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22nd Aug 2002, 14:18
So how long would you queue for Thief 3 then? Check this madman out :D What’s the betting the games slips it’s intended release date :)

In preparation for the arrival of Acclaim’s Turok Evolution this September, a fan is aiming to start queuing for the game 50 days early.
In an attempt to break the world record in queuing for a videogame, Jason Read plans to start lining up for a copy of the game this Thursday outside gaming shop Electronics Boutique, Oxford Street, London. The game hits the streets on September 6, making it a total of 50 days queuing before he gets his then undoubtedly grubby mitts on a copy. This will break the world record by 20 days.
"I've been a huge fan of the Turok series and was excited to see that a fourth game is being released later in the year," said Read. "This gave me the perfect excuse to make my record-breaking queuing attempt and I'm fully committed to going all the way."
In an attempt to break the record, the Read will be equipped with a state of the art tent, with a TV and games console, powered by a generator, courtesy of Acclaim.
PR manager, Acclaim, Shaun White said: "When we heard about Jason's attempt to get into the record books by queuing for one of our games, we felt that we had to support him and sincerely hope that by providing him with some of our other games, the next 50 days will fly by."

This guy’s 25 years old!!! Either he’s unemployed or has a very understanding boss…MAN some people :D

22nd Aug 2002, 15:14
LOL!! :)

22nd Aug 2002, 15:23
It gets worse.

I'll have to hunt around for where I saw the link, but apparently acclaim is sinking to new lows of advertisement in that they're wanting to pay a few people to legally change their names to turok for a year to advert the game.

THAT would be sad.

22nd Aug 2002, 16:34
When you make games as terrible as Acclaim does, you HAVE to sink low to get people to buy them. :D

22nd Aug 2002, 16:41
Is this new Turok game for a console only? I played Turok 2 Seeds of Evil for the PC a few years ago and it was fun. :)

24th Aug 2002, 22:34
No sorry Sneak, just the 3 consoles at the moment: Xbox, Ps2 and Gamecube! But I’m sure the PC version will eventually come out one day probably. Maybe you could start queuing for it :D