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21st Aug 2002, 11:16
hi i just want know if anybody played silent hill 2
I got silent hill one and like but has anyone play it if so is it good
also iam thinking of getting alone in the dark to wish one
should i get they have alone in they dark for psone and ps2
or should get one of these game look down and see my list
silent hill 2
alone in the dark for psone
alone in the dark for ps2
crash bandicoot 3 for psone
crash bandicoot 4 for ps2
please reply ok thanks just want know what you guys think
of wish game to get

21st Aug 2002, 11:55
Get 'Silent Hill 2' without any hesitation.

For me, it is still the PS2's finest moment yet... no competition.

'Alone in the Dark' I thought was daft and dull...'Oni' I played on PC and enjoyed despite its frustrating niggles.

21st Aug 2002, 13:30
With DaveJ here, get Silent Hill 2, it was an excellent game, I couldn't put it down until I had finished it.

cowboy from hell
21st Aug 2002, 14:10
I don't think you are going to find many people who would go with anything other than Silent Hill 2. It is the closest thing I have seen to a PS2 masterpiece yet! This will probably be in the top 3 for me for some time yet. Keep your eyes open for SH3 to be released early 2003. It looks as if the female character that you control will even be allowed an automatic weapon or two. Check some sites on this game. The storyline promises to be one of the most in-depth yet and this is saying something considering the last two games.

21st Aug 2002, 17:45
'Silent Hill 2' is indeed a fantastic game.
Buy it now...you will not regret it.

Blue Hills

21st Aug 2002, 19:30
Ditto, ditto, ditto, and ditto.

21st Aug 2002, 22:02
Have you tried Drakan 2 chloe? If not heres some pics that may make you wanna play it:







22nd Aug 2002, 01:10
OMG!!! Drakan II was great! I loved that game, I like how she used swords, spells, and bows + arrows. Really great game a must buy. Silent Hill 2 was a great game, also very creepy! Oni was a good game at some parts it was hard, I liked all the fighting combos and the cartoons its really funny when you change the character you play (using a code) because you could play a man while he uses her voice. AITD was...................okay....................I guess? Not really scary, a little hard. Crash 4 never played it.

23rd Dec 2003, 18:10
well thanks guys I got silent hill 2 and drakan 2 hoping Iam
getting silent hill 3 as a christmas gift

23rd Dec 2003, 18:11
Well, sinse the thread is back at the top again I might as well post my 2 cents. DO NOT GET ONI FOR PS2!!! They tried to turn a computer game into a console game and it SUCKED HORRIBLY. Save Oni for the PC.

I'll have to say go with Silent Hill 2. I've not played it yet, but I have 1 and I loved it. It's such a funny game, lol:p
Try out Drakan also. It's such a brilliant masterpiece, imo.
About Crach Bandicoot, I can't deny that those games are fun, but they wouldn't be my first choice.