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19th Aug 2002, 07:32
Hey there,

Does anybody know where the original Tech Support Forum went? A friend of mine is playing the game 'Revenant' and it keeps crashing on him about every three minutes...very irritating. You take three steps, hack a monster to bits and just as you are about to save...crash!

Anybody know anything about this game that might help him get through this? Most of the crashes occur in 'the caves'.

Any help, assistance, or advice would be aprreciated.



Grey Mouser
20th Aug 2002, 16:19
Hey there...

Unfortunately we no longer have forums for a lot of our older games.

I am pretty familiar with good 'ol Revenant and its ways. The crash your friend is getting is _probably_ sound related.

Try making this change in the Revenant.ini file...Go to Start>Find>Files or Folders>type in revenant.ini...when the file shows up double click it to bring it up in a Notepad...scroll down and look for the [Options] heading and look at the last two settings....change noEAX=no and no3DAudio=no to say noEAX=yes and no3Daudio=yes. Go to File and select Save. Then try the game again. Still crashing? email me direct at sholbert@eidos.com

sorry for cluttering up the forum with the non-FFVII stuff Mogg...you can move this to CommChat if desired.../me=too lazy

21st Aug 2002, 06:42
Thanks! I'll try that.

26th Aug 2002, 06:32
Thanks Grey Mouser, you advice worked. We managed to finish the game now.

Thanks again.

Grey Mouser
27th Aug 2002, 23:11

5th May 2003, 22:17
This is probably an obsolete question...but I just started playing Revenant through Yahoo! Games on Demand.

Whenever I enter the room within the level "The Chase of Sabu" and engage in conversation with Sabu, it always just stops after he asks why I want to kill the Children.

I tried on another machine and the same problem occured.

Is there anyone who might know what's causing this and how to fix it??