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20th Aug 2002, 20:54
A gigantic army of blue war slugs have gathered to destroy all the "lower classes". They have turdite driven lasers(they uses 10000 energy at every shot. Very powerful), Explosive red oturdite(if you know swedish you may understand why i called it that) launchers that can blow up smaller ships. Their leader Golvakius is a REALY fat red slug with a oturdite gatling gun that shoots 500 pieces of oturdite every minute. They also got turdite powered ships and giant oturdite cannons. When a gem slug drinks a potion of war he will be turned into a war slug until he drinks a potion of peace.

A message from the interuniversal police to everyone in the universe that have been in a war before:
-Hello i am the interuniversal police leader. You got to stop those slugs before they have defeated or captured all the poorer races.

A message from the war slugs to everyone in the universe who would like to get 500000 energy credits:
-Hello i am the military advisor of Golvakius. If you want 500000 energy credits so ally with me and help us to defeat all salt-hogs in the universe.

A message from the evil MR! to all criminals in the universe:
-Lets help the Slugs to defeat the salt hogs. After the war the slugs will be weak and then we may destroy them to. After defeating the slugs we may take all their monet and use it to build a army of giant spaceships and then take over the rest of the universe!!!

21st Aug 2002, 04:21
It is not Interuniversal Police, it is the...

Galactic Police Force (GPF)

And I am the Commander in Chief.

Gem Slugs are not tough, they are amusing. With their fancy, brittle ship, the GPF could crush them like a hot knife through butter! MwuhahahahaGyahahahaha!

21st Aug 2002, 18:28
1: This is the interuniversal police force. The interuniversal police force comes from another universe just to stop the gem slugs from destroying most of this universe. They are another police force and not the GPF! I can´t use the gpf cause you are the commander in chief there so i can´t create my own stories using someone elses police force.

2: This is war slugs and not gem slugs. have blue skin and they wear heavy blue plate armors and often uses tanks with a big oturdite launcher on.

Message from the interuniversal police force:
-We got to send some small amounts of troops to a big green karmarama planet that the war slugs have taken over. They uses the planet to create potions of war that turns them into war slugs. If we can sabotage the production it will stop the war slugs from creating more of themselves. We can´t enter the planet with bigger troops or spaceships cause we will be detected and easily destroyed by their massive defence station. There are two things we may do. Either sabotage the green planet or place bombs at the defence station so we can destroy the enemy farms from the outside. MR?s scientists have developed a flame bomb that would burn the whole planet if launched towards it but the karmaramas would probably be argry at us if we do that.

21st Aug 2002, 22:22
Before the GPF there was theGalactic Authority, controlled by me and this started the Pastry Wars. But everyone thought it was the Galactic Allience so, I got angry and made the Tri-Galaxy forces. :D