View Full Version : What happens at a new desk with lots of office supplies, and nothing to do

20th Aug 2002, 17:07
Well... not exacly NOTHING to do, but these people don't give me work faster than I'm churning it out. I work at a Travel Agency now, updating airline contracts as they're changed into a database. But the program doesn't work faster than me and neither do the people, so I end up with a lot of free time on my hands... trust me, this isn't a good thing.

Anyways I've been sitting here spaced out for so long, I decided if I was going to look spaced out, I might as well BE spaced out as well. So after some coffee and a small smoke break, I was spacing rather nicely... then I started organizing my desk. Let me give you a picture of my frame of mind today - I stopped in the mall before work and got some stickers from Hot Topics... "Not all who wander are lost -JRR Tolkien", "Does The Noise Inside My Head Bother You?", "i like shiny objects", "Hi, I don't care. thanks.", and "High Functioning PSYCHO" and distributed them liberally around my desk :D :cool:

Anyways - back to the organizing... I discovered a large amount of extra office supplies with nowhere to put them. I know, I KNOW - get to the point... why am I posting this here?? Heh Heh Heh.... I built myself a fully-functioning miniature trebuchet out of ordinary office supplies. :cool: :p :cool: It started out innocently enough hurling pen caps across the office but it wasn't long before I had graduated to large erasers, trolling for things on peoples' desks. Needless to say... ::sigh:: my creation was confiscated and order restored to to this drab, dull office with it's life-leeching banks of flourescent lightbulbs.

. . . But they let me keep my stickers. The stickers, they whisper things to me . . . and it won't be long before this not-so-subtle Thiefsie strikes again.


20th Aug 2002, 17:18
Sounds like you need to do some taffing... lol!

Either that or better manage your time.... STOP working so fast! :D

take a thief break every hour for about 10 minutes... hehe, you might get your coworkers hooked on it! ;)

20th Aug 2002, 17:42
They took away your trebuchet? I guess they didn't see the "Psycho" sign on your desk. Maybe if you put a butcher knife or an ax next to it, they would get the message. Or better yet, stick it into the desk next to the sign :D.
I agree that this would be the opportunity for a Thief break. Need any new FMs?

20th Aug 2002, 18:34
Hmmm.... now there's an idea.... I do have a rather large paper cutter on my desk. Maybe I should inconspicuously lay a machete next to it and not comment on it at all. :D

20th Aug 2002, 18:46

"The paper cutter is for forms, and the machete is for the people that give them to me." *eg*

Whatz His Name
20th Aug 2002, 20:21
*one sticker says:*

"Join us... join us now..... so close... so close...." :D