View Full Version : Mario vs. Sonic

Kurtis Trent
21st Aug 2002, 20:08
I think Sonic is much better than Mario. I still like Mario though. :p

21st Aug 2002, 20:20
Mario's the coolest. Grew up with em since 1984.

22nd Aug 2002, 01:37
I went for Mario because he is cooler. I also like Sonic but not that much.

Lil Lara
22nd Aug 2002, 03:39
I love Mario!!! He rocks my videogame world..well, him and Lara! Hahahah.

I grew up with him as well, he was like one of the first games I played!!:D

22nd Aug 2002, 07:29
No contest. Mario rocks. Especially the Super Mario Bros series games. Don't you think they were kind of the forerunner of games like Tomb Raider? I don't mean it's anything near TR, but the idea of going out and adventuring with many different levels to complete, I think, kind of had an influence. Sonic was a good game, but I just think Mario was more important to future gaming entertainment. That's one man's opinion anyway.

Lara's Soul
22nd Aug 2002, 09:28
I like Donkey Kong Country heroes. I show that game before 7 years on the Super Nitendo of a friend and it looked like as I was seeing Angel of Darkness now.