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21st Aug 2002, 11:25
Okay. I had some time without a net connection and got bored later on yesterday. So I thought I'd try my hand at writing a Fanfic. I don't know how long I can go before the inspiration stops but I'll have to see.

I'm also taking a different approach to most people. Rather than telling a particular story. I'm gonna explain a particular event, from the points of view of many people. What happened, and why, should become more apparent as I go thought the peeps involved.

(Excuse any grammer/spelling mistakes thoughout the course of the Fanfic.)

I've got four done so far. I'll post them for you below. Gimmi some feedback on if it's good or not and I'll get some more done.


Sk'ekk (Kasvagorian)

"Sir?" Asked the new recruit, this was his first raid. "What, Scri'?" grunted Sk'ekk in response. "Uhhh, what exsactly is up there?" said Scri' pointing upwards. "Our next stop. Just remember your training and be quiet! Ok, shields ready, all assaulters in place!".

The port drew to a stop at the top of its journey. Around the platform several Kasvagorian were crouched with large round metal shields, behind them crouched many more armed to the teeth. A total of 18 Kasvagorians, Grekka Targ and Groulien Salthogs on the one port. It was crowded. Then, the port cover slid open.

"Team, go! Wait, what the? Where is everyone?!" said Sk'ekk, he was confused. Every other time he had done this there had been people to shoot. Sk'ekk was worried about the lack of people to shoot. It made things more complicated. "Killing Time, come in! This is Assault-3!" he said into the radio, with no response.

Sk'ekk stood up, a stupid mistake, saying "Okay. Team, spread out find cover while I attem...Unnngghgh.".

Sk'ekk glaced down, in to see a blood splatted on his chest, and the recruit in front of him, before his vision blacked out. He dropped to his knees and fell forward flat. The last thing he heard was gunfire. The last thing he thought was Damn. Always on the last day.


Vaerr (Kasvagorian)

"Team 3 deployed Sir." said his Comm officer. "Already? I thought 6 were going first?" said Vaerr. "Negative Sir, Sk'ekk insisted that 3 go first, he wanted some action before he retired." replyed the Comm officer. "Okay, no problem." - Vaerr was saying - "Keep me upto date on the progress, deploy 6 in 0.10, Okay?". "Yes Sir, no problem."

"Incoming Sir!" yelled the Comm officer, pressing buttons to bring it over the bridge screen. No visual link appeared. All the bridge of the PCBS Killing Time recieved was audio. Which went something as follows. "Mayday! Ma . . . .titude Adjuster here. We've taken serious damage to al . . tems! Pull bac . . . . . . . . vac now! Repeat! This is the Attit . . djuster, we are goi . . wn. Serious threa . . . . . . . . . . vac the area immed . . . . . ust of been a trap! Rep . . . ". The signal had just died.

Vaerr spun to his Comm officer and yelled "Get 3 back down here no-". A explosion struck the bridge, probably due to the direct strike to the ships upper hull. Vaerr hit the floor and rolled into a computer bank. Bleeding badly and feeling like he had a few bones broken, but capable of moving. He glanced around, the bridge was destroyed, he could see no one else moving. He rose to his feet, the ship seem to have stablised for now. Probably because they're boarding us. he thought. Taking the time to pick up a disruptor pistol, since a rifle needed two arms, and his left was broken.

He left the bridge and started heading for the security quarters. A group of four Salt Hogs, in non-ship colours, faced him. Being a Kasvagorian his instinct was to stand and fight, which he did. Killing one with a shot clean to the head just before a shot from that same Salt Hog pierced his chest. He fell to the deck, most definatly dead.


Scritipbzz (Grekka Targ)

Scritipbzz glanced up, the port wall didn't look inviting, neither did the cover at the top.

"Sir?" he said. "What, Scri'?" replied Sk'ekk, the team Sergeant. I wish they wouldn't call me that. he thought, before saying "Uhhh, what exsactly is up there?" and pointing at the cover. The response came "Our next stop. Just remember your training and be quiet! Ok, shields ready, all assaulters in place!".

Around him Kasvagorian ducked and lifted metal laser-shields to the walls for when the port opened and the fighting starting. Scritipbzz turned to the nearest wall and lifted his rifle. The port stopped. The cover opened. Scritipbzz heard his Sergeant say "Team, go! Wait, what the? Where is everyone?!", followed by him saying "Killing Time, come in! This is Assault-3!" into the radio. Scritipbzz did not like it. Something strange was going on, and he suspected it would get them all killed.

The Sergeant stood up and said something. Scritipbzz was not listening. Suddenly Scritipbzz was splashed, he yipped and hopped to the side, the Sergeant flopping face-first to where Scritipbzz had been stood. "Sniper!!" came a yell to his left. Forget this! I'm not standing here to be killed! thought Scritipbzz. He pushed past a shield, hoping the sniper was the other direction, and ducked into the nearest room with laser-fire flying around him.

He was in a darkened room, lucky Targ have good night-vision, it was a Berth. He went for the opposite exit, but a bang originated behind him and someone swore out loud. Scritipbzz spun around to find Monty behind him, and to have walking into the wall. A Salt Hog, and probably the only one in the team not to laugh at him for some reason at some point. "Monty, come on! Lets go!". "But I can't see anything!" said Monty. Scritipbzz grabbed him, and pulled him forward to the other exit. Scritipbzz stepped into the light, the gun fight a small distance off calming a little, and faced four rifles pointing at them. He froze. Carfully dropped his gun and then raised his hands. "I surrender! Don't shot me! Please!" he pleaded.

As two of the troops took him prisioner he noticed Monty was not around, and that two guards entered the Berth. Probably spotted by that sniper. Damn! thought Scritipbzz. Then his vision became white, pain flared down his right side and his ears were ringing. Lots. Lots of all three in fact.


Raa'fovel (Grey)

Raa'fovel lay on top of the Factory in Segment three, Tech deck. It was more comfortable that he orginally guessed it would ny, but that was not the point. From here Segment four was in perfect view - the curve of the station making it appear that he was higher up. His rifle sat in front of him, the Biopod holding it stationary, the power gauge showing 100%. He could see no other person on the station. Good, he thought, this might actually work.

The port lights blinked. The cover slid open. Raa'fovel dropped his eye to the scope on his rifle and spied the group entering the station. They were behind laser-shields. Damn. Come on, move so I can hit you. he thought.

Someone stood up. An instant he was in Raa'fovel's crosshair and the rifle pulsed and silently sent a shot at the target, whom then fell - hopefully dead. Scratch one. Raa'fovel heard the yell "Sniper!!" from the group, panic was brewing in the enermy. Raa'fovel smiled. More of the group were firing over the shields, and they became targets. Troops on the side of the station defense started appearing and opening fire as well, making some of Raa'fovel's targets blocked or difficult to hit.

He saw something that surprised him. He clicked his radio. "Sir, Raa'fovel here. A Targ and Salt Hog just entered the Berth by that Port. The one that's offline." "Roger, thanks for the tip." replyed his Lieutenant. The next few moments passed without Raa'fovel being able to make a shot. The group were cowering behind the shields while the defense heated them with laser fire. Raa'fovel could see a prisoner being taken outside the bay. Wait, only one? he thought, and reached for his radio to report it.

Before he could do so the Berth exploded, killing several of the defenders and covering the area in think cloud dust. A short while later once it had cleared the rest of the group that had been entering the station were gone from the port. Raa'fovel smiled, Today is going to be interesting after all. he thought, as he started to scan the area he could see for targets.

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21st Aug 2002, 13:16
Very Chaotic

Very Good

22nd Aug 2002, 10:20
Thanks. Are you saying Chaos is good? I'll remember that. ;)

Anyway. Have a 12-8 shift at work in 50mins. So hopefully I'll get another one done this evening once I'm back.

22nd Aug 2002, 11:51
I hope at some point there is a small break from chaos to explain whats going on....

But as Draco said it is very good :)

22nd Aug 2002, 19:51
The idea is that by explaining from many sides things get clearer as it goes on.

Tonight will have to be a miss.

My sister accidentally deleted my user area on my PC (while "trying to make another user to access the internet with"). Moron! She fragged my "My Documents" in the process of course and my backup does extend to this recently.

Sorry. I'll re-write later and try for tonight if possible.

22nd Aug 2002, 21:21
Okay. Enjoy. I'll try for more later, but tonight I'm about to drop offline. Enjoy this single one, more tomorrow (I hope).

Miakk (Kasvagorian)

"Sir." said Miakk's second in command as he entered the Security Control. "Anything to report?" Viarr asked. "No Sir. But the Station Administrator called a few moments ago - needs to talk to you, said it's urgent." came the reply. "Okay, I'll contact him in a moment."

Miakk walked to his station. The Admin wants me? Can't be good he thought. He pressed some buttons on the screen pad and wait. "Ahhh, Lieutenant Miakk. Glad you got back to me." said the Administrators voice - no visual link of course - "Sir. What is the problem?". "Well Lieutenant. About two rotations ago some ships dropped out of hyperspace in our Sector and are converging on this point. It seems we have have a group intent on the capture of this station."

"Pirates Sir?". "No, Lieutenant, they are not here to steal energy. They are here to destroy the station, and everyone here along with it." Miakk was shocked. "Sir?" he said. I've worked station Security Cheif for years for this to happen, he better not be kidding! was the only thing he could think.

"Yes, Lieutenant. I realise that for you position that this will probably be the high light of your career. If you suceed it repelling them you can retire - I will personally pay for it. I will send some specifications of the ships. They are due in 5 rotations. Do not communicate with them, they have already tried corrupting the computer systems via data steam. Is this all clear Lieutenant?"

"Yes Sir! I'll get on it right away!"

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23rd Aug 2002, 10:54
Some annoying kids woke me up this early morning with their
loud skateboarding. So you get a couple of additions today:


Chaugg (Kasvagorian)

...Ok, shields ready, all assaulters in place!" was the last thing Chaugg's Sergeant, Sk'ekk, had said. Chaugg dropped to his knee and hefted the laser-shield. Not that he needed to brace himself there would be no impact from incoming fire, just heat. But the shield was just really heavy - and there was no space for the ones with the stands on.

Chaugg waiting for his Sergeant. A short while led to "Team, go! Wait, what the? Where is everyone?!". Chuagg did not move to look. To do so would lower the shield and probably get them all killed. "Killing Time, come in! This is Assault-3!" next came from the Sergeant. Radio I hope. You he's mad. Chaugg thought to himself smiling. A noise behind him - someone was standing up - "Okay. Team, spread out find cover while I attem...Unnngghgh."

Chaugg knew what that meant. Someone shouting "Sniper!" Affirmed his belief. Gun fire sounded, the shield started to heat. Here we go! he thought. Quite unexpectedly two members jumped past the shield, almost knocked it, and Chaugg, over. The situation changed. Chaugg and the rest of the Assault were now stuck defending. "We need to get out of here" said the 2nd in command, Nikeeptik, "The ports locked, and the shields won't hold long." Damn right. This things starting to burn here! Chaugg taking pain in holding the shield.

Again. The situation changed. Everything fell. "Quick! RUN!" yelled Nikeeptik. The ranks broke Chaugg ran thought the smoke and dust of the explosion, no shots fired at him or the team. They dived into the elevator to the Rec Deck. A stream of them appeared on the Rec deck. Which was no where near as deserted as the one below.


Monty Naffgander (Groulien Salthog)

I wish Sk'ekk wouldn't pick on the shorter peeps. thought Monty as Sk'ekk was anoying Scritipbzz. Monty hefted his rifle as the command to do so came. Ready to fight, the port opened. Monty was shocked that no fighting occured, even more so when Sk'ekk stood up and subsecently was sniped.

Monty looked at Scritipbzz, who looked like he was about to die of shock. Maybe he thinks his 'stupid' comments or arguing killed Sk'ekk. thought Monty. Scritipbzz then just broke ranks and hopped the shield. "Wait!" Monty tried to grab him but slipped and fell. Oh C$@%&!! I'm outside the shield! I'm gonna get toasted!. Monty dived thought the door behind Scritipbzz to avoid getting shot.

Monty entered the room, tripped and his the wall. "Argh! C$@%&!!". "Monty, come on! Lets go!" came a voice in front of him. "But I can't see anything!". A hand grabbed him and pulled him sideways. The grip let go as the door opened, Monty saw a Rifle barrel and dropped to the side. Monty heard Scritipbzz say. "I surrender! Don't shot me! Please!"

Uh oh. Me, Scritipbzz and the team are dead if they don't move soon - Im sure. I've gotta do something. A distraction. Opening his Engineer's backpack he armed three charges. Two Smokers, one High Explosive. He set remote triggers and lobbed one Smoker into the corner, the other by the door. The HE he put in the middle of the floor. Armed the wall-lock, if it got removed it would blow.

He set a remote trigger on the HE Charge as the door opened. "Come out with your hands up!" yelled the Targ entering. Monty stood up and held up his hands. "Drop your weapons!" came the next yell. Monty opened his left hand, in the corners, and under the Targ's feet Smoke appeared in large amounts. "What the!" the Targ fired. The shot struck Monty's left shoulder, he tried not to but he dropped the trigger in his right hand as he fell.

The HE Charge went off.


Raa'fovel (Grey)

"Raa'fovel, they're on the Rec Deck, Segment 3. Get up there our guys will need backup." came the voice of Raa'fovel's Sergeant from his radio. "Roger Sir. On the way via Segment 4. Over." He climbed from the factory and entered the lift.

Raa'fovel entered the Rec Deck Segment 4 and strolled over to the Palace Galactica, shot the door open and went to the top room. No civilians. Excellent. he thought as he opened the window and got his rifle in place. He looked onto Segment 3. No movement. If I was a sitting Memau where would I hide? Well, obviously that Space inn, or probably those shops. He could see troops from the station filing in from the oposite end.

Raa'fovel spotted a Gor stand up in the Disco accross from his position. An instant later fire erupted cutting down large numbers of troops from the station's side. Raa'fovel took aim, and had the Gor in his sights. He was about to pull the trigger but pain erupted it his right temple, his vision blurred to red and he fell.

Raa'fovel managed to summon the strenght to look around and see a Salt Hog stood over him with a rifle. Raa'fovel tried to shield himself, but could not lift his arm before the rifle smacked him in the head again. Raa'fovel's world went black.

Meddling Grey
23rd Aug 2002, 22:41
Not only is chaos good, it's thoroughly entertaining!

24th Aug 2002, 16:49
Another two for you lot. I'm gonna try to add a few more that explain the back story in a while - let you try to work it out before I tell you. ;)

Don't expect this all to be in correct Chronological order. I'm sort of writing this a on-the-fly . .

Oh, and some people have more than one entry, as you may have spotted.


Nikeeptik (Grekka Targ)

They piled out of the Elevator.

Uh oh. thought Nikeeptik, The place is swarming with people. He and the first few troops onto the Rec Deck hefted their rifles ready to fire. A nearby Siren turned to him, saw the weapon and yelled "Oh my God! He's gonna shoot! RUN!" - then turn and ran screaming. An instant later the population of the station was disappearing away from them. Only civilians, that's good. "Hold fire!" he said motioning to his troops.

Nikeeptik looked about. "We need cover! Split into four teams. At least one Engineer and two Rifle-troops in each. GO!" The group split. Four groups of four, and Nikeeptik making five in one of them. One broke into the Space inn, making it a deadly shooting-point. Another taking positions in the shops on the opposite side. The remaining two in the Disco and the Love nest.

Nikeeptik's team was in the Disco. He grabbed the radio and calmly said "All teams hold position. Do not fire. Lets go for the ambush effect. Engineers set charges in your positions, if your team goes down blow the building." - three responses of "Yes, Sir!" came back from the radio. "Sir?" asked a private in Nikeeptik group. "Yes?" he replied. "Where's our engineer?" Oh damn! He must blown that room to give us an escape route.

"I think we lost him back at the port, don't worry about it." said Nikeeptik, not totally sure himself, but that was going to be the best thing to believe. Nikeeptik would have proceeded to attempt to contact one of the ships for support, but for fear of being traced decided against it. In moments enermy troops would turn up, then for Nikeeptik and the remaining team the situation would get much worse. I can't do with them knowing exsactly where we are.


Scritipbzz (Grekka Targ)

Scritipbzz was in pain. His vision was slowly returning but his ears would not stop ringing. He looked around, the Berth had exploded and the door had hit Scritipbzz in the side and shielded him. His captors lay dead on the floor and no one else could be seen. Where is everybody? He thought as he picked up a rifle off the floor, from one of his captors. Hefted it. His left arm was still in pain from the door hitting him, but he could still use the rifle.

He spotted a Grey alien going into a lift in the next segment, and ran after him. Scritipbzz entered the lift carfully and saw no sign of the Grey on the Rec Deck. He did see a window open on the Palace Galactica, as well as smoking doors. He's in there! he thought. Half running and half stumbling in to the building.

Entering the top room he found the Grey on the verge of shooting a sniper rifle. Scritipbzz jumped forward and swung his rifle around. It scored a direct blow to the side of the Greys head he fell, but started to get up again. Scritipbzz hit him again, and he stopped. Unsure if the Grey was dead, or out-cold, Scritipbzz tied him up quickly and then turn to the rifle.

It was too high for him, he dragged a table over and stood on that. Looking out of the window he could see troops of the station getting cut down from several side by fire from buildings Must be our guys. he thought. He looked for someone who appeared important, and found one - a Targ stood at the back shouting lots. Scritipbzz had never used a rifle and fired a shot off, killing a person stood to that Targ's left. The rifle recharged and the second shot hit the panicing Targ that had foolishly stayed in almost the same place.

Scritipbzz then continued to shoot at the stations remaining troops.

24th Aug 2002, 22:37

Quite good, I read a book once that took the same kind of approach. Same situation viewed by different sides, it was anextreamly entertaining book.Muchas your fanfic.

25th Aug 2002, 15:40
Thanks. None for today I'm afriad. I'm out of "pre-written" ones and work meant I didn't write one (+ I'm probably going out).

The idea stuck me because this way, if I get stuck for what to make happend I can go over the previous events again and see what could happen after.

Makes for confusing writing thou as I keep getting the characters mixed up.

Anyway. Tomorrow is a Bank holiday (aka national holiday) here in the UK so I might get some done for you lot then. I still have a bit of the "before arrival" stuff to cover as well.

26th Aug 2002, 12:48
Today. You get a nice collection of three accounts.

To give a slighty better idea of what is going on in general - not just the fighting.


Snikneepnik (Grekka Targ)

"Okay, Sir, what's the situation?" asked Snikneepnik. "Well" - said the stations security controller over the comm system - "We have a Crusier and three boarding ships incoming. I want you to wait until the boarding ships are docked and clamped then attack them while they are venerable."

Snikneepnik next replied with "They will be easy pickings, Sir. But what about the Crusier?". The reply came as "Ahh, well - they are here to steal something particulary valuable that the Administrator is hiding and won't risk firing at the station. It will probably be at a distance so won't be able to assist the boarding ships. We can take that out later. Also, I want at least one of the ships captured so I can work out who it is. The Administrator won't like that, but I still want to know who we are up against. Okay Sergeant?". "Yes Sir!" said Snikneepnik as Miakk turned and left.

Snikneepnik then turned to his men. "Okay! Listen up, three squads of five. Then another with four a boarding ship. We have to take down one of the Boarding ships, and capture the other - not intact, just so much as we can work out who owns it. Everybody get ready, we strike the boarding ships once they are docked and venerable get that info, and pull back. They have a Crusier out there, and I don't want to engage that with fighters. Now suit up!". "Yes Sir!" came the reply from the pilots and boarding crew.


Saa'rovel (Grey)

Saa'rovel was speaking into the ship communications "Killing Time, you take Segment 4. Attitude Adjuster head round and take Segment 12." The two ships moved away from the Ethics Gradient, the Crusier in Saa'rovel's command, and approached the station. A short while later the open comm channel blurted "Attitude Adjuster here, ready to dock and board. Over.", shortly followed by "Killing Time here, also ready to dock and board. Over." - Saa'rovel glanced at his Comm officer "Any reply?". "No Sir. The station has still failed to acknowledge any of our attempts at communication." The station's administrator obviously know's why we're here and has been expecting us. Damn. thought Saa'rovel

"Okay. Killing Time, Attitude Adjuster - you are clear to board. Being station capture, keep the station intact - I want minimal damage." The ships moved right upto the station and docked. The comm channel blurted "Killing Time here, first crew aboard. Prep'ing second crew." followed by "Attitude Adjuster here, first crew blocked, attempting wor -", "What?" asked Saa'rovel. "Incoming! SOS Channel Sir." replied the Comm officer. "On, now!". The message came over as "Mayday! Ma . . . .titude Adjuster here. We've taken serious damage to al . . tems! Pull bac . . . . . . . . vac now! Repeat! This is the Attit . . djuster, we are goi . . wn. Serious threa . . . . . . . . . . vac the area immed . . . . . ust of been a trap! Rep . . . "

"Enlarge the viewer image, track the Attitude Adjuster." - the screen does as it's told, or rather a crew member makes it do so - "Damn! Move in! Point defense's online, let's turn to guns some fighters down!". "Roger Sir!" replied the Helm officer, followed by the Cruiser approaching the station. "Sir. The Attitude Adjuster's energy signal just died. We just lost them." said a crew member to the left. "DAMN!" yelled Saa'rovel, "The Killing Time?" - "Seriously wounded sir, seems to be getting boarded as well". "Sir." said the Helm officer, "Point defense weapons in range." Saa'rovel looked at the scene ahead, and just said "Open fire." Accross the Crusier's hull surface, many small turrets and cannons appear an being to engage the fighters - which are destroyed quickly.

Saa'rovel then said, "Keep the area clear, try to recover the Killing Time. Also - the got Killing Time a crew aboard, get in contact so we can sort something out about this station. Report this back to base command as well, I need to think on this." "Yes Sir." - and then the Saa'rovel left, and the remaining crew waited for the big event.


Shufty Grubgander (Groulien Salthog)

Shufty's sergeant, Snikneepnik, had just finished and order everyone to suit up. Shufty collected his suit and rifle and got prepared in the boarding crew ship. Only Salthogs in here, because more of them fit in a fighter-based boarding ship.

"Sir" he said, Saluting the group-leader. "Private, your in group one, with these three.", "Yes Sir!"

After a while, the craft lurched and started to move. From the cockpit Shufty could here the radio banter of the squad his craft was in. It was tiny, holding 16 salt hogs and a pilot - it was designed for just this purpose, to get onto severally damaged ships. After a while a burst over the radio reported that one boarding ship was down, a cheer came from boarding crews. The second ship was already damaged. "Okay, everybody in posistion, get ready - we want a fast sweep. Take any prisoners. Find out who owns it, then pull out." said the group-leader, followed by "Sir! Yes Sir!" as the reply. All the Salt Hogs, put on their pressure suit helmits.

The craft lurched, bounced, follow by thud. The bay doors at what is the back opened, althought in zero-g it didn't matter where they were. The boarding entered, dropping to the gravitation field in the ship. "This way!" came a buzz over the radio "We need to head for the bridge." which Shufty and three others did. It was not far way, just a few corners and a broken corridor or two with no resistance. As planned the ship was battered and the crew mostly dead, they didn't need the ship - only the knowledge of its owner. "Wait." said someone, but Shufty didn't know which person, radio is deceptive like that, "I see markings on this that I know, can't remember where though." Shufty turned and found the Hog in question, he walked over and looked at what he was pointing to.

"What? You're kidding right" said Shufty "It must be stolen or something". "Or something very strange is going on here." said another group member. Shufty turned to his group-leader and was about to speak, but behind him a bleeding Gor rounded the corner. "Look out!" Shufty lifted his rifle, so did his team members. But before he could fire, a shot took him in the head. His rifle still went off as Shufty fell backwards. The shot hitting the Gor that had killed him sqaure in the chest, but by this time Shufty was long gone from the known universe.

30th Aug 2002, 10:34
Erm. Sorry about the delay (which is going to continue a little further).

Some evil device called "Real Life" smacked me round the head. Nasty stuff this RL. I recommend avoiding it at all costs.

30th Aug 2002, 15:53
DMA, did you know PCGamer are distributing your missions on their disks?

30th Aug 2002, 20:08
Really? No I didn't. That's pretty damn cool! :D

As long as they're giving due credit I dont mind at all. To quote my readme files:

You can distribute this freely, as long as all the original files, including this readme, are included and unmodified.

Have they conformed to that do you know? If not then I'll grill 'em otherwise they are perfectly fine. :)

Oh. And to sum up. My work = Hell.

30th Aug 2002, 22:59
Yes they said

"StarTopia DMA Mission Pack. A group of fine missions made by DMA"

Though its gonna confuse a lot of people as aparently there is also a Games developing company named DMA aswell. Chaos!

31st Aug 2002, 18:18
Yeah, I know. Bloody "DMA" stole my name . . . ;)

Yey! I bring Chaos! Sweet!

More of this fanfic will be added soon. Honest.

1st Sep 2002, 15:39
Long delay since my last post that was part of the Fanfic. Not good. Will try to improve (later ;)).


Scritipbzz (Grekka Targ)

Scritipbzz was starting to feel lightheaded. The ringing in his ears was as loud as ever, and his left side was starting to ache a lot. The adrenadline in his system was starting to thin out a bit, and Scritipbzz's injurys were finally catching up on him.

He pointed the snipler rifle into the crowd of enermy troops. Unable to hold the rifle steady as his injurys started to show themselves, the crosshair was wobbling wildy accross a range of possible targets. Scritipbzz tried to focus. Unable to, he did his best and just pulled the trigger. Whoa. You must be kidding. Maybe I hit something explosive. Scritipbzz thought. At the other end of his shot an explosion had gone off and the stations troops were flying about - those not caught up had turned and started to retreat.

With the devisatation Scritipbzz had obviously caused with his well placed shot he felt a bit sharper. However his view down the barrel suddenly spun up and to the side. Scritipbzz dropped off of the table he was shooting from. With a light thud he landed on the bed in the room and fell into a concussion-enduced sleep.


Nikeeptik (Grekka Targ)

"Medic!" came a yell to Nikeeptik's left. He ducked behind the disco wall to see one of his Rifle-troops down, and another doing his best to assist him. Nikeeptik hopped onto his spot again and fired into the crowd of panicing troops that had come looking for them and found what they were after to be all too well hidden. "Fire in the hole!" someone yelled into a radio. Nikeeptik ducked behind the wall just in time to brace himself as the plasma grenade went off with a loud *PAAF* noise. Nikeeptik hopped back up to see most of the panicing troops dead. The disadvantage of large numbers in a small area when we have good grenadiers. thought Nikeeptik. "Good throw!" Nikeeptik radioed. "Hold fire, they are on the retreat. All teams report."

"Group in the Space Inn here, we are fully operational, over." "Over in the shops, fine here. Minor injures to one member - but that's cos hit head-butted the ceiling, over." Ha! Glad to see spirits are high. "Over in the Love nest. We're pretty shot up. One down, two injured, over." Nikeeptik thought for a short while then said "Roger that. Make your way into the space in and hold position there."

The, now three, teams had reloaded all weapons and were about to discuss further plans when Nikeeptik's radio buzzed. "Come in all assault groups, this is the Ethics Gradient. Come in all -" then Nikeeptik cut in with "Assault 3 here! Glad to hear you guys haven't abandoned us, Sir!". "Ahhh. Excellent! We have a link. Okay, whats the situation?". Nikeeptik looked about, then said "We are down to about two-thirds strenght. Currently holed up in positions on the rec deck. Segment above where we entered."

"Okay Assault 3. We'd love to pull you put, but we didn't come here to loose severn groups and two ships to retreat now. I need you guys to get to the central control column. The Administator has some questions to answer. We will dispatch transport ships to the Biodeck in 1 rotation. We need you to be there. Do you copy?" Nikeeptik looked at his troops, they nodded at him Obviously up for the task thought Nikeeptik, before saying. "Yes Sir. We will do, see your ships in 2 rotation. Over."

4th Sep 2002, 22:10
Another four for you to enjoy . . a bit of a delay in their arrival . . sorry.


Miakk (Kasvagorian)

"I can't believe it" said Miakk. One of the Salt Hog boarding team that had got onto the captured ship was on his view-screen. "Are you totally sure?" he finished with. The Salt Hog on the screen said. "Yes Sir. We've checked the damaged databases, and there is visual proof all over the ship. It definatly is." Miakk thought a while then said "Thank you, I will get this sorted as soon as possible." and cut the connection.

Miakk was shocked. He'd already asked three different boarding crews that almost definatly had not communicated yet. They all had the same evidence. Either the Administrator did not know this, in which case he must be informed. Or he did know and was holding from Miakk intentionally, in which case if he discovered Miakk knew all hell would break loose - for Miakk and the station. Miakk had a very strange suspision that is was the second possiblity. If that was so he knew the Administator would have something up his sleve.

"Shoook." he said to the 'Gor in the corner. "Yes Sir?" he replied. "Have we run any depth scans for explosives recently?" Shoook looked round, pressed some buttons, and said "It's been almost a quarter-galactic year Sir. The Administrator had not asked for one recently." Miakk was now suspicious. "Get one done as soon as possible, I want to see if we've been set up." "Sir?" "Do it."


Fusty Faffnowt (Groulien Salthog)

"Bravo 3, you are clear for take off. Proceed to load zone and await passengers. Over." blurted the radio. "Roger that Ethics Gradient, Bravo 3 proceeding as instructed. Over." replied Fusty. He jabbed the thrusters and the transport ship jumped from the Crusier. Bravo 1, and 2, were already enroute. Alpha team was covering them in case of extra fighters."

As Fusty was manouving the ship around the Cruiser and toward the station he was listening to the radio chatter. "Bravo 2 here, we are in posistion. No sign of passengers, over." - "Roger that Bravo 2, hold position. Over." - "Uhh, Bravo 1 here. Suffering disengement from our couplings. Unable to prepare for dock. Over." - "Bravo 1, Gradient here, fall back for repair. 2 and 3 will have to deal with it". Darn. More work for me. thought Fusty. - "Bravo 2, here. Peeps sighted. They are under fire, will assist. Over." - "Roger 2, Bravo 3 ETA for docking?", Fusty flicked a switch and said "Clamping now, Over. ETA almost instant." - "Good. Both ships evac the team to the command column once loaded. Over."

Fusty had, while the converstation was in action, effectively landed on the Biodeck dome. Clamps had removed he shield, sealed of course, and a ladder dropped to the troops below. Fusty turn his seat to access the under-gun control. A small multi-laser on the base of the ship, now inside the Biodeck, with which he started pounding the at the enermys while his team retreated. They opponents stood no chance with basic rifles. Especially since Bravo 2 was doing the same as well.

"Thanks for the ride!" Said a troop behind him that had climbed aboard. "How many left?" replied Fusty - still shooting the weapons at the opponents. "Another 6 for this transport." Good. Not many. thought Fusty before saying "Yell me when they are all aboard!". "Yes, Sir." came the reply.

Fusty continued to shoot, while the team boarded his ship.


Droid 24-Alpha-3 (Security Scuzzer)

The overlay interface on the Droids heads up reported that there had been low-threat explosives detected in sector 6, Tech deck. The Droid spun and headed to the lift to drop to the Tech deck to find and disarm the bomb.

It hobbled into the sector from the lift and walked to the reported location. It wasn't there. It buzzed the main security control and was informed that he was about 1.8 metres above the bomb.

It was imbedded in the station casing.

The Droid walked off. This needed a living crew to get in there, so he was no longer needed.

5th Sep 2002, 09:15
Another one for today. Enjoy. In case you haven't guessed - I'm approaching the end. It's been a bit short :(, but never mind.

Hopefully more tomorrow, although I make no guarantees.


Nikeeptik (Grekka Targ)

Nikeeptik stood, with the other six peeps in his fire team, inside the control column of the station. It is something very few people get to see, but it's nothing special. However, the automatic defense systems were online, the team could not continue without getting mowed down by rapic-laser fire. The teams engineer was sat there working away and a switch panel trying to hack the system offline, without much luck - the system was fighting back as well.

"Dammit! Almost had it that time." Nikeeptik looked an the Targ in question. "Don't worry, keep trying." he said, followed by "anyone have a plasma grenade?" "Yes, Sir. Here." Nikeeptik took then grenade, and said "Everyone back around the wall" - looked at the engineer - "including you. They might gun this down as well."

The team retreated around the corner. Nikeeptik set a 4 second timer and hurled the grenade around the corner. The laser-turrets popped into action and opened fire, lucky Nikeeptik was around the corner before one scored a hit and the grenade went off. A loud *PAAF* noise later, followed by some very worring creaking noises, and the team was free to pass along the corridor further. Another, almost identical, incident later and they were where they needed to be.

Next to them was the adminastrative control deck, behind a high security lock. "This is it!" said Nikeeptik "Set the charges. Everyone fall back." The engineer planted 4 mini-charges and the whole team split half and half either side of the door. The engineer press the button as Nikeeptik signalled to him. The explosive went off, spraying deris in and out side the door. The door fell over, out of the room. The team crowded round the door.

Nikeeptik stepped up as the commanding officer and shouted "GPF!! Come out with your arms up and you will not be harmed!!"

6th Sep 2002, 11:39
Yey, due to some reason that I can't remember I have six entrys ready for you.

But to make it take longer, you are only getting two a day.


The Administator (Unknown)

He stood, waiting. His under-performing troops had made a pitiful attempt to defend the station. The outdated defense systems of the central column had made an awful effort as well. In short the Administator was almost out of choices. He walked over to his seat, looked at the monitor and saw peeps outside preparing to break into the very room he was in. Hmmm. I had thought that it would not come to this. But nevermind. he thought.

The door to his right exploded, and fell over. A Targ entered, yelling a typical police-cry when entering for an arrest, followed by more peeps. The Administator, stood up, collecting a device off of his desk and walked over to them. "Get your hands up!!" shouted the Targ that was obviously in command.

"So glad you could finally make it. I'm afriad that your arrest of me will have to be postponed indefinatly." said the Administator. The Targ looked at him and said "I am Sergeant Nikeeptik, GPF 3rd Galactic Criminal Dept. I am authorised to terminate you if you fail to come quietly. Don't make this harder for yousrelf than it has to be." The Administator found this ammusing. "HA! Sergeant, are you aware what this is?" - he showed the Targ what he had picked up off the desk - The Targ replied with "No."

"Good. It is a transmitter. If I was to release it within two hundred kilometers of this station five highly powerful explosives would go off and destroy the station. Kill me, or arrest me, and I will drop it." The Administator smirked, the Targ was looking very worried about the situation, and with good reason. "Ok. Don't drop it!" - he said - "What are your demands?" Again the Administator found this amusing. "Demands? Nothing. I expect to be hunted for the rest of my life for what I have done. I do not wish this is continue."

He smiled. The Targ realised what he intend to do, but it was too late.

The Administator released his grip on the transmitter and it fell from his hand.


Ziggy Eveningshadow (Karmarama)

Ziggy was sat on the Nano soil in a well vegitated part of the Biodeck. The violence that had seemed to have erupted accross the station had been far off, and never reached him. All Ziggy knew about it was the Cruiser which he could see though the Biodeck's dome, and some small ships flying around the command column.

This didn't bother Ziggy. This was the first time he had managed to get a job on a high quality station and he did not know that it was odd behaviour. He had just finished his first day and had cultivated many of the plants in this area, his life was good for the first time in many years.

Ziggy lent back on two of his arms and rested his head in the other two. He looked out toward where the ships had flown. But before he could consider what they were doing there the command column infront of him exploded. He jumped up, but before Ziggy, or any other peep on the Biodeck, had made it more than 2 steps the dome above them gave in, exploded into space.

Ziggy and all the remaining peeps on the Biodeck where either killed instantly, or a few moments later when they decompressed in the void of space that they were thrown into.

7th Sep 2002, 15:45
Since the next one is big you only get one today. :p

Yes, I lied. Sue me. Erm . . oh yeah, enjoy. :D


Meepzipip (Grekka Targ)

Meepzipip was down in the hole. In front of him sat the explosive device. Already they had wasted three rotations getting to the thing. The story was the same for the other three that had been found. Each with it's own disposal crew. Meepzipip, being the most experianced on the station, was helping to guide the others though.

Meepzipip was also, for the first time in his life as an excellent explosives expert, totally confused. "It looks like an old Arfkip Mk4." he was whispering into his headset as he put down the front panel he had just removed, "but the wiring is nothing like it." Silence. "Well, it's gonna either be a red or a blue wire, it always is." came the radio. Meepzipip looked at the device. "All the bloody wires are green. Get the panel off and look." "Uhhh, all green? Damn." Thats exsactly what I was thinking.

Meepzipip looked over the device. "Seems to be some sort of transmitter on the left, let me check." Meepzipip popped out a scanner. "Erm . . . low energy short band reciever. It's a short range detonator. I'm going to check for EM emmisions from the cables. If it's not transmitting pulses to the box, lets disconnect them." he said to his other teams. "Roger, Sir." Meepzipip popped out another scanner. Looped the detector around the three cables leaving the transmitter. After a short while "Okay. Theres a ping-return pulse every 10 seconds on this one. Every check out the timings on the devices in front of you and get ready it set up relay boxes."

"Here you go" came the local radio as Meepzipip collected the relay box from his equipment officer. He programmed the responce details the best he could and then got the wire splitters ready, and hooked them up after the next pulse. He put one on each of the two wires that were carrying the pulse, then hooked up the relay box. Seriously in fear that he had made a mistake, and everyone was about to die, Meepzipip said "Okay, everyone ready?". He waited. Three replies of "Yes Sir." came within the new few moments. "Good. When I say, wait for the next pulse then flick both switches, and cut the non-transmitting wire."

*Small Delay*

"Okay. All teams. Activate your boxes at the first chance." Meepzipip reached for the two switches. Let the next pulse pass, then flicked them over, then snipped the remaining wire from the box. He waited. The reciever box light blinked, the pulse returned. Nothing bad seemed to happen. Oh Zedem, please say it worked. he thought. More waiting. Another pulse passed. "Clear after two pulses, over." he got similar responses from the other three teams.

He started to climb out, when unexpectedly the detonator box let out a loud *BEEP* the station shook instants later and a huge explosion sound ripped accross the station. "Report!!". Three responses of "All clear, Sir." Meepzipip was at first confused. The station was fine, what was the problem? Then he noticed he was getting lighter. Oh DAMN! Must of been the control column. he thought.

At that very moment all power failed accross the whole station.

8th Sep 2002, 16:17
Whoa. Several days with updates. I must be ill. Eh?

Enjoy the next two:


Saa'rovel (Grey)

"Holy Zedem." said a crew member to his left. In front of Saa'rovel, and the rest of the bridge crew, was the view screen. On this, they just saw the central control column of the station disintergate in a huge explosion. The Biodeck, suffering major breaches accross it's dome gave into the stress of space, and the dome around the inside of the station exploded away from the station. Saa'rovel, and the crew, were stunned into silence.

Saa'rovel came to first and said "Report." a short time later, with no response, he repeated himself "Report!" The crew member responsable said "Sorry Sir. Ermmm. Central column is obivously gone. Biodeck decompressed, killing any occupants. All power is offline, including the backup. The stations spin and orbit speeds are slowing, artifical gravity will remain for about 0.8 of a rotaton. The station's orbit will become unstable in about 25 rotations, and the station will be critical in about 30. Life suport is offline, but those aboard will have a good enough situation to survive until the station breaks up."

"Okay. That gives us 25 rotations to evacuate the station. Get some crews ready for zero-G operations. Prepared for a totally offline situation. Are any of the ports online?" "Yes, Sir. Only one, the others still have our boarding ship wreakage attached." Saa'rovel thought for a while. "Okay, that will have to do - but get crews to attempt the other ports. How about the rec deck, any access?" "Not other than maintance vents, not a chance in zero-G thought, Sir." Saa'rovel thought again, then said "Okay, get a cutter crew in there. There will be people in there we need to get to."


Sevoril (Dahanese Siren)

Sevoril was currently sat in the recreational bar in sector 12. She had heard about fighting on the station but had not seen any. She was sat in the corner enjoying a drink after a long shift at work. The meal she had just eaten was one of the better ones, Sevoril made a note to order it again in the future. She had left the building heading for the nearest Space Inn.

When Sevoril was at the door of the Inn the floor shook, along with everything else in the station. Everyone stood still in shock. Then, everything powered off. The whole place turned pure black. To make things worse Sevoril could feel herself getting lighter. In the darkness and lowering gravity other peeps started to cry out in dispair. Sevoril felt her way into the Inn and fumbled into the top room. She was here last night and had forgotten something important to her, that would be of use. She fumbled around the dark, and eventually found it.

It was a glowing-heart pendant given to her by Halila, a very dear friend of Sevoril's. Sevoril removed it from it's container, and in the total darkness it's weak glow was like a fog-light, and she could see quite well by it. She slung the pendant around her neck and went outside. She was starting to find walking difficult in the lowering gravity but she made it outside, to be met by a large amount of cheering, prayers and thanks to her and Zedem. Sevoril had brought light to those that were dispairing in the darkness. The level of panic in her area dropped dramatically as peeps recovered themselves and started to test the lifts and such, to find a way out, but with no luck.

Althought not powerful the glow of the pendant Sevoril had was sufficent to light up almost the whole sector, so the near-by population of the station start to converge on her point. After a while she realised that she was, effectively by default, the leader of this situation. Okay, what to do first? Escape of course! "Okay. We have to find a way onto the Tech Deck so we can get off of this station. We need to do it quickly. Since the lifts are offline we need to get though the floor plating and whatever is beyond!" "Yeah! Let's dig!" came a cry from the now-floating crowd, and so they did.

After a short while a hole was evident in the floor, Sevoril sheading light into it for those inside. Suddenly it gave way, underneath they found peeps, in space suits, with drilling equipment and lights. "Come quickly! We have to get you all out of here!" said the peep at the over side. The crowd, with less violence that you would expect - well it was zero-G, most of the peeps had never expericanced it before - slowly moved thought the hole. Sevoril passing though last to allow those before her to see. "Thank you ma'am" said the peep as she passed though "what you did probably saved all thier lives. Now quickly, get to the port." then the peep, and his team, entered the hole and started searching for others.

9th Sep 2002, 09:07
Another one for today.

I have run out of pre-written stuff, I'll try to get some more done tomorrow when I am not working.



Dee'domak (Grey)

Dee'domak was kneel'd over the body of an unknown Salt Hog. He was one of several that were littered about the Tech Deck floor. This one was distinct from most though. He was alive. Dee'domak while glanced at him delving into his equipment bag, he dispensed painkillers and splinted a broken limb. He bandaged the wounds then gave the Hog a blood stimulant to keep his heart going and a jab to improve the Hog's repair rate, dangerous but without it he would die anyway. Dee'domak could nothing more without a sickbay, and he had to help several more peeps before he could even think of getting them back there.

He dropped next to an unknown Gor and repeated his procedure. That was his fourth so far, of which he didn't expect two to survive. Unfortunatly he was the only Medic that was avalible to cover this area on the Tech deck, the rest where helping troops in other areas. This was where the invasion had started, so he had heard.

He had just finished the Gor and was going to head to the next body he could see that was alive when everything went dark. Power had failed. Dee'domak waited a few moments for the backup power and when it failed he swore. Dropped his bag and rummaged in the darkness until he found a stop-light. He turned it on and continued toward his next patient, too intent on saving lives to notice that he was getting lighter.

After a while Dee'domak had noticed the lack of gravity, but was still doing his best to revive everyone he could - he did not have five dedication points for no good reason - when the port, now below him, spun into action. Out of it came six space-suited peeps, with lighting and various equipment. "Hey! These people need medical attention!" Dee'domak shouted before he considered that they might be the enermy. A figure looked up at him and responded with "It's the GPA, we are here to try and help. We need to evacuate the station before it looses orbit and breaks up. Do your best with them, but we cannot help right now, we have to secure this port for non-suited peeps."

Damn. These people need hel . . wait . . looses orbit and breaks up? Uh oh. though Dee'domak, and started to gather up the bodys he had tried to heal, he had to stop them floating away in the now zero-G conditions. They needed time to wake up.

Meddling Grey
9th Oct 2002, 05:29
So, is the story continuing or on temporary hold? No wait, I'll try and get the answer myself. Lets see now, with the spin speed of the station at K®_2 and the relative speed of time being between Teacup and 23<zoing, we should expect another episode in... carry the Qui... another month?! Don't make me come in there and speed things up!

9th Oct 2002, 20:03
Very creative. Many story writers stick to one point of view. Interesting.

power booster
30th Nov 2002, 11:49
This is a great fanfic so why hav you stopped?:confused: Please carry on soon?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

30th Nov 2002, 16:43
Around the time of the last posting (mid-september) a LOT of stuff hit me all at once in RL. So I ran out of steam as it were. To be honest I hadn't even noticed the replys beyond my last post I spent a big chuck of time without visiting the forum.

Quite oddly I was reading over it last night and thinking how I should of finished it off.

I'll try and post some continuation up in the next few days, I'll need to try and remember where I was planning to go. It was being written on-the-fly so I'll have to think.

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2nd Dec 2002, 11:54
Great new post new post!!!!!!!!:D By the way great story

2nd Dec 2002, 19:31
Meepzipip (Grekka Targ)

His communication link had failed along with the power systems on the station. However his equipment had not. He and his support-peep had rigged up the spot light pointing at the roof of the deck. In the darkness is provided light for several segements. Meepzipip moved to toward the port in the next segment and set it up there.

His equipment had more that once use, and Meepzipip was more than skilled enough to engineer just about anything. In this case he had a simple chore, the port. Popping up the floor panel to the side he accessed the first of the locking-controls. It was difficult to turn, but it eventually disengaged with a loud, short, *HISS* sound. Another one came from the opposite side, his support-peep was doing the same.

Meepzipip climbed out, and was jumped at by a Grey that was obviously hysterical. "Get us out of here! Now! Please! We're all gonna die! Oh Zed-" Meepzipip punching him in the stomach. The Grey crumpled up and flew about 20 metres in the low gravity. Heh. Wish I could punch that hard normally. thought Meepzipip smiling. He never had any real "people" skills.

A small crowd was gathering, or rather gentaly floating. "Okay people. We will have the port open shortly. Hold steady, and stand back!" yelled Meepzipip as another *HISS* came from behind him. He then dropped into the last hole and started wrestling with the last locking-control. Damn, frozen solid he thought. He hopped out of the hole and grabbed a powerpack, and hack-panel, then dropped into the hole again. He hooked up the powerpack and powered up the databank on the locking-control. The powerpack would not start the VDU, just the databank - so he then hooked up the hack-panel and looked at the read-out on its screen, which read: Lock control hard-locked. CODE 017: Pressure gradient too great.

Wait? How can the pressure lock hold this control, but not the other three? Something must of disenaged the other end of the port while we were up here. But what? thought Meepzipip, and as though answering his question the screen changed to displaying: Lock control disengaged. CMD 031 IN (Terminal 3) - CMD 031 ACTIVE.

Command 31. "Open cover" as it is overwise known. Meepzipip glaced out the hole, and the port did in fact open. Six space-suited peeps floated out and one shouted "This is the GPA. Everyone calmly enter the port, there is a ship there waiting to evacuate you all away from the station."

Meepzipip, his support-peep and the crowd all then floated on though the port into a ship docked at the other end of the port.

4th Dec 2002, 16:14
Ikzipik (Grekka Targ)

Ikzipik had regrouped his security group on the rec deck after losing several peeps in an ambush attack when they were searching for the intruders. After reenforcing themselves a few decks away he'd ordered the injured recieve medical attention and they'd waited. The enermy didn't come at them, and over the comms Ikzipik had got that they had evacuated from the bio deck. Since then they'd staying in position while civilians paniced over the power loss.

"Sir." "Yes Sergeant?" said Ikzipik. "Everyone is avalible and fit to move now Sir." "Okay Sergeant, two rotations, then we move out and get off this floating piece of metal." "Yes Sir" said the Sergeant, then he turned and floated away.

A rotation or so later a targ, new to the team, somewhere near the ceiling shouted "Incoming! Suits, there!" and leveled his rifle at them. "No!" shouted Ikzipik. Too late. The under-trained recruit fired at the group, missing so badly it was almost funny. A slighty-robotic sound voice yelled "GPA! HOLD FIRE!" at them, but another six members of Ikzipik's squad were already firing and the rest floating for cover.

Ikzipik was about to shout to hold fire, but a mis-placed shot aimed at another peep struck him and he blacked out. The last thing he heard was the Sergeant yelling "Lieutenant down - MEDIC! Everyone open fire! Kill the pirate scum!"

Meddling Grey
7th Dec 2002, 23:02
Oh no! It's a great big misunderstanding! Just like the time I first saw Arctic's SCSV Valient and thought it said Villain. They calmed down the riot eventually. :) Keep on going, I want to see what happens next...

11th Dec 2002, 21:29
Sorry for the delay on this one.

I was moving home from the university, and started work again, and then had to unpack, while meeting up with gf, and had to make sure car worked, and getting my phone to work . . . (etc, etc)


Miakk (Kasvagorian)

Miakk was shocked. First that the Administrator had knownly thrown his troops against the GPA in a suiside effort. Then he had blown up a huge part of the station, well the main column and one whole deck to be precise. Miakk was also shocked by the realisation that if he had not became suspicous of the one person he had totally trusted over the laster quarter of his life then he, the station and everyone in it would be space dust.

He was sat down in the dark, in the main security control on the tech deck. A short figure walked upto him with a flashlight, saying "Sir?" "What is it . . uhh . . Private?" "Well Sir. GPA troops are on board, they are evacuating the station. We've lost contact with a platoon or two as well, power issues probably. Also, the station is expected to drop out of orbit in just under 19 rotations." Miakk looked at the Targ. Then at the surrounding situation.

"I am staying here. Tell Sergeant Nowtstonker he is promoted to 2nd Lieutenant. He should assist the GPA in the evacuation as quickly as possible." "Sir?" said the Targ, looking very worried. "Private, you have your orders." The Targ left.

Miakk sat again. He had dedicated his life to the Administrator, and the station. Both of which were, or were about to be, broken and beyond his grasp. With Miakk reaching retirement in such a short time he did not want that weight on his shoulders.

Like the captain in a sinking ship, Miakk attempted to sit in the zero-g and awaited his fate.

11th Dec 2002, 21:34
I must say i am enjoying this quite alot

Well done DMA on a great fanfic

15th Dec 2002, 01:57
Okay. I have the remainder of the story laid down already and written out. Gonna feed it to you slowly accross about 7 posts (inc this one) wihch will give 9 views.

I think I'm running out of places to go, so I'm drawing it to a close. Sorry if it feels a bit ripped, which it might or might not . . .

Anyway. Enjoy:


F'arg (Kasvagorian)

F'arg hated zero gravity operations. Although he passed all the training first time at a good level, F'arg found he still had a habit of getting queezy. He turned to one of the crew men and ordered them to start drilling through the ceiling into the next deck to help evacuate the people in there, and four suits moved up and started drilling, prying and pounding the ceiling.

F'arg flipped on his global communication reciever and started listening to the chatter. "Theta team here, opening port three now. Over. Roger that Theta, we detect life forms there, so people were trying to get out mind they don't over react. Over. Roger Sir, crowd found, getting them aboard now. Over. *moments silence* All teams, HQ here. ETA to final evac is 15 rotation, keep it up people! Over. *moments silence* Zeta here. We've punched into the rec deck over port four, we have a cro-ouch . . crowd here, they're a bit rough an-ugh OI YOU WATCH IT! EVERYONE CALM DOWN NOW OR YOU'LL NOT GOT ANYWHERE DAMMIT! Theres plenty of room for everyone! Keep in file move slowly there's plenty of time! . . . Oh damn. I left the comm open - sorry bout that, we're clean just a bit . . uh . . annoyed, Over."

The chatter had stopped a while so F'arg glanced at the ceiling. "Progress?" he said to one of the drillers. "About 20%, a while yet Sir." F'arg thought glanced away "Keep going." he said as he flipped the gobal channel back on.

"-er fire! Repeat Delta squad under fir- ARGH Medic! Oh M$@$& there's too many, we need help! GET HELP HERE NOW. Delta stop shouting! Where are you what segment? Rec deck, Seg sixteen. We have two injured, one down and three strong. There's got to be fort-uagh Delta? Delta?! DAMN! All teams! We have a team down. Repeat Delta is MIA, Rec sixteen. Beta You're closest, when you get up there go in on full combat alert and fall back as soon as you recovered Delta. Over." F'arg then said "Roger that sir, Beta moving in."

"Okay you guys, get a move on! We have team MIA up there! Don't look at me like that! GET DRILLING!"

16th Dec 2002, 10:53
Tikipzip (Grekka Targ)

Tikipzip turned as a member of his team shouted "Incoming! Suits, there!". Tikipzip spun as best as possible in the zero-g just in time to see a shot strike a direct hit to his Lieutenant, Ikzipik. Tikipzip shouted "Lieutenant down - MEDIC! Everyone open fire! Kill the pirate scum!" to rally the forces while he pushed himself behind the cover of the top of a space inn, he then opened fire at the suits.

After a pretty short fire-fight the enermy stopped firing, Tikipzip got a small group to scout them out. The enermy was a team of six suits. Thanks to the gun fire two were now MIA, one unconcious, one seriously injured and two had surrended. Once Tikipzip got closer he recognised the insignia on one of the MIA suits. "You're GPA?" he said to the nearest captive. A voice with a slight robotic-tint replied "Yes." Tikipzip thought for a moment. Then swore. Before he could ask any futher questions of them two of his troops where hit sideways by something.

Tikipzip turned to his right and hefted his rifle. He was hit by a high yeild power-net launched by a suit floating about twenty metres away. The net pinned him to the floor and he'd dropped his rifle, much as it they had done to the other members of his platoon. Tikipzip could not see where these suits had come from, but he was glad they weren't shooting.


F'arg (Kasvagorian)

His troops had used the new zero-g net launchers with great accuracy. All but three of the hostile security force were pinned. Those three had opened fire, and two were now unfortunatly dead. F'arg flipped on his comm channel. "Beta here. We have Delta, and twelve captives under the new power-nets." "Okay Beta. What's the situation with Delta?" "Two MIA, one out cold, one serious. I'm evacing them now, I'm gonna come back for these captive once Delta is safe." "Good. That's what we were going to suggest. Go ahead, but be quick - you only have nine rotations left." "Roger Sir. Over."

17th Dec 2002, 13:36
There could be a delay before the next one's. I'm a tad busy over the next few days.

Enjoy this while it's here thou:


Saa'rovel (Grey)

"Sir. Just over two rotations, only Beta and Gamma left to fall back." "Good" said Saa'rovel "Get them back now, they have only a very short time." "Roger Sir." Saa'rovel looked at the clock on display in the corner of the view screen, it was counting down from two rotation. Not long now. The main image of the view screen showed the crippled stations slowly moving toward the planet.

At this moment Saa'rovel had one thing on his mind. I'm going to get blamed for all this. I'm the peep in charge, so it makes sense. He had considered doing something to cover himself, change the records on the ship for example. But if that was discovered he would get in even more trouble. And he felt responsible. But he was going to let things flow as they would.

"Sir. One rotation. All teams are clear." Saa'rovel looked at the officer "How many people still on there?" "Over three hundred. But there are over 3500 now on board the ship, we have most of them." Most isn't good enough. he thought. "Okay. Move the ship away. Record the stations crash as evidence for the future investigation. Once it's clear go back to base, I'll be in my ready room." said Saa'rovel as he walked accross the bridge and entered his ready room to consider everything he had caused.

19th Dec 2002, 21:14
HEADLINE: Over 1700 dead as remote technology station crashes to planet in possible GPA mess up.

The Galactic Police Force is under scrutiny today after a GPA System Class Assault Cruiser named "Ethics Gradient" under the commanded of 1st Lietenant Saa'rovel was sent to a remote technological research station for an as-yet unreleased operation. However things turned sour and the GPA lost two Planetary Class Boarding Ship's, each with crews of 200 and each carrying 200 officers - of which only 45 crew members and 23 officers survived. Things managed to get worse as the central-column of the station exploded decompressing the bio-dome and making the station loose orbit. The Ethics Gradient made Quote"Every effort possible to evacuate all civilians and station-crew before the orbit became critical"

However, of over 5000 civilians on the station the exsact death toll is still unknown. There were 3782 rescued by the Ethics Gradient and 671 announced dead, the remaining are unaccounted for. The station also was home to it's 500-strong security force. Of which only 193 remain alive. The rest were killed either by GPA officers or by the stations eventual demise. The station itself was the private property of the administrator. However recent valuation shows the station and contents at a value of just over 2.5 million energy credits.

1st Lietenant Saa'rovel has been temporarily removed from his position while the investigation continues, depending on the outcome Saa'rovel may be held responsible for the situation and could end up being stripped of his rank and position in the GPA and tried under a normal court of law.

Meddling Grey
20th Dec 2002, 23:17
Poor Saa'rovel. I know how he feels. I get blamed all the time for killing people, even when it was someone else's doing that caused them to die! It's such an unfair universe at times.

22nd Dec 2002, 00:05
HEADLINE: GPA Station-Disaster survivors found.

After yesterdays station-disaster, investigation crews on the planets surface have found a group of four of the stations security crew alive but in bad shape. Quote "They used a boarding-fighter to get off the station, but the gravitation of the planet was far to much for the small craft. Of the four alive all are in shock and two have broken bones. A further three occupants were killed in the crash landing."

One of the survivors that took no serious injury, the stations Sergeant Snikneepnik, is quoted as saying Quote"I can't believe we survived. I lost so many good peeps for something so stupid. I almost wish I hadn't made it, that way I wouldn't have to think about them. But, I'm glad I am. Some one has to remember them for who they were." When asked who he thought was responisble for this act Snikneepnik said Quote"I don't know. After a short while of fighting things just got confusing. I'm not too sure what was going on."

The investigation continues as the experts on the ground search for an clue that may assist in working out exsactly what had happened.

23rd Dec 2002, 18:10
HEADLINE: GPA Station-Disaster investigation break though.

Twelve standard galactic days ago a station disaster blamed on a badly planned GPA opperation under the command of 1st Lietenant Saa'rovel caused the death of approximatley 2000 peeps and over 2.5Million E worth of damage. Today, external investigators located the memory core of the GPA owned Planetary Class Boarding Ship "Killing Time" and the GPA owned Planetary Class Boarding Ship "Attitude Adjuster"

The Attitude Adjuster was destroyed, and the Killing Time had sustained critical damage when the GPA attempted to board the station. However both remained attached to the stations docking ports up until it's eventual crash down to the surface. Investigators on the surface of the planet in question finally located what could be the first pieces of un-bias evidence in the investigation to the incident. Experts will examine the core of the Killing Time and we will have a report on it's contents in a few short days. Unfortunatly the core of the Attitude Adjuster sustained severe damage when the ship's power core overloaded, little is expected to be regained from it's garbled contents.

25th Dec 2002, 01:07
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Enjoy the Penultimate one thou:


HEADLINE: GPA Station-Disaster investigation, the end draws near.

Three standard galactic days ago investigators located the memory core for one of the GPA ships destroyed in the incident. Constant examination by experts has finally gained them access to what could be the turning point in the investigation, the information provided has been untamped since the ship had lost most critical systems and the courts have ruled all information pulled from the core will be considered correct.

So far experts have obtained full scans upto the ship taking damage, and partial ones beyond then as it seems the ships scanning systems retained some operation. Communication logs and officer monitoring equipment also provide partial information from beyond the ships point of damage, and experts are piecing together what is believed to happened as we speak.

If the incident is ruled as the fault of the GPA then 1st Lietenant Saa'rovel, the Grey in charge of the operation, stands to recieve the full brunt of the convictions.

25th Dec 2002, 12:39
HEADLINE: GPA Station-Disaster investigation draws to a close. Leaving many unhappy with the results.

It has been twenty-two standard galactic days since the station-disaster occured, and the experts have a good idea of what happened. It is believed the station launched illigal fighter-craft against the small boarding craft, the GPA owned Planetary Class Boarding Ship "Killing Time" and the GPA owned Planetary Class Boarding Ship "Attitude Adjuster", in an ambush-style attack without accepting any communications nor giving any response to GPA contact.

The courts have ruled in favor of the GPA over loss of the two ships, their crew and officer compliments. However the GPA then continued into the station causing further loss of life mainly for the stations security crews that, according to survivors, had not been informed it was the GPA they were firing at. The administator is deamed to have caused the station to explode using a remote charge in the central column to avoid his arrest - which is now know as the objective of the GPA operation. Who this administator was has yet to be told. For the loss of the station and the stations security force the GPA have been removed of blame, the responsability for them goes to this unknown administator. And there has been no blame has been placed on the loss of civilian life.

The GPA has said it will pay the familys of it's troops and crew it lost the typical KIA-Compensation. The court has also order that it has to make a minimum of a one-off 20000E payment to the familys of those non-GPA peeps that lost thier lives in the blast as well. 1st Lietenant Saa'rovel has been removed of all charges. However at his own request he has retired from his position. During his testemony is quoted as saying Quote"I wish this hadn't happened. The needless loss of life sickens me, a part of me wants you to find me responsible so I can some how try to redeem what has happened."

Many of the civilan familys feel the verdit at the courts today was unjust and that the GPA should be held responsible. Some demanding more compenstation, others rallying for 1st Lietenant Saa'rovel to be imprisoned. Some think that all information on the unknown administator should be released instead of held. Either way the courts are holding firm in it's decision.

This chain of events has led to many members of the public demanding tighter government-control over the GPA, most claiming the GPA is overly aggressive and acts like a military organistation during it's opperations. However whether or not this will make it to the political level is yet to be seen.