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21st Aug 2002, 04:47
We hope you are ready for a challenge. This time, there will be no foolish interruptions and insults. It is, for real...

It is time...

We must once rise up from our ashes and finally challenge those silly Tomb Raider fanatics to the "Lara Croft Accidently Falling Through an Inter-Galactic Time Gate and Ending Up in the StarTopian Galaxy"!!!

I will be a temporary diplomat to see if they agree to it. If they do NOT , I will call them boring. Well, how often is it that two forums interact with eachother through "Creative Role-Playing?" But if they DO agree to Role Play, we will treat them with the utmost respect. Not Ghyron or Ghyron like Attrocities like destroying past Earth (Although unsuccesful attempts are allowed). And absolutely NO Greyzy "Supreme God of all RPGs and your a damned fool, so I can beat you and kill you and, oh, did I mention I'm God?" acts!

We will follow the "Fifteen Laws of the RPG" and the teachings of Confucious, and the teachings of Zedem. All abide by these rules or face the silent treatment!!!

If you DO accept, we want you to pick members from the forum who would make good characters from the Tomb Raider series. There may only be one forum member role playing each, and no clones either. If you DON'T accept, than I will...


Wait a second, that's not what I originally wrote! Oh well, Earth's due for destruction from some alien race in five hundred years. Better start building some bunkers...

We will host on our astro-turf. Be there, or be one by four by nine...

Miss Croft
21st Aug 2002, 17:58
Your vain attempt to restart the pathetic war has failed. The mature people of the TombRaider forum are past it and most likely forgotten it. A war may well be the most exciting thing to happen in the Startopia forum but it's not for us so kindly leave the forum and return to your own.

And as for destroying the earth - keep posting and you won't need to as we'll laugh you off it

21st Aug 2002, 20:26
You're a few weeks too late Dracoraptor.
Miss Croft is right.. the Startopia/Tomb Raider debate
is old news.