah Bloodomen
22nd Aug 2002, 21:57
I lost all of my Umah images... **grumbles about her lost directory*** even the Umah credit picture. :(

I found a few of them on the net, but my collection is still lacking.

Can anyone help me out?

(I especially want the Umah credit picture back).

Thanks ahead of time!

**continues to pout and cry over her lost images*** :( ;) :p

22nd Aug 2002, 22:24
.. heres a compilation of all images i have from Umah (clientes.netvisao.pt/azra/pics/umah.zip)

Umah Bloodomen
22nd Aug 2002, 22:29
Thanks Az...you are a lifesaver. I am still missing a couple of her, (ones where she is walking in the slums). But I am sure I will find them.

Lady Kreliana
22nd Aug 2002, 23:05
That sucks, Umah. :( I hope you get the rest back.