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22nd Aug 2002, 20:01
This thread is here to simply ask why we are forgetting to keep this forum alive. I'm new to Startopia and this place is the best for learning how to master the game and learn all its crazy twists and turns (also for seeing how long term Startopia playing can affect the shall we say, erm..........CRAZY people that hang around here). Just because alot of people here know pretty much everything about hte game is no excuse for them to not post threads to keep the place going!

As a sub topic to this thread I would like to raise a question about waterfalls. My biodeck is looking gr8 and I have many Karmarama's doing their magic. But when I see a nice lake with a wopping great hill next to it I wonder why I cant manage to create a waterfall or two. Is it just me having trouble with this or is it simply a missing feature from the game?????

22nd Aug 2002, 21:18
Use the community forum to chat and such. That's what it's for. This is for technical stuff and stuff. Eg:

No waterfalls. :(

22nd Aug 2002, 22:24
Well, you could create a waterfall by placing water on top of the hill, but you would have to constantly put water on the hill for the effect to continue.

23rd Aug 2002, 20:54
That would be a little pointless wouldnt it!!!

23rd Aug 2002, 21:05
No need to get angry.

Anyway no waterfalls, because it is impossible. Like ghyron said you'd need a constant source of water. The Nano-Soil is Finite you can't get anymore than what you're given. The manufacture of Nano-Soil was presented to the StarTopian Council by the Karmarma Commune and Zedem Concalve and was out-lawed by the act of "Silly-Organicness and Religeous Zealotedness"

25th Aug 2002, 22:27
You people crack me up every time.

Oh and I think Ghyron should seek for some form of therapy.:rolleyes:

Mucky Foot
26th Aug 2002, 09:26
I always wanted to code up a fountain and a plughole as bits of furniture. Then when you put them on the biodeck, one would produce a constant stream of water, and one would constantly soak it up. Then you could have had a sort of river at least. And ... and ... goulifors and gomas and heorcans oh my! But we ran out of time, like you always do.

TomF - Muckyfoot coder.

26th Aug 2002, 10:24
I'll gove you 3 pounds and a bottle of Jack Daniels if you make an expansion pack :)

26th Aug 2002, 12:38
I'll take Munkee's offer and improve it.

I'll give you £16.49 and my sister.

Ok. How about I promise not to give you my sister if you make one? That's probably a better deal . . .

26th Aug 2002, 14:51
How about we all give our sisters to Mucky Foot.

They can turn the Rec room into a harem :)

26th Aug 2002, 21:06
I dont actually have a sister, but my brother is a bit of a girl at times, will that do. I'll throw in a pack of cokkies. C'mon people what else can we offer!!!!!

27th Aug 2002, 00:32

28th Aug 2002, 10:59
I see your sister, and raise you...the 18 year old girl living in the apartment beneath me...not sure how she can afford the rent, though I have ideas...

Pinky the Cow
29th Aug 2002, 06:26
I can add several dozens of M:tG cards i don't require (including but not limited to Plains, Mountain and Island :eek: :rolleyes: ). No Portal cards so it's a good deal.

29th Aug 2002, 13:42
Originally posted by tiggifish87

Oh and I think Ghyron should seek for some form of therapy

If ghyron has therapy, the therapist will need therapy.

Raise you the little kids that live next door and opposite.

30th Aug 2002, 14:20
Well I've drunken all that prize booze, but I'm certain that I could russle up a few virgin maidens to add into the mix!


Will you settle just for normal maidens? These past two weeks of not posting here got a tad boring...