View Full Version : A Fascinating Place to Visit!

20th Aug 2002, 10:41
As this is a topic for 'stuff 'n such', I am posting this address to a land so rich in detail and structure it is worth visiting...and revisiting many times if you are a real Fantasy Lover. Some of us are, I know, and can visualize stories in terms of the game action involved.

If you take the time to follow some of the links listed on the top and on the left hand side, you will find some most interesting and intriguing topics and stories...and this does challenge the world of the Hobbits in LOTR, in my opinion of course.

I am also posting this in the General Chat Forum. Hope you like it!


23rd Aug 2002, 15:54
Interesting! People are visiting this topic, but not a single comment. I really bombed out on this one didn't I?

Canyon Wolf
23rd Aug 2002, 16:47
Relax...I dropped in, but didn't follow the link yet because I was...busy with something else. (Searching for the Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakuchi OST...the best darn thing I've seen on cell, screen or otherwise) So I didn't think myself qualified to respond. I'm sure others were pretty much like this.