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22nd Aug 2002, 08:17
Has anyone tried this? It looks very commandos like.The developer interview suggested Platoon will be very similar to Commandos 2.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's 1986 film Platoon, which starred Willem Dafoe and Charlie Sheen, was a gritty re-creation of the incredibly difficult jungle warfare that American commandos faced in the Vietnam War. Developer Digital Reality has tackled the challenge of re-creating the look and feel of the motion picture in its upcoming 3D tactical game, Platoon: The 1st Airborne Cavalry Division in Vietnam. Platoon will have a few references to the more cinematic moments of the film, but it won't actually follow the story or have any of the characters from the movie.

For a preview check this:

From the developer's site:
Thundering helicopters tear through the skies overhead, wet muddy terrain sinks under your feet and tragic casualties cover the ground you crawl along. All the excitement of the big screen is finally coming to the small screen in Platoon, the first action RTS set during the Vietnam War. Control an entire platoon through missions based on historical events such as Operation “Shiny Bayonet” and the Pleiku Campaign and take part in one of the world’s most groundbreaking wars and its most legendary war movie – Platoon!


22nd Aug 2002, 12:52
Vietnam, loads of jungle combat and all the screenshots contain large open fields with a few bushes????

22nd Aug 2002, 22:32
There's another game coming out about the Vietnam war, called Vietcong http://english.bonusweb.cz/news/vietcongnews.html here's a preview and a few screenshot.

30th Aug 2002, 05:50
Well, I don't know about thirty years ago, but when I was there in 1996, it wasn't all thick three tiered jungle, there's large areas with vast expansive fields and only thick scrub, some parts strangely akin to the north australian scrub.

30th Aug 2002, 09:02
Yeah but weren't the North Vietnamese mostly hiding in the jungle area's?

31st Aug 2002, 11:30
It's a game. If you cannot see the units (cause we are talking about only infantry here) what's the reason to play it in the first place?


31st Aug 2002, 17:05
Well the soldiers in the Vietnam war couldn't very often either. ;)
Anyways there are other solutions for that.

10th Sep 2002, 17:29
I reviewed a game about 2 years ago called Green Beret which was a kiddie blood bath scenario that had the jungle fairly denuded of heavy vegetation to promote game play. That worked but the game as a whole didn't for me.

The reality was in 1969-70 that you could be on listening post deep in and lay 2 meters from a trail and not be seen. Ambushes we set were equally hidden. Much of the time you fired at muzzle flashes only.

11th Sep 2002, 06:25
Platoon sounds like it might be OK

Full credit to them for recognising Commandos as a benchmark

but the screens shots seems really dissapointing with regard to screen real estate taken up by the over sized control interface
Almost 50%

and the graphic detail doesn't seem nearly as rich

11th Sep 2002, 06:44
1shot, it depends on the parts of the countryside, near the cambodian/N. Vietnam/laos border, it is fairly open scrub, in other parts, me and my mate john went together, one of us would walk about five-ten metres off the track, and be wearing full color clothes, and not be seen, if someone standing wearing a red shirt can't be seen, imagine someone in dcpu's... ;)

11th Sep 2002, 14:58
I hope Combatsim,com gets me a disc to review but I have the feeling it's more war war than adventure war like C2 if that makes any sense.

The wonderful thing about the thick S.E. Asian jungles are those cute creatures abounding like a cuddly cobra that was at my 6 foot eye level as we hacked through the undergrowth. I was in the mechanical motion of chopping a path and so I just chopped him too.

13th Sep 2002, 00:33
Make sure you post a quik-review here too for those of us cheap-skates not subscribing to csim... ;)


13th Sep 2002, 15:37
Aw heck, I found they assigned it to someone else already. Blitzkrieg from CDV next spring should be relatively interseting from what I've seen. It is full RTS with the normal lots of objects to move though and not just small squads. Allegedly they have accurate vehicle and gun ballistics so an 88 mm will go farther and do more damage than a 75 mm as in reality. We'll see.

20th Sep 2002, 17:12
Originally posted by Twitch
...The wonderful thing about the thick S.E. Asian jungles are those cute creatures abounding like a cuddly cobra...

Reminds me of the scene in Apocalypse Now where Chef gets jumped in the jungle by a tiger. He barely gets back to the boat where he keeps hysterically cackling, "a tiger, a f**ckin' tiger!!"

24th Sep 2002, 08:45
The od thing about that, I never understood why there was a tiger in vietnam....