View Full Version : Hashishans V2: still uinsolvved things...

Master Garett
20th Aug 2002, 13:41
Finished it and must say it's far better playable than first version... :)

There are however a few things unsolved that i like to know...

-only found 2 out of 5 secrets... Where are the other 3?
-3 door unopened (2 near slope and 1 in basement near staircase...)
-only 3094 loot... where is the other loot (about 600 I guess...)

24th Aug 2002, 17:51
Sorry nobody has responded to your questions. I beta tested the mission, but I don't know all the answers. I do not have a loot list or a secret list.

The last time I played it there was one metal door that could not be opened in the Blue block. If you look in the window you can see an underground passage. Unless the author changed that, you can't get in there.

There is a large wooden double door in the main floor near the staircase that goes up. That can be opened only by bashing it. A combat bot comes out on high alert, and you will need to escape him and deal with him. Then you go into that room and find another room that has a ring worth 100 in it. The ring was behind the door, so you had to close the door to see it. That could be one of the secrets.

The best I can do for secrets is to quote a message I received from Nightwalker:

"As for secrets, there's the one to get all the loot from the safes, which you must have found, the one above the beams, the one behind the bed and the door out of your cell, at the beginning, so I think you got them all."

I ended up with all the loot and secrets, so I know it is possible.

24th Aug 2002, 19:01
I haven't answered either, because I haven't had time to play the final version and, from the posts I've seen about it, quite a lot has been changed. You could try posting your question at TTLG on the FM forum, because Ben Hur checks in there quite frequently. :)

25th Aug 2002, 09:12

Sorry, I was dead wrong in my previous post. As Nightwalker said, there have been huge changes in this mission since we tested it, all for the better. I played the final version tonight just to see what was different. I found all the loot and secrets.

One big area has opened up since the beta, the pit of despair. This was behind a locked door in the Blue Block, which we could not open before. If you have not been in the pit, then there is a lot of loot in there - 450. It has a special key labeled The Pit. It is a great new addition. Another place that changed was the area by the bot behind double doors on the ground floor. There is a secret in there with 200 loot, but it is very hard to see. That is the fifth secret, which was not present in the beta version. The other four secrets are still as listed above. 200 + 450 is about what you are missing, so that could be it.

Edit: the last 100 loot, which I found this morning, was a ring (100) on a lady with the red dress. Tricky loot includes that ring, a gold nugget (100) inside a secret door (above beams), a blue gem (250) by a combat bot in the basement (you may be put off and not see it), the secret area next to the first floor combat bot (200), a purse (100) on the floor next to the bed secret. The rest is in plain sight, so to speak.

Without publishing a complete loot list, that is the best I can do now.:)

Master Garett
3rd Sep 2002, 15:55
ok!! many thanks...