View Full Version : Major Problems with Demo Controls

21st Aug 2002, 23:15
I hope this is a good place to post errors and problem, because otherwise I don't know where to get help, I couldnt find any other forums on this.

Graphics and the engine look really really good. Big Thumbs up!

My problem is, I have a Logitech Cordless Mouseman Wheel Laser mouse, mouseware v "mw961enu.exe" and a logitec itouch internet keyboard v "Keyboard Drivres 183.exe" so that you know what my hardware is.

In the game, menu, and everywhere else, the mousewheel is totally mess up, its stuck on either mousewheel up or down depending on which you scrolled to first. You need to quit the game to resolve, then you go and unbind any mousewheel stuff right... wrong, when in "menu" mode in game you need the mousewheel to scrool to which item you want, if not its just too difficult and frustrating to work with.

The keys dont bind correctly, if I want to move forward and "w" isnt working, I go in and bind it, it says its bound, then I go back to the game and nothing.

Those are the big and annoying problems, I have found. The graphics seem to be great, no problems on my geforce4.

I however cannot play this game at all in its current controls state, I loved the first hitman game and even tho some ppl didnt, I loved the controls. I think you may need to take a step back and get this thing working for your old school fans and then add the extras!

Thx, hope help comes soon.

25th Aug 2002, 17:54
tech support or bug reports anywhere?!

25th Aug 2002, 19:40
Not much help, but i can tell you that i just ditched a microsoft cordless keyboard/mouse combo, too many errors with games.

Cordless is made for buissness/graphics applications, NOT for gaming, the response time is too high and too many driver errors.

I went back to cord and can play all games again...