View Full Version : My potentially erroneous first impressions of the demo

22nd Aug 2002, 11:09
*I want my seperate Run & walk keys back! None of this toggle/hold down extra key business. Doom was a long time ago.
*I want a more convenient holster key and an empty hands key.
*I want my 'live' inventory back!
I used to able to do great, finely timed quick weapon changes on the run before all this. Now I fumble around dropping things, stabbing at buttons, pulling out the wrong guns and making a general spectacle of myself until I hobble away, hunting for the run key and catching bullets in the back. (you could put it down to practice I suppose :p but my complaints still stand). There was nothing wrong with the original control and inventory scheme. It was only that weird 'lookaround' default camera mode that put everyone off.
*don't bother with some hacked on first person mode unless it's going to have things like a head-bob.

Anyway, since I'm about this |..| far through it I'd better go play it. Roll on the real thing. :D

22nd Aug 2002, 15:15
Muz - here's what I found - the inventory system takes some getting used to. Whatever bind you have for Inventory, throw it away. You'll never use it in the game. Quick Inventory is where its at, and once you get used to it, I think it's actually a little better system than the old Inventory system.

Press and hold Quick Inventory, scroll to desired thing, release Quick Inventory. It's pretty useful once you get accustomed to it. The Perform Action menu, which runs on the same principal, also took some getting used to.

I actually LIKE the toggle-key Run. If they were two seperate keys I'd never use one of them.

This game just stinks in first person. You kind of have to know that going in and just live with it. But, he's such a cute little bald guy. And this way you get to see him all the live-long day.

And, I realize I'm the only one, but I MISS "look-around." Once you got over the steep learning curve, it was BRILLIANT. And somehow seemed much more "realistic," too, whatever that means.

22nd Aug 2002, 15:40
heh, I'll change my name to potentially erroneous I think.
Yeah 'quick inventory being a lot like the old inventory' dawned on me after a while. But cheers.
I still want my run-forward key back. I'm onea them weirdo keypad players; Thief(s), system shock2, hitman all get to be played with '8' for run and '5' for walk. It's so deliciously convenient I can barely stand to play any game without it, let alone one with a decent stealth component. They could accomodate both ways fairly easily I think.

That camera thing: Although I never really used it much outside of leaning, I didn't have a huge problem with it. I mentioned it because that is what just about everyone who didn't quite like Number 1 cites as a big turn off. "Weird view" or "Clunky Controls" they say. Legions of reviews mention it as well as players. Yet buried in the documentation is a lil button that would have saved them the grief. I think people are already saying "Hey, they fixed the view" playing this demo, when they didn't really.
Anyway, that's why I brought it up. Now they've got idiots who can't work out the inventory to contend with. \0/

22nd Aug 2002, 15:58
Regarding separate run key.
After messing a lil bit with XMLed keybord.cfg, I think it will be possible to reconfigure/re-map almost everything. But..eh..don't quote me on that.

22nd Aug 2002, 16:17
Muz - I am also one of the few (enlightened) 8426 players (as opposed to WASD). But I always use 5 for "use." Interesting. A Big Thread of Keybinds would be a good idea, once the full game comes out. Give people new ideas.

22nd Aug 2002, 23:00
how do i run in the first mission?


whoever it was that talked about getting used to the controls
when you press options at the main screen
then keyboard config i think it is or controll options and click on the action
lets say walk forward
it then says press key to change and just press num 5
same with back words and run
but i don't know about changing the inventory button

25th Aug 2002, 06:15
More gripes as per the title

*The sound mix is weird. it might be a drivers/3d audio thing but I have to bust the voice volume down to about a third just to get it passably realistic. Even then the moment someone opens the back door you can hear the cook from just about anywhere on the map.

*They're going to have to put in a keyboard/button speed variable. One click usually becomes two. This makes using a run toggle extremely difficult. Doesn't seem to help binding the toggle to scroll lock or something either. (there's probably somewhere in windows I can fix this stuff though)

Anyway, it is a lot of fun, just so you know. The first of many up-n-coming reasons to get a spiffy video card.