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19th Aug 2002, 13:03
I'm going to have multiple gates around my mansion's yard, so that when you look a far distance, you don't see a very distorted texture on the far end (like in T2 Blackmail). Each gate is going to have a switch on each side so that the player can open the door from each side. I know to connect one switch to the door with a ControlDevice link, but the other? And then how to I make it so that both switches switch when only one is frobbed so that only one direction is one direction (otherwise eventually, up will be closed on one gate and open on another and things get confusing for the player, and probably the door)? And I know my post isn't all that understandable, but please reply if you anything about it.
Also, I'm still trying to find a good texture on the exterior of the home. I've got the white striped one ("ob" something is all I remember) and that doesn't look very appealing. Most textures look boring after being repeated so much. My house is a big cuboid, but I can't make it have a roof, because that would take up a lot of space in the area, and for such a small mission, I feel like I'm already useing too much spacw with a 164X158X36 area. I'm tryin gto 1) Make the house look not as much like a boring cube, but without using much more space, and 2) Get a good exterior texture without making it look repetitive.

19th Aug 2002, 13:34
You link the other switch to the first one via a FrobProxy. Then, frobbing that switch will frob the first switch, the doors will open, and the switches will stay in the right position.

19th Aug 2002, 13:41
Thanks Jane! (Sorry my post got twice as long on you. I had to edit it to add something I forgot).

19th Aug 2002, 17:43
No problem!

To spruce up the house facade, try adding some trim. If space is an issue, you can make it flush with the wall. Just add some solid brushes with different textures along the edges of the walls.

19th Aug 2002, 17:59
Okay, thanks! I needed to do a bit of trim so that the player can get to an area, but I haven't put it in yet, nor did I think it would be enough. I'll put a bit of trim on the ground and top also. I also need to put in a lot of windows and such. My mission looks very funny at the moment. I'm building ALL the solid/air brushes first, then texturing them (I've done the grass, the sky, and the exterior of the house), so right now, grass is the default texture, so my entire house is grass! All I need to do before I move onto texturing is the basement. And a few passages. Then I texture. Then room brush, then lights, then add items (doors first, then tables ect), then AI, then effects, then touch up. It may be my first mission, but I have some very, very interesting ideas that have never been used before :D .

20th Aug 2002, 07:05
After adding the FrobProxy link, you must edit the data for the link and select "Allow Direct". Otherwise, the switch you're linking to will become unfrobbable.

One way to make patterns less repetitive is to simply scale them up. Use a size of 17 or even 18 instead of the default 16.

First City Bank & Trust is a good example of using different textures to break up the monotony of a wall. There's trim at ground-level, above the doors, and at the roof. As well as on corners and door/window frames.

Also, don't try to do too much to the exterior until you've got some doors and windows placed.

Finally, if you're a bit frustrated with finding a particular detail texture... Turn your head sideways. Textures can be rotated and you should take advantage of that.

20th Aug 2002, 09:14
... hmm, true, the 90° ... *stares mentally at one part of her mansion* Hmm. Well.

They can also be rotated in multiples of 22.5° (or in smaller steps, I guess, but 22.5° should be all you need if you gridsnap your brushes normally).

21st Aug 2002, 23:04
How do you rotate or resize a texture?

22nd Aug 2002, 02:19
First, you have to select the face who's texture you want to size/rotate, either by:

A) Selecting the brush, and clicking through the faces using the "FACE" selector at the bottom, until you find the right one

B) Changing the 3D view to "solid + selection" mode and clicking on the face you want to change.

Then some extra buttons will appear at the bottom to the right of where it shows the texture: "U", "V", "SCALE", and "ROT". "U" and "V" move the texture left/right and up/down. "SCALE" and "ROT" are what you use to scale and rotate the texture. There's also a reset button and another that changes the alignment method (I'm not entirely sure how that one works--never used it).

If you click the button that says "SHOW" after selecting the face, it'll move the 3D camera so you're lined up with the surface. You might have to back up a little after clicking, though.